Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Greetings!  I have been off the grid here for awhile.  On a quest to discover what my health problem was. 

I was reluctant to change doctors for a year or more, I don't know why. The new doctor sent me to a specialist who diagnosed me in about eight minutes.  I  kept asking my old doctor if I had PD but she said no, I think because it was presenting in a slightly non-typical way.  However , my mother got it at the same age I am, so I believe heredity is a factor.

So, please change doctors and get a second or third opinion instead of suffering with someone who is not listening!

I am getting balanced, doing very well and am almost back to normal( as normal as I ever was, Lol).

So, I decided I would offer all the meditations free on my website.  There is quite a variety in depth, length, some for children, mostly women and all adults.

I plan on releasing one every few weeks until I am caught up with what we have recorded and then offer new ones.

Beginning with " The Rainforest."  This is fairly heavy, will take you deep, with body healing, meeting guides, and onto some global healing.

You may do this alone or with a group.  Either way you will enter a kind of "no time".  It's length is 8:28 but can seem like 20 minutes. 

So, Sending you all healing.

The website is meditatewithfriends.com.  Go to the page that says "Free meditations to download." 

It's been awhile since I worked on the website, still a few things to correct and hoping the angels help me to glide on this path! 

Namaste,   Lia

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Happy Holidays!

Greetings to all!

I sit here waiting for the plumber to come.  Of course right before I am hosting a big dinner, something goes wrong! Thank goodness for him, though , as he is honest and knows what he is doing.

For those of you, like me, who need some sustenance during the holidays, please go to December of 2013 in the blog list.  You will find, "Honoring Christmas's Past",  " A Winter Meditation", and
"The Holidays" to help you through.  I just read them and they helped me out tremendously.  Remembering what the holidays are really about and offering healing to the world with these.

So, May your holidays be blessed with love, 

Namaste, Lia

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Healing

Greetings, it's been a long time. Hope everyone is doing well.

I have been in and out of a less than perfect state since the last post.

Recently, I was given this process to help me out and maybe it will help someone else, too.

So, Ground and center, taking a deep breath. Beginning with your feet chakras, unspool everything in those chakras.  Thoughts, actions, occurrences, anything from past or recent past that could be clogging up your energy.

It literally is like a spool of thread- pull all the thread off the spools and discard in a pile.

Now your knee chakras,  then your first chakra(base of your spine),
your second chakra in the belly,  your third chakra( solar plexus) and up to your heart chakra, chest area, throat, middle of forehead, and seventh chakra at the top of your head and above your head.

Don't forget your shoulder chakras,  elbows and hands.

Unspool everything until the chakra is empty, empty, empty, just the spool there with nothing wound around it.

If you like, take a look at all the gunk you unspooled in the huge pile over there.  Light it up, burning it all. 

See the cool fire burning all the way out of the earth's atmosphere and dissipating into space, to nothing.

Take a deep breath, and let clean, new air swirl into these energy centers in a further cleansing sweep.

Now go outside and lie down on the earth.

Start to bring earth energy into your feet, then knees, up to your first chakra, belly, solar plexus, heart area, throat and down your arms to your hands, then up into your head, ears, all the way to the top of your head.

Fill up all your chakras and everything in-between with lush, green, forest energy.  See the forest, violets growing under the towering trees filled with many leaves,the sunlight streaming through.

Smell the fragrance, the earth and new growth- potent, mysterious, and full of life. 

Open your body and your mind to life, to God's love.

And you are safe, safe on this Earth, in this body, in this mind, created by love.

You will live on into the near future.

You will trust the universe again. And love will find you, life will find you again, now.

Breathe, breathe in this gift, and feel a part of the earth beneath you.

Namaste, and healing to all-

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Feeling Normal

Wow- I just had an experience while swimming.  I could breathe the air, notice the blue of the sky, feel the softness of the water, and watch the sunlight sparkle. 

I am really in my body again and it feels good.

Hear the children play- what heaven, to be normal.

Took awhile-

Just to smell the fresh air, to move fast through the water- joy.

To really be alive, it seems, you must be fully present in your body.

Thank  Goddess, clarity is possible once  again.

At the place I swim, all these teenagers are running around in their bikinis and board shorts. They are in their bodies and having a good time doing it!

The mental thing- that's what gets us into trouble and pain-  screw that- I am going to feel like a kid again if I can.

Wishing you a beautiful day-

P.S. I promise, I am not going to run around in a bikini, though- it's been a one- piece for years!


Thursday, June 30, 2016

Don't Try This!

Had the weirdest experience.  My doctor put me on some sleep meds- it is an "off-use" but can work for sleep.

Whoa- not fun. Worked a couple of times, then I had a sleep-walking incident and a couple of anxiety attacks.

That was enough. Now I am trying essential oils.

It was scary/crazy-making.  I talked to a few people who have had similar experiences.

So, beware the ideas others have for you. Use extreme caution in trying drugs. Thank Goddess I was only taking half of the lowest dose.

Thought someone might need to hear this-  Take care- Lia

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Sun Meditation

Breathe, and ground. 

Imagine it is a sunny, windy day and you decide to take a walk. The wind is kind of wild, coming in gusts and blowing your hair all around.

You see a bench up ahead, overlooking a meadow.

You sit and close your eyes, the wind sounding like the ocean as you feel  it passing through and around you.

It is warm on your wooden bench.  You are alone, and feeling very calm.

Lean your head back and let the sun enter your body.  It warms your forehead and face.  You can see the sun's light behind your eyes.

It seems this light can heal your body and all your energy bodies. 
Let the light heal your sixth chakra and your eyes, filling them with warmth all the way from the front to the back of your head.

Then the warmth beams on your throat and neck, healing and soothing your fifth chakra. Ahhhhhh.

The sun enters your chest and heart, the light expanding here into a soft radiance the goes out in all directions.  Be here awhile.  Breathe.

The sun beams into your solar plexus, strengthening your body here in your power chakra.

The sun lights up your belly, soaking into all internal organs here, saturating them with healing.  Take some time to feel this.

And finally your first chakra at the base of your spine, grounding you to Earth with the light of the sun, stabilizing you on your earth walk.

As you sit there, the sun heals all of your body and fills your energy up til it reaches  your seventh chakra.  The light of the sun beams directly into the top of your head.  The exchange of energy between you, the earth and the sun is strong, and joyful.

The sun's warmth melts away any imbalance.  The wind blows away any leftover debris you don't need.

You feel complete, warm and at peace.


At the horizon, you notice a sea of golden clouds.

Across the sea of light, your guide emerges.  Your guide reaches out and places a crown of light upon your head.  It lights up your whole being.

This crown of energy is personal to you.

It can provide healing on all levels, energy for your goals and other gifts only you can perceive.

Take some time, feel these gifts that are offered and be open to any messages you may receive-


And now your guide retreats- you bow in thanks.

Feeling the wind, the sun, the sound and glory of nature all around you,  say goodbye to the fields of cloud and sun, continuing on your journey healed and with an open heart on this day.

Namaste,  Lia

P.S.  I did go out for a walk and this is what happened. I meditated there on the bench. Then I went home and wrote the meditation,  typed it up and gave it to my class that night.  By that time, the slight sore throat I had was completely gone.

So, if you do this one as you sit in the sun, just make sure it is a cool day, not a heatwave! Blessings to you-

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Having a less than perfect day?

Did you ever have a bad day?  Sure you have and so have I.

A day where everything goes slightly askew or totally wrong.

A day where all your spiritual progress toward becoming a more compassionate person feels like it got wiped out, and will be forever.

Ahhh- take a deep breath.  Then forgive yourself.

We can blame it on the planets, or the barometric pressure.  Or, it could be our own energy or someone else's.

We are imperfect and we make mistakes.

I still wake up in the middle of the night remembering something from long ago.  Nooo! I can't believe I said that, did that, reacted that way, etc.

So if your bad day was today, examine the day, what happened.  Think what you would do differently, or how you could have shifted the situation.

Then accept your behaviour and move on.

In our meditation group, after a long and deep night, we all came out of the meditation and shared what we received. Astoundingly, in each her own way, we all got the same message, "You are forgiven."

Wow! Thank you God and Goddess and other people for this.

It really was profound and covers alot of ground. Now we need to really internalize this great gift we have received.

Tomorrow is another day to become a better  person, Joan Didion said this, I think, and I try to keep it in mind.

I suppose this feels like a "first world problem" but it still matters to those around us and to our own journey, and so ultimately to the world.  Being human is sometimes not so easy.

I was with my then four year old one day and the question came up ( it is amazing what four-year-olds will say and think about)  "Why are we here?"

She said, "I'm here to be with you."

If we could embrace the consciousness of all ages and expressions of life, we would be perfect.

But I agree with my four-year-old-  I am here to be with you- to create Love and Beauty and try to understand each other.

So, I send love to each of you and wish you many very good days.

Namaste,   Lia

P.S. Next time, a new meditation.  Also, I am thinking about streaming alot more meditations on my website or putting them up on itunes or something. Working on how to make the meditations more available.  I sometimes want to scroll back and do my earlier meditation blogs but find it a bit of a hassle, that's why I am thinking of putting them in book form, with a table of contents, or just recording more and streaming them.  So, I'll keep you posted! Lol!