Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Releasing Anger

While anger can be righteous and sometimes motivating, most of the time it just gums up the works.Anger causes our blood pressure to rise,  clenches up the body and leaves a bad residue.
So today, we are going to work on releasing that residue.

Go into your mind and release any anger you have stored there.  You may think you don't have any but if you start to look you will find it.  It may be a time you took offense,  or things did not go the way you thought they would. 

It is as if there are little birds flying around in circles, trapped, around and around in your mind.  Release them!  And they will fly away so fast, so glad to be free.  You will feel better.  Do this a number of times until you are empty of these constructs.

Go into your chest and feel the tension of leftover anger there. Breathe and release the anger on the outflow.

Release the tension from your heart, letting the last bit flow down your fingertips.  Release anger from your belly, your gut, from the base of your spine.

And finally, go into your spine, starting at the base and feel that last bit of stored resentment.  Release the tension and let it pop out through the chakras in front of your body. Work your way up each vertebrae, find the holding part and release. Through your second chakra in the belly, through the solar plexus in the middle of your body,  through the heart, the chest, the throat and finally back to the center of your forehead.

What a great cleansing!  It is really releasing judgment towards everyone and everything.

Feeling so light and empty now.  Try to keep this stance throughout your day.  You can be discerning, you can observe.  Watch when you go into judgement,  see how your body clenches up.  Let it go when you feel it.  It is often an unnecessary reaction.

What will you have more room for, I wonder?  Calmness, delight,  clear seeing?

Breathe again now and feel the space in your body filled with relief, appreciation and compassion for yourself and others.  Namaste.


There are many people I would like to quote, but blogging I think, needs to be original.  That said, I would still like to recommend some others' works that have inspired me.

It matters what you read and watch.  Notice your dreams after watching a violent show.  Not as pleasant as going to sleep after reading a spiritual book.  To receive those "big" dreams you need to have a relaxed, clear mind that is already heading toward insight.

So I recommend:

                                         The Widening Stream: Seven Stages of Creativiy     by David Ulrich
                                         The New World of Self-Healing                                 by Bente Hansen
                                         Spiritual Growth                                                         by Sanaya Roman
                                         A Brief History of Everything                                    by Ken Wilber
                                         CDs                                                                             by Bohdipaksa

A couple of these authors talk about their guides in a very personal way.  Don't let that prevent you from getting to the real book, because the information is good.  I probably couldn't have an  intelligent discussion of Ken Wilber's book, but I read it fast and I "got" it.  I often do that with books.  I know I need or already know the information.  It seems like I can just put my hand on it and download it.  But, of course , I can't. So I may re-read and certainly intend to read other books the authors have written.

There have been many, many more over the years, but these are a few of the best. Anything that hits you in the head at a bookstore is probably something you should read, too.

So, have fun learning and becoming inspired!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What is this kind of meditation?

What is it that I do?  I suppose it is a combination of meditation, creative visualization, hypnotherapy,centering prayer and self-healing techniques.

It takes you into a place David Ulrich calls "depth consciousness."

Mainly I listen to my guides, staying open, listening and asking to be a channel for love.  In other words, asking how may I serve with the gifts I have been given,  then getting out of the way to let love come through in what I am recording or writing.

Always helping others to empower themselves in their own healing.

I work alot with the body and mind together.  We are lucky to be in this sacred vessel for awhile.  Not suppressing emotion, but moving emotion into a flow that is healthy-

In deep meditation, the body heals itself so much.  I take the same approach with the mind. See where it is going, follow it and open to its innate wisdom.

Consciousness is fascinating, especially your own!

Then letting all this go and becoming one with all energy, can be ecstatic.  Coming back from your meditation with more compassion for all beings.

Meditating with a group magnifies this energy, which we can then use to make the world a better place, sending healing where it is needed, receiving healing and understanding the depths of what we have been given.

Life is hard,  but it is also the greatest gift.