Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A New Year

This is an example of what happens in our meditation circle.  We start with a personal perspective in the first part and then it often changes into something more universal.  A prayer for those who need it-  so if you are not fond of prayer -  this one is not for you-

Breathe, and begin to let go of your day.  Breathe again and let go of all it took to get here tonight.

This year has not been an easy one for alot of us.  Changes, health worries, unexpected occurrences, sometimes dragging energy.

But now you are on the other side of all this.  Think for a moment of how you have been made stronger by living through all of these challenges.

Just for a moment, cradle these challenges, hold them close to you, and thank them for their presence.


Now, loosen your hold on these dramas, breathe, and let them go-  see them go flying into the atmosphere-  shooting up and zipping away, let go of their energy- last year is over!

Feel the atmosphere of higher space, thinner air come rushing into you- scouring you out with a fine wind.  Loosening any debris- anything you don't need.

Feel the energy of the universe and ground up to meet it.

Feel it cleansing you, every atom, every cell , hollowing you out, then bringing in new light into your core. 

You sense you will be able to sound new notes now, notes you have not made before.

Bring in the Light of promise, of connection--  to friends, to  God and Goddess, to Hope.

Let this light settle within you, calming you.


Let the light settle further, into your heart.  Make a heart connection to the people in this circle.

Bring in more light and let it pour into the center of the circle.


You begin to see something forming in the center of the circle.

It is a huge cup or chalice.

It is filled with Light from our heart chakras and Light from above.

Allow the light to fill to the brim and begin to spill over- 

Let it fill the hearts of all people affected by recent tragedy-  Mothers, fathers, siblings, rescue workers.  Continue to pour light from your heart chakra into the cup.


Now bring in more Light from above.  Let the cup dissolve and see in its place a Goddess-
the Goddess of Compassion.

She is golden, welcoming and full of love.

See her open her arms and let the people who have passed over this year enter her arms and receive Her Light, Her love, and Her peace.

See the Goddess and her angels guiding these souls out of confusion and into the Greater Light.


And now as we begin to close our circle, thank all the helpers, seen and unseen.

Open your seventh chakra and let the light of compassion flood your body.  flowing through your bloodstream, filling your aura, until it is strong and elastic and whole.  Until you feel you are a warrior for the Light.


Know that the Light of Healing will be passed on to those who need it.

Thank you for your help and openness in this process tonight-  God Bless-