Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Farewell for a while and other thoughts

The last meditation I wrote for the blog is one I am doing everyday (releasing the past, and the future, blessing them both, and resting in the present). Everyone talks of being in the now but I need a process to get there.

This one is just working for me at this time, and causing positive changes in my body and my life.

If you scroll through these meditations, and find one that speaks to  you, do it for a week, or a month.  Then move on to another one or to something else.  Everyone has their own timing on these things, since everyone is at a different stage.

But above all, listen to yourself about what feels right for you.

We were talking about this in class the other day.

I was telling them to beware of teachers or groups who begin to tell them how to dress, what to eat, who can be their friends and what career to have.

Then, clever students that they are, said " But you are telling us what to do right now."  LOL.

I said, yes, you are right, ignore what I say, too!

If you want a teacher, find one.  If you want a group, join one.  If it is on your path, it will probably teach you something.  There are stages in a group that I have noticed.  Infatuation, excitement, creativity, then disenchantment,leading to eventual dissolving of the group.  It is like a band-  beautiful music for a while, but they always break up.  But the experience can be worth it.

I am just saying- Believe no one.  Believe everyone.  The Truth is Out There.( silly x-files reference).  But not really, it is within you. And in your relationship to God, to the world, to your family and to yourself.  You are your own authority and everyone has a direct path to their own truth.

I hope these processes continue to be helpful to people- to relax, to help them find a little peace within themselves, to see beauty in the world.

So I will not post  quite as often for awhile.  I need to record some of the newer meditations, maybe look for a way to publish them in book form.

Blessings going out to you all,  Lia


I have to say, alot of methods and forms of study are great, but if you are ever feeling really wobbly, go to a licensed therapist and consider what they have to say, then integrate it into your other practices.  Namaste~