Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The River of Time

It is summer.  You are walking in a forest.  The trees are very tall- the light filters through in long beams across your path.

The forest floor is thickly carpeted, your steps making barely a sound as you walk, breathing in the pungent smells of the forest.

You see a glimmer of water up ahead and know you are almost at the river.  When you reach it, you wade into the water.

It is a shock-so cold- but it feels good.  You decide to make for a large flat rock in the center of the river. 

Lie down on the rock- it feels wonderful- so grounding.

Start to relax on the warm rock.  The sun enters all your chakras, easily clearing them of anything you don't need.

Your muscles become looser and more relaxed as you melt into the rock.  You are feeling very drowsy.

Watching the water now, you begin to see events and people from your past go drifting by.  You may be tempted to catch them or hold them in your mind, but instead you let them pass, just noticing them, many years, many people. Breathe and let them go.


Now you see the future coming by.  Once again, you watch the possiblities going by,  not attached, letting them go on into that future, not holding onto them right now.


You are warm and content on your rock in the river, listening to the sound of the water.  Gurgling, rushing, meadering at it moves around various parts of  your rock.  The sun glitters on the moving water-

and now you are glittering on the surface of the water, moving with ease, no tension, moving with the flow, no regrets, travelling with joy, being carried onward and onward to a place you know and to a place you don't know.  You are safe, just journeying, journeying, trusting in the journey of your life.

Earth, air, fire, water, dissolving into Spirit- dissolving back to earth once again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Serious sludge

If you feel you have serious sludge holding you back from accomplishing what you want to in your life, then serious measures can be taken.

When your aura is barely moving and you can't think straight, it's time.

I must stress that this is creative visualization at its most fanciful perhaps, but it can work.

We will use an imaginary object.  You can go on a search for your ethereal object by taking a journey in your mind to a favorite place or power spot.  By using your intention, you will find it.

It could be a magic wand, a wizard's staff, or like mine, a sword.

I often forget about it,but when I really need it, I remember I have a sword and I know how to  use  it.

When you find yourself with sludge, you can cleanse it.

I do this standing, moving my arms as if I am holding the sword.
You can do it this way, or do it in your meditative state.

I start cutting away all the cords around my body.  Cords from the past,  the long ago past and the recent past.

Don't worry, if you really need them, they will come back, but it is such a relief to be free of them, even for one day.

Move all around your aura,  front, sides and back. Watch them drop away.

Then ( this is just my way) I place the sword in each chakra and watch the sludge drain out.  Sixth chakra- forehead, fifth chakra-throat, fourth- heart, third- solar plexus, second- belly and first- base of spine.  I then brush off any leftover residue down my arms and legs and whisk away energy that is blocking my eyesight.

Taking my sword, I open up the energy a few feet above my head, reclaiming the pathway to my Source.

Let the light come pouring in, soothing you, clarifying you, filling every cell with healing, wholeness and a sense of your true self.
Take some time with this.


Ahhhhh, that feels good.  Remember, the light is always there. We just have to put ourselves in a state to receive it once again.

Your vision will be clearer. You will be centered and grounded, ready to move forward with your life again.

So, even though this exercise may sound a little out there, I find it very effective at certain times.

Namaste- Lia