Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meditation and Prayer

Meditation itself is non-denominational. What a mouthful that word is.  Many people are afraid they will adopt ideas from a religion if they start doing yoga and meditating.

The kind of meditation I offer I think of as working with the energy of life.  Meditation  can be a pleasure, a good habit, an adventure, a refuge.  Also a time for self-examination and forgiveness. And a calming of the mind.

All this is just being conscious of your body, mind and Spirit.  This is the gift we've been given- why not develop it?

Becoming still, letting go, and purifying your energy is like prayer, though, for me. Opening to receive what my deeper self might have to tell me. Knowing that deeper self is part of the pattern of energy that underlies all of the universe.

After quietening, purifying, opening, and receiving, Sending.  Sending healing to those who need it.  There is a devotional aspect to this part, asking the universe for help, trusting the energy will be felt.

Becoming more compassionate with yourself and others is the result-not such a bad thing for the world.

Once when I was meditating the message came, "You are the prayer."  We are all the prayer, all the time, in how we live our lives.

That said, I am not against any religion- it's all truth of a kind, if you are discriminating and take what feels right for you.
If you do feel inclined towards a certain religious figure in your meditation, go for it.  These beings have given us some pretty good tips on how to live and they bless us with their examples.

Contemplation, clearing your energy, rest, repose, prayer- seems natural to me.