Tuesday, December 18, 2012

We are all wounded

I thought not to write a post, since the terrible shootings.  But then I found a meditation I wrote it in 2003 probably after the death of my mom or dad and I am directed to place it here.

Go into your body- find a tender place, a place that hurts from something that has happened in this life.  Feel how like a wound that place is- tender to the touch, sore.

It may be from a long time ago. It may be from some time recently.  We tend to clench up as things hurt us.  We get tighter and tighter until we really can't remember why we are so defended against life.  Tense in certain parts of our body and our mind.

Tonight, if you would like , I invite you to go into that hardness and begin to soften your stance, as you will, towards your wound.

We are all wounded.  We are all also strong.  Sometimes the strongest thing we can do is feel the pain.

So, slowly, approach one particular hard spot.  Find it in your body or your mind.  Do you know where it came from?  Start to remember the incident or circumstance that caused that tightening.

Be very compassionate with yourself.  Just soften it a little.  Open just a bit.  Breathe.  Stay with that a while.

Begin to see how that sorrow has formed you as a person. Instead of clenching your body, open slowly, gently.

Open your wound and let in love.  There are great lessons in sorrow,  great growth can come from it.

Open to the light of God.  Flood your sorrow with light.  Open, expand your sorrow with light.

Feel it transform into love. Love is the reason behind all that is.  Your pain transforms into the light, until it is sending love out to all the world.   Until it creates more light, more light to transform into the glory of creation.

Let go. Let go of the pain.  Let go of the Love.

And Love will be returned to you a thousandfold.

We are all children of the love that forms the universe.  The love that holds the universe together.

Nothing is ever lost.  Everything is transformed into love.

Surrender into God and Goddess's love.