Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Starting Your Day

Upon awakening, begin to notice the sounds around you. Birds calling each other , people making coffee in the kitchen, cars going by- all beginnings of a new day.

Feel how relaxed your body is. Notice your breathing.  Begin to breathe deliberately into each part of your body.  Breathe with your toes,  your feet, your ankles.  You are waking yourself up with your own energy.  Breathe with your calves,  your knees, your thighs.  Breathe with your hips and belly.  Breathe with your solar plexus,  your heart. Breathe through your arms and hands, your shoulders.  Breathe with your throat.  Breathe lightly through your ears.  Breathe lightly with your eyes, clearing your sight.  Breathe with your brain, oxygenizing all the cells and connections there.  Let the breath be a bubbling breath, letting go of all heaviness as you become more and more awake, breathing now with your whole body.

By now, you might feel a bit fluttery, so bring in a core of energy from above your head, as wide as your body.  Bring it all the way through to below your feet.  I picture this as literally a golden core of light.  Make it wider still, expanding to fill your aura, filling in any little rips or tears.

Feel this core energy as very strong, anchoring you to earth and sky.

Now, think about your day-  what you plan to do, what you must do.  See yourself walking through your day and everything going well.  You don't have to go into detail, just things generally working out the way you planned.  Breath and relax and say to yourself, "I'm going to have a perfect day."

Approach your day from this energized yet calm place.  With clear seeing, clear hearing, clear speaking and an open heart for this chance to live this day, on this earth, right now.
Blessings to you on your journey today- 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Falling asleep

Here is a way to help you fall asleep.As you lie there, relaxed and breathing,  send healing to every part of your body.  Beginning with your toes (each one!), your heels, your arches, your ankles, and so on.  Get really miniscule with it like this and work your way up your whole body.

Take your time with this and use a color.  I like golden, but on another day, pink, blue, lavender or green  might be better.  You can go into each system as it connects together, for instance, your digestive system,  sending healing to each section.

You will probably fall asleep before you reach the top of your head, but that's OK- You will have set a healing intent and your healing will continue as you sleep.

If there is a certain area you are having trouble with, flood it with soft, soothing light-  don't worry, the light is limitless so you can pour on as much as you want. Then continue on with the next area of your body. 

When you are about through, as you lie there in a state of healing, visualize an energy blueprint of your body hovering just above you.  See it as your perfect body, that is completely healed and happy. Bring this blueprint into your body, merging the two.  While you're at it, shave off a few years and make yourself  younger- it can't hurt!

You don't have to effort on any of this- it is easy, just start goofing around with it .In  practicing this, you will get in touch with yourself as your own healer- and in touch with all that is right about your body.  Your  body does so much for you and does it well.  It also wants to heal any problem areas and you can help. Try it!

Blessings-  Lia