Thursday, December 26, 2013

Honoring Christmas's Past

Christmas is such an emotional time, it can really sneak up on you. Everyone around me had a cold.  I felt a lump in my throat for days and thought I was just fighting it off.

Then today I  started crying- ahh, the feeling in the throat was unexpressed grief.  Friends dying, missing my parents and other family members, regrets for certain life decisions, all came crashing down.

Well, I feel better now having cried.  "All Things Must Pass"- that truth brings grief but also joy that life goes on.  All energy recombining into new beauty with the past worked into it.

You just can't see how everything will turn out, blank spots, blind spots, forks in the road. 

The future radiates out from all moments- as many paths from this moment as rays from a star.

All I can do is ask for guidance and trust, gratefully, in that.

Moments of clarity, of bliss, and moments of despair.  That's life, I guess.  Opening to this moment is all we can do to honor life and all those who helped us on our path.   Namaste.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Winter Meditation- the real web, I hope-

Close your eyes and begin to notice your breathing. At first, your breath will come rather fast, as you think of all that has happened in your day.  This is natural - just continue breathing until you have reviewed everything you need to.

Now picture yourself wearing many layers of heavy cloaks.  You can feel the weight of them on your shoulders.  As we continue to breathe, we will begin to drop these cloaks, one by one.  As you drop each cloak, you will feel lighter and lighter.

Breathe and feel the outermost cloak.  It is very heavy.  See what color comes to mind.  This cloak represents all the expectations the outer world has of you.  Let the cloak drop onto the ground and walk away.

The next cloak is comprised of all the expectations you have for yourself in the outside world.  Drop this cloak also, step out of it and walk away.

Feel the third cloak. Note its color.  This one represents any anger or resentment directed toward you or felt towards others by you. Drop it and walk away.

Let the next cloak's color come to you. Let it slip from your shoulders.  You are leaving behind all the physical discomfort your body has felt from wearing all the other cloaks.  Let your body shed this weariness.

Continue this process until you drop all the layers you need to.

Now you feel so much ligher, you can actually feel your Self.  There is  one robe left - the last one.  Its color represents the color your soul feels most comfortable in.  Please leave this on to protect and comfort you throughout the rest of our journey.


You are walking along a wintry trail, snow crunching under your feet.  It is sunny and crisp - you feel good.

The light begins to fade into a hazy winter sunset. Clouds of pink and blue are streaked across the sky.  You pull your cloak closer around you and continue walking.

Darkness falls.  It is a night of brilliant stars.  There is a slim silver moon overhead.   You hear a sound like music, but very faintly.  Up ahead the trees seem to form an arched walkway.  You walk beneath them and find they lead to a huge building made of rough-hewn wood.

You open the massive doors.  Inside is the light of many candles, creating a golden glow around the whole room, all the way up to the vaulted ceiling.

In the center of the room sits a circle of people.  They welcome you. Their faces glow in the candlelight.  You sit down and take your place in the circle, joining hands with the people on either side of you.

As you take their hands, you feel the circuit of energy that flows around the circle.  It almost feels like an electric current.  Open your seventh chakra and begin to channel energy through the top of your head and into your hands.  The current gets stronger. Bring in more energy and channel it from your crown chakra to your heart.  From your heart, direct the energy to the center of the circle.

You begin to see something.  It is a huge cup or chalice.  It is filled with Light from your heart chakras.  Allow the Light from your  heart to fill the cup.  Fill it to the brim.  Light is streaming down from above as our Angelic guides help us.

Now let this healing light flow over the brim and over the whole Earth.  Let it be like a balm to  all people, entering their hearts, quelling their fear. Fill it again and let it calm Mother Earth herself, for she is always affected by the emotions of man.

The cup is fading now.  Continue to channel light to the circle from your heart chakras.  The Light in the center has become very beautiful.  You sense a Presence there.

It is the Presence of Peace.

Place what needs healing into this Holy light in the center of the circle.  Relationships between countries.  World leaders. The land itself.The animals.  Place anyone you know who needs healing in the Light.  Take some time.


Now, place yourself and your family in the center of the circle, for we must heal our individual lives, too, if we are to heal the world.

Do you feel other groups like this one coming together around the world? See all these circles of peace and healing connected like a web of Light all over the globe.  Strengthen these lines of Light.

Begin to feel a deep peace in your heart, a peace that permeates all your bodies - mental, physical, emotional, and Spiritual.

It is time to close our circle now.  Notice the faces around the circle filled with Divine Light.  Thank all our helpers, seen and unseen who graced us with their energy tonight in the healing circle.  Say your goodbyes.

You walk out of the cathedral into the light of day.  It is a glorious winter morning.  The birds are singing, the sunlight sparkles on the snow. Your heart is filled with hope, joy.


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Holidays

Like all children, I used to love Christmas.  Sparkling lights at night, a glittering field of snow in the daytime, the coziness of looking forward to a special night and day featuring Jesus and Santa respectively. Honoring a miracle birth by singing with others in church, all the while feeling something magical might happen.

It's a little different now. Everyone rushing to buy things, worrying if it is "enough" to satisfy our need to feel "stuffed with stuff."

So let's slow down for a second.

Breathe. Drop back into your body. Oygenate those lungs and cells.


Breathe again.

Notice the tension and the heaviness you may have been feeling,
 as if you were wearing alot of fancy, uncomfortable clothes.

Picture these gaudy costumes dropping off you, falling to the ground.

What's left?  Just you without the entrapments of the material side of the holidays. A core of peace.

What was the purpose of winter festivals in the past?

It was dark,and cold and they were aware they might not survive.

They needed a way to assure themselves that the spring would come again.  A way to create that light in each other, by coming together with family and friends to kindle the belief that they would make it through.

So, breathe again and go deep into the core of darkness. Deeper still. Then find that spark of hope.

Find the belief that we can create the world anew, in a way that  offers physical and spiritual nurturance to all.

Fan the flame in your heart, see its warmth expand, along with the image of a more positive world.

Whatever way you can do this in your life, do it, for we are responsible for our world and what we create.

I hope together we can offer more peace, joy and compassion to all those we spend time with during this season. Namaste.  

And of course, enjoy the lights!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fear of flying and other things

What is it with these middle-age fears? Situations that we didn't think twice about suddenly loom as things we anticipate with dread.

Quite a few years ago I became afraid of flying in airplanes.  Not because of an incident, just the whole idea of hurtling through space in this big hunk of metal, beautiful as it may be.

I reasoned with myself, berated myself, tried to joke myself out of it. My family was sick of watching me grip the armpads of my seat as if I could control the flight.

I told myself it was a reasonable fear.  True, but didn't help.

I remembered I used to like flying and began to watch the take-offs and landings as if it were fun and exciting.  Worked a little.

I started breathing, slowing down my heartbeat.  All that fear can't be good for your body.

Then I hit upon an idea.  I watched the calmness between the bumps and shivers.  Reminding myself that going through a rough patch is just that- and the smoothness will come again.

Kind of like life.

One flight we were on recently was actually really bad- thunderstorms over Texas. I was tense, but then something happened- I just let go- I didn't care anymore.

The pilot knew what he was doing ( or maybe it was a combination of skill and luck! Again, like life).  We landed safely.

It was a great feeling- to just give up the fear. I hope I am like that from now on-  but I probably  will experience times of holding my breath.

So, for now I will continue to fly as I have all my life.  Sometimes you just have to keep doing it and the fear works its way out of you.

Now, to tackle that fear of going to the dentist.  Another one I never had until recently-  Oh, Joy, something else to work on!

Get outta here, Fear- I don't have time for you!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clearing your house

My house was in a funk. Stagnant energy from life events I wanted to move on from was everywhere.

I decided to clear it.  I began to clap loudly into every corner of every room, banishing or scaring out the dull energy.

Soon I was half-dancing as I was clapping throughout the rooms.
It felt good.

Afterward, a quietness descended, a peacefulness.

Then I went to each room playing a harp-like instrument, beautiful sound, really, enticing the good, creative energy back in. I even went outside and played to the birds- they seemed to like it.

It worked! 

My version of smudging, I guess, without the smoke.

I have also, when feeling I was beginning a new year ( which  could be anytime), opened all and I mean all the windows and doors, chasing old energy out and inviting vitality in.

Sometimes you have to work on your environment as well as your body and mind.  This exercise is kind of Wiccan, I guess, which I have never studied, but probably instinctively enters into any energy work. All is valid, maybe I will look into it.

So, this may be a frivolous post, but one that I needed and hopefully might  be useful to you.

May your day be a good one- Lia

Saturday, October 19, 2013

For Jack

A good friend of ours died yesterday.

First, I felt like I was on psychedelics- I guess the cords between us being broken on this plane sends you reeling.  This happened with my mother and my father, too.

You want to cord them again to get your bearings but you can't- not here, at this time, on the same level.

Then, no one else home, I decided to go swimming.  I was feeling, as I was in the water, as if I might have a heart attack.  My heart was cramping, the beat irregular.  But I kept a steady, slower pace than I usually do and just kept on.  Our friend was a swimmer, too, in his youth.  I tried to release the psychotic feeling into the water.

I heard the words,  " But I am FREE, I am free", in my mind.

I knew this was true, for he was really put through the wringer for a year.  And at the end, his body and mind were peaceful, they tell me.

I have also had moments of clarity- the sky, the trees, the birds, all seemed so sweet and beautiful.

Through all this, sadness too, coming in waves, of crying, of wonder at the strength of his wife, Debbie, this past year, of grief at his pain.

Today I feel fear, fear of my own death, fear of just not feeling safe, I guess.

I identified the fear and burned it out  as best I could- with a roar of angry fire.

I know I must re-ground into the earth in a blessing way.

Accept the fact that I am here and he is not. But he can still make me laugh, when I remember some of our times together.

I know he would want us to go on and live- have a GREAT time, in fact, in his memory.  He was like that. 

I  know the angels took him.  I saw something like a children's slide at a playground a couple of days before.  It was made of light and they said, we will beam him up when he's ready.

Thank you, thank you , thank you, for his time on earth and for his passing now.

Love is all there is- Namaste

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick Confidence-Booster

Ground, breathe, and release any feelings you don't want.

Let them go, with your exhale, down your body, into your feet and then into the earth, away from you.

Open up the energy center at the top of your head and bring in light in a column.

Let it flow through the center of your body from above your head to below your feet in a solid light.

This is your core energy.  Make it wide, make it strong.

Make it radiant.

Let it expand to 2-3 feet around your body- no chinks.

Push it out further if you need to.

The light dispels doubt.  You come from a core of confidence.

Re-connect and bring in more light as often as you need to.


What also works for me is to release ego-driven aspirations. Kick those aside.  Open to the possibility of Higher Energy.

Become a conduit for the information that needs to come through, so Higher communication can flow-an exchange of energy whose real purpose is healing- on some level that we are not fully aware of, or in charge of,  but can facilitate by using the talents we have been given.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life and Grieving

I woke up the other day feeling really down.  Good reasons- sick friends, sick pet. But I  knew I had to pull myself up from that sinking feeling.

Walking out on the deck, listening to the wind, the warm sun on my face- these made me feel grateful and more sane.

Sometimes it is necessary to separate ourselves from our sorrow.

Go into it first, really feel it and sob like a baby, but then, later, ground yourself into your Self again.

You can't be an effective helper if you are coming apart.

You may have ( like me) experienced this to the point of getting symptoms yourself.  Your own health really suffering because you are empathetic, stressed and at a loss.

When this starts to happen, it's time to shift.

Physical work, exercise and breathing all help. My sister-in-law tells me beginning a yoga practice in a class saved her from despair many times.  Getting into the different reality of a movie or book works for some people.

So, our meditation for today-

Begin to calm yourself


Become more quiet.


If you are near a window( or else just imagine), begin to notice the sounds of the birds,

the wind flowing through the trees

in waves of motion and sound.

Align yourself with this wind.

Let it flow through you, pulling off the ragged energy.

Let these "dead leaves" be blown far behind you, wave after wave with the wind.

Breathe-  let them go.


Begin to feel more clear. Can you  hear the wind chimes now?

Feel the sunshine reaching you, warming your heart, your skin, your tired brain.

Standing there, like another tree-

warmth, light, wind,

calm, breathing, grounded.

No thoughts, just Being.

You are within your self

You are not your pain

Or anyone else's pain.

You are here- calm, breathing, grounded.


Opening now to the possibility of movement,
the possibility of joy moving through you,

healing you.

To Be here and alive,
loving yourself,
loving life,
loving your friends

from a place of wellness and hope

Gifted with one more day

to give and receive the blessings of life-

for however many days we have

on this beautiful earth-

Coming back from your meditation,

calm, aligned with your self

with a little more space,


Friday, August 30, 2013

Letting go of the kids

To continue the theme of letting our children go, sometimes you have to go farther and believe in them.

We need to step back and literally pull our energy back from them so they can feel, think, and experience without our hovering attention.

How can they spread their wings if you are crushing those wings?

I know this is hard, but it is healthier.  You don't know all they will achieve. 

And guess what? Hopefully they will be on this planet without us someday, happy, healthy, living their lives.

So, offer advice, help them, but don't send the them the message that they are not safe without you.

Give them a chance to trust other people, make friends and find their own way to cope, to struggle and to shine-

Many blessings to us all -  it's a tricky job! and a privilege.

Of course, consult with learning specialists, counselors and  teachers - they are there to help if your child needs it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Sending your child to school- !?

As Fall approaches, some of us are sending  our children off to school- kindergarten, a new year in another school, college- someplace without us!

This is tough but necessary.  The main thing to remember is- you are the parent----be brave!

You can cry afterward but present a "stiff upper lip" to your children. Send them with joy.

You want to empower them, not cripple them with fear.

They can do it! You did it. In fact, they can handle it better than you think they can.

So, Take a deep, deep breath and a big sigh. Release that top layer of fear.

Ground, center yourself.  Bring in a pillar of light from above your head.  Let it go all the way through you, to your feet.  Let it be wide enough to completely surround your body - a couple of feet wide.

Let it calm you, ground you, center you.  Be a pillar of strength.

Do this several times a day if you like, and don't forget to breathe.

Now, imagine, for a moment, that you see your child standing a few feet away from you.  Imagine they have a pillar of light surrounding them.  ( They do)

See how awesome they look all lit up?  Their light will grow brighter as they discover that they can succeed in many areas of their life. Exciting!

Trust in this.  Remember when you were a child and you were alright.

Your children are individuals on their own path, as are you.  You can support them, but you can't live every second of their lives for them and they don't want you to.

 From a distance, ask your child's guides to strengthen the light around him/her.  It will make you feel better.

What will you do with the extra head space you have as your child goes on his/her adventure? Imagine this time filled with nurturing for you, or perhaps accomplishing some goal you have been putting off.

When your child returns, you will both have new experiences to share.  So take it easy and good luck with this sometimes difficult passage.  Blessings to you- Lia

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finding Fear

One day I was meditating, and as I was healing  my body I discovered fears I didn't know I had. Perhaps from articles on health in the paper or from the news.  I found I had fear of certain diseases lodged in my body.

I decided to root them  out as I went. I did not  want them just lingering there. So come with me and we'll do this exercise together.  Even if you've had health problems, you don't want to leave these fears there.

So, breathe and relax, letting go of everything else around you.
Start to calm your body.

Picture yourself on a beach that you love, all alone.  Lie down on the sand ( or on a towel). Close your eyes and listen to your breath.

Align your breath with the sound of the waves on the beach.

On the outbreath, start to release each fear you find in your body, starting with your feet.  As you find these fears, name them, for then they become conscious and you can release them.

Go into your knees, your upper legs, the base of your spine, your gut- any organs associated with the area you are in , go inside and find the fear, the name of the disease, and release.

Your lungs, your heart, your breasts, your throat.

Take your time with this- clear it all out. Breath and release.

Fear of certain cancers, fear of a heart attack, and when you get to your brain, please release fear of dementia!

You don't have to live in fear of your own body. 

Banish those fears- reclaim your body for yourself. If you want to say this out loud, go ahead- " I now banish fear of-  ! Get out!"

Now, let a wave from the beach come up to where you are lying.  Let it wash over your whole body, drenching you, cleansing you completely of these fears.

Jump in the ocean and swim, letting the saltwater neutralize any leftover residue you don't need.

You are free,  you are alive, you are well.

Come ashore and let the sun dry you- relax and trust in your own wellness.  Trust in life,  just for now.

This has been a valuable exercise for me,but  I claim no miracle cures by participating in this- and of course, follow the advice of your physician.  It just feels so good to be free of fear, for however long it lasts-  Namaste.


You might suppose, being a person who meditates, that I am calm in most situations.  Whoa- far from it-  while I am naturally quiet, slightly introverted and a dreamer, I could hardly call myself calm.

I think, honestly, I took to meditation for the imagery I received, the guidance and the way it helped me to manage my over-sensitivity.

Getting really quiet in my body and opening my mind to guidance has helped me function better than I would without it.

Practicing daily for brief amounts of time, even it is just grounding and letting energy flow through the chakras is a great help. Longer sessions with others multiplies the benefits.

The clarity spills over into the rest of your life and you become more creative, in  touch with deeper issues, and aligned with a sense that you are being guided, if you ask, by a power greater than yourself, or, if you prefer, guided by your Higher self.

The sensitivity becomes a positive instead of painful.  A gift instead of a burden.

So I hope the techniques given here help everyone because we are all dealing with our own forms of stress and joy every day.  What a trip! One that we are lucky to be on-


Monday, July 22, 2013

Lighten Up!

Sometimes circumstances and daily life leave us feeling down.  It happens to everyone. After a while we need help if we are depressed over a period of time.  In this case, therapy is your best bet.

It is a place where you can discover your issues, take stock of what your emotions truly are, and review your options for action.

It is wonderful to talk to someone who is outside the situation and who can offer you tools to help yourself.

So, yes, I am a fan of therapy and therapists ( it is important to choose one you have a good rapport with.)  Twice in my life I used therapy to help get me over rough spots.  Thank goodness for that option, plus, it is fascinating to learn more about yourself.

That said, I have a way for you to work with your energy that could help you on those regular down-type days.

So, take a breath, ground into the earth and center yourself in your body.

As you become quieter, take a look at your aura- it is probably darker than usual or feels heavier.

We are going to work with the violet flame again (see earlier post) in a more extensive way.

First, open your seventh chakra at the top of your head.  Unblock the energy that connects you to your  Source. Push away the blocks and let the energy flow down your spine to your feet and into the earth.

This will feel a bit sluggish at this point, but opening the channel is a start.

Now, focus on your 6th chakra, the forehead area. Place the cool violet flame here.  It may be a dark purple with lumps in  it.  Let the purifying flame burn off the darkness and blocks until it becomes a light lavender.

Take some time, just let the flame of energy do its work.

When you feel more clear, take an oxygenizing breath into this chakra.

Move to your throat area. Place the flame here, let it move down your arms and into your shoulders.  When it feels less tight and less murky, breathe the lighter violet color into these areas.

Place a large violet flame in your heart.  See where it is heavy.  Let the flame transmute the heaviness into moving light.

Next, the solar plexus. See the blocks, let them be consumed by the violet flame, then breath deeply into your gut , making a sound if you want, as the blocks are moved out.

Second chakra, in the lower belly.  Breathe quite a few times as you do this exercise here, flushing out toxins, replacing with soothing lavender light.

Base of spine- Let the flame burn away whatever is keeping you from being grounded.  Let a feeling of ease and calm return.

Now,take a deep breath.  Bring in moving light from above your head, moving it down your spine, into all your energy centers.  All systems moving now, feeling lighter, healthier and more open.

Negative energy is less likely to stick to a moving system, so think movement, light( as in hue) and lighter( as in heaviness).

Now, look outside, notice the brilliant colors and light in a beautiful spot and align your energy with that-  Nature always helps us if we become aware of Her.

So, do this exercise when you feel a bit down- Literally lighten up and see if you can dance your way out of it! ( Exercise helps, too)

Namaste- Lia

Monday, June 24, 2013

Insomnia Chakra Cleaning, or Get the Gum Off!

After a long weekend of socialization  and events, I found I could not sleep- the hours stretched  on-

Finally I decided to do a chakra cleaning.  Sometimes other people's energy gets stuck in or on our aura.  Stuck is the right word, for when I went in to try and clear this, it was a sticky gooey mess.

It doesn't mean someone intentionally left the energy there, it  happens if they or you  are not so conscious of boundaries or if there are just alot of people around.

Time to clear it off.  I started with my feet ( the bottom of your feet and your knees have chakras) and pulled a bunch of stuff off the area around my feet and legs- like pulling gum off your shoes, only a bigger mass of energy.

Pull it off and throw it on the ground quite a distance away from you.  Ahhh- better.

Then travel to your first chakra at the base of your spine.  Go in with your mind and stick your hand in there. Pull out the sticky energy and throw it on the pile.

Second chakra- the belly area-  pull until it all comes out- all the way to the back of your chakra.  Throw it away from you.

Third chakra in the solar plexus.  Keep pulling until you hear a "pop" or sense a release-  Throw it away.

Heart chakra, gently pull here, think more of releasing, but still  going for the "pop"- Toss it away.

Take deep breath-  You've earned it-  Feels so much better.

The 5th chakra at the throat,  kind of stringy, isn't it?  Pull the energy out from your ears too while you're at it.  Clear it away.

Pull any sticky stuff from your 6th chakra at the forehead.  Then gently clear your eyes with a sweep of your hands-  you will see much more clearly.

Finally travel to the top of your head.  Sweep away anything blocking you from your Source until there is a clear channel again.


Check your back for any leftover stuff you don't want and throw it away in one sweeping motion.

Get rid of the pile of gunk over there, if it's not already gone, by just throwing the word, Dissolve at it.  It's gone..

Start to bring in a silvery color through your seventh chakra.  Let it fill all your chakras, one by one.

Let it fill your whole aura until you feel calm, secure and protected.
If you would like, change the silver to the
 color you feel most comfortable, most powerful,and most like yourself in.

Relax, start to let your mind wander and think of pleasant things-
Sweet dreams-


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Summer Meditation

Summer is a time of wholeness.  It seems that life is long and  everything will unfold as it should.  All is in bloom and we are open to the magic of life.  So, I invite you to come with me on a summer meditation.

It is afternoon, heading on towards evening.  You decide to walk up into the hills.   You see a path, and climb  until you reach a natural circular plateau.  It looks over rolling hills, one folding into another, towards the West.  The wind comes up, caressing you on every side.

The sky is big around you as you stand on your sacred spot.  You are reminded of a Native American song.

Now I walk in Beauty
Beauty is before me.
Beauty is behind me
Above and Below me.

Mother Earth is warm beneath you.  All the heat from the day is radiating from Her.  You sit on the ground and begin to breathe.Take some time.

The sun is beginning to sink in the sky.  Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and bring in the golden energy of the Sun.
Let it flow like honey, healing and soothing every sore place, filling every empty place.

Let it flow in and fill your feet, your lower legs, your thighs.  Let it fill the base of your spine, your belly, your solar plexus.

Let the mellow light fill your heart chakra, your upper chest, shoulders, arms and hands.  Let the light fill your throat, your ears, your eyes and forehead.  You are glowing with healthy energy. Now it spills over and covers your skin, from your face, down your shoulders,to your lower body, and all the way to your feet.

You have become very quiet.  You can hear the wind blowing through the tall grasses.  The birds are calling each other home.

The sky turns pink, then a deep blue.

The light continues to fade. The sky darkens.  Stars become visible, and then more, until a whole canopy of stars seem to rotate overhead.

You feel how small you are.  How small the Earth is- just another star in a whole universe of stars.

And yet. You feel very much yourself.  You feel  your Self-
a Higher Self than you operate from in everyday life.  You feel
a part of the Universe.


And then everything shifts.  The stars seem to be at your feet now.

Below you lies a plain of stars, stretching in all directions,  It is wondrous, magnificent.  And across that plain comes a figure, walking towards you.

You feel very joyful. You feel you know this Being. And you do.
You have felt this presence before.  Maybe it was at a time of great need, or a time of opening to Spirit.

Her/ His presence is very real.  You may feel a certain vibration, or hear music, or smell a fragrance.  She comes and greets you.  You embrace.

Sit together, feel Her vibration and be open.  On this summer night, of all summer nights, the Universe has something to say to you.

As you sit with your guide, you become aware of part of your purpose in this lifetime. Open, and let this knowledge fully enter your consciousness.

Ask your guide how you can further your purpose at this time, ask how you may serve your Highest purpose.

Take some time to relax in this blissful state of communication with your guide, for she/he knows you very well and loves you.You may have another question, or your guide may want to convey other information to you.


And now it is time to say goodbye.  Again you embrace, thanking your guide.  You watch her walk away across the plain of stars.

 The scene shifts.  The stars are back up in the sky.  It is time to walk home.  As you carefully find your way down the hillside, you feel your feet on the Earth, taking a deep breath of the fragrant air, and you are back in your body, feeling awake and complete, with full recall of your summer journey.

May Spirit bless and protect you- Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I was at preschool the other day (my main job) and a little boy's
eyes  were tearing up.  This went on for awhile- he couldn't really articulate what was wrong.

I finally pulled him over away from the others and just patted his back and held him in my lap. 

He really did cry then, not loud, but real sobs and said"My dad."

Turns out he missed his Dad, who had dropped him off that morning.  I told him it was OK, he would see his
Dad after school, and that we would keep him safe until then.

It wound down and soon he was playing and smiling with his friend. ( Who, in between all this, had wordlessly come up and kissed his cheek and walked away.)

Sometimes you  just need to cry. When I was growing up, my Mom would cry at movies or sad occurrences in the news and the family,(mostly guys) would say " Ohh, Mom!"

I wish I had stood up for her.  I realize now that crying and feeling is a gift and, while we can't go around blubbering all the time,  we should let our tears flow, if possible.  It is a real reaction and mostly appropriate at the time.

I remember my Mom was reading a book in the living room and started to cry.  I asked her why and she just said " the book is so sad,- what happened"-  the book was "Exodus."

When I try to suppress tears I get a huge headache.  So whether they are tears of relief, tears of joy, or tears of sadness, give yourself a break and cry a little, at least in private.  It is very cleansing and in the flow of what is happening on a gut level.

Many blessings to you-  Lia

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the Beach, a gift for you

Breathe and relax, releasing all the tension in your muscles.

Just letting go of all your concerns, becoming aware of your breath.

The rise and fall of your breath, like the waves on the ocean.

Breathing in, breathing out.  Begin to feel the rhythm of your breath, cleansing you.

On the outflow, release all you don't need.  See it all drifting away on the water, like little paper ships, sailing away from you over the waves,  becoming smaller and smaller,  now very far away in the distance and disappearing over the horizon.

Imagine you are walking along the shore.  It is morning.  The air is fresh, the light is clear.  You feel good.

Glancing down, you notice a shell on the beach and you pick it up.

It is a complex spiral shape with many chambers.

You sit on the sand and begin to meditate on the shell.  It is so inviting, the smooth pearl surface.  You feel drawn inward,

into the interior of the shell.

You start to follow the spiral path, around and around.

Going deeper and deeper. 

The light is glowing, golden and pink, as you go deeper inside.

Now, you feel as if everything around you has softened, you feel you are inside a rose, the petals rose-gold and pink.

A delicate fragrance drifts from your path as you continue to walk deeper into the rose.

You reach the very center and sit down.  You see the many petals of the rose, the many chambers of the shell, the path that led you here.  And now you are in the center.


You feel complete, protected and in touch with your own sweetness as well.

You are in the center of you,  the depth of you- where you are just you, who you were from the beginning, and before the beginning, aware of when you first came here and could feel the wonder and the joy.

Rest here awhile,  breathe and be still in the rose-gold light, in the essence that is you.


Is there a message for you in the quietness?  a feeling, a word or a touch from someone?

Open to receive this communication.


And now, breathe in again all the sweetness here.  Slowly start to walk back through the spiral, through the rose, through the shell.

The ground becoming a little more firm beneath your feet,  feeling the grains of sand between your toes, watching the waves on the ocean.

Stepping into the salty water,  you give the shell back to the sea.
You stretch your arms up to the sky and run down the beach, breathing in the fresh air,so happy to be alive.

Coming back now to this room emerging from your journey, relaxed and refreshed.  Namaste.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Business News

As I write these posts, I hope many people benefit from them.

Those sitting at their desks needing a reset during the day, therapists needing a jumping off point with their clients, individuals working on their own energy.

Scan the list and return to a favorite meditation. Start using the techniques a couple times a week.  It will help you " go with the flow" of your life.

Feel free to email me or write a comment- I will get back to you.

All are free for you to use, just please refer to website or if you are using them in a professional setting.

I have started to post some of the full meditations I would do in my class( see Chakra Meditation).  When you see this symbol


It means to take quite a few minutes to stay in that place, being quiet and receiving information for yourself.  Then move on when you are ready.

For schools that are interested in meditation, you can find cds for young children and teens at

I  would like to mention  there is a free meditation for download at I wrote it for college students, but after the first few sentences, it is excellent for anyone. This way you can get the benefit of listening without reading, letting my voice take you deep into the meditation.  Try it!

So, til next time-Lia

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chakra Meditation

Breathe, and ground.  Today we will work with the chakras, or energy centers in a way you might not have before.

Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head. Begin to bring in a vibrant red color.  Let it come down and wash throughout your body.  Really feel what red is all about.  Let whatever cells of your body need red  absorb that color.

Red is the color of life and survival, health and joy.  It is love of life and it is washing through your body from your head, down your shoulders through your heart, down to your waist and hips and all the way to below your feet.

Now let the red color center in your first chakra at the base of your spine.  This is where your vibrant red lives, in this chakra.

As you bring in these colors, remember to bring them into your whole body, the front, back and sides- your aura extends all around you.

Now picture a brilliant orange color.  Let it enter your body through the top of your head and slowly wash down and permeate your body.  Let what cells need this orange energy grab it and create perfect health for themselves.

Imagine yourself eating a perfect, sweet juicy orange on a warm beach in the tropics, slowly strolling along by yourself.  This is the color of orange.  Let your skin take on a healthy glow as your body absorbs this orange energy.

Now let the orange settle in your second chakra, about two inches below your navel.  Let all organs associated with this area glow with health.

Next we come to the color yellow.  Let the yellow drift down and enter your aura and your body.  Let the cells in your body that need yellow absorb whatever color yellow they need, from lemon yellow to tawny yellow to sunshine yellow.  Feel your cells drink in the yellow energy.

Now let the golden energy settle in your third chakra at your solar plexus.

Coming to the heart chakra.  Visualize a sturdy rose with vibrant green leaves and stem. Let the green come into your body and go where it is needed.  Let the rose color come in like a fragrance and flow where it is needed.  Your heart is always growing in its ability to be compassionate and to understand others and to understand and be compassionate with yourself.

Now let a turquoise color come into your body from above.  It is the color of a tropical ocean.  Clear and clean and fresh. Let this color be absorbed, settling in your throat chakra and extending down your arms to your fingertips.

From above your seventh chakra comes a deep violet color.  Let this color slowly flow into your body.  Let the violet clean out any dark areas as it flows all the way through to the bottom of your feet and down into the earth.  Any impurities are released into the earth to be neutralized.

Let the violet color linger and calm you on a deep level.  Bathe in this very healing color, then let it settle into your sixth chakra in your forehead, heightening your intuition and knowingness.

And finally, bring in golden-white energy from your seventh chakra.  Let this color dance through your body and aura, lightening, sparkling, creating a moving field of light, as if you are a three- dimensional rainbow of light.

Coming back to your heart chakra.  Think of a time  when your heart was broken.  Feel how tender and sore that place can be.

Visualize your heart with a delicate shell around it, like the smallest bird egg.  See that shell being broken in two.

Now, from under that shell, see emerging, a new heart.

It is glowing with power.  It is a flame emerging from within the broken pieces of shell.

Attune to this new heart, made of brilliant light.

The remnants of the old heart fall away.

Place your hands in the prayer position above your heart.  Held within your palms is your heart.  Open your palms now and let your new heart of power and light emerge like a flame.

Your palms open and the flame of your heart expands until our arms are wide open and the flames of your heart have become your wings, huge wings that that you spread into your aura.

Feel the power of your heart of wings.

Now , at the base of your spine, feel the golden kundalini energy rising up each chakra-  your aura is illuminated, radiating light throughout your bodies and aura.

It is not possible for negative energy to enter right now.  You are radiating light that is naturally protective - nothing can touch this radiance that is not pure.

The kingdom of God is within  your heart.  The Goddess breathes with you.  You can accomplish miracles with your love and openness.

If there is someone would like to send healing to, visualize them being held gently in your arms, and send them the sweetest love.

And another, and another, continuing as long as you like.

Then hold the world in your arms and send healing to all life.

Take some time to complete, thanking the help we have received for this meditation.

Breathe and come back.  Thank you for your journey today.
God bless us everyone.- Namaste.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stress relief- Alive Stillness

Lately, it seems like there's so much to "do".  Details, running here and there, picking things up, then off to the next place.  Every day a new "to do" list.  Argh!  Help!

So today, we are going to slow down, pull in the reins on all this rushing chatter of mind and body, and become quiet enough to hear what's really going on.

Take a deep breath- close your eyes for a few seconds and start to turn inward-  let it all fall away...and fall away again.

Imagine you are in a forest, walking along alone. 

You feel the earth under your feet, the coolness of the air beneath the trees.  The sunlight comes down  now and then through the leaves, sprinkling your way with light.

Walking on, you begin to feel you are being led to a special place.

And then you find it, a tree that you  perhaps have known before.

It looks so inviting, you sit right down with your back against it.

Ah, the tree seems to welcome you- to rest, to become quieter, to breathe.  Breathe with the tree awhile.

Your limbs become heavier, your muscles relax. Your back against the tree grounds you.

Your heartbeat slows- thoughts seem of no consequence here.
You hear the little sounds of the forest- an occasional bird, a slight breeze, the crackle of a distant insect. You feel the warmth of the dappled light.

You are becoming very peaceful, very still.  You are merging with the tree. You have found the still point at your core, breathing with your tree.

Very still  now, very deep, you begin to feel the pulse of Mother Earth in the forest floor.  Your heartbeat aligns with Hers. 

Rest here in this alive stillness.

Take some time.


Now you feel so much better. The wind begins to stir a little, and so do you. The leaves are rustling up above where it is light.

You reach up, with your mind, and catch an idea from the glittering, moving consciousness.

Take this gift back with you, as you return to your life, remembering the still point you have reached, the feeling of Alive Stillness you became with your tree in the forest.

Standing up now, thank your tree, the forest, and Mother Earth for sharing their wisdom with you.

So, breathe, and move quietly back into the flow of your life.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holy Grail Meditation

As you meditate today, open your seventh chakra at the top of your head.  Let healing light come flooding in to every part of your body.

Open again to the unlimited light from above, and let it settle in your heart.

Begin to visualize a huge cup or chalice in front of you. Fill the cup with light from your heart chakra.

Fill it to the brim and let it spill over, filling the hearts and minds of all who were affected by the recent tragedy- mothers, fathers, friends, doctors, nurses, rescue workers.

Fill it again and let it spill over the whole earth, soothing all people, acting like a balm to quell our fear and calm our emotions.

Let the light bring us the compassion and strength we need to continue to believe in each other,sending our prayers and healing to all who need it, knowing it will be felt.-Namaste

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why did I start this?

One of the reasons I started is to make it possible for anyone to start their own meditation group.  It works like this:

Set a date at someone's house, in a quiet room with little distraction.

Begin with the first chakra meditation the first week.

Then choose any one of the other meditations.

At some point do the second chakra meditation, then finish up with the other selections.  There are enough meditations available for download at  for an 8-week class.  Or you could divide it up into two 4-week sessions.

After a break, you could continue by taking turns bringing in other material- experiment!

You could also order cds at or

Each meeting, start by breathing, becoming quiet, letting go of your day.  Then do the main meditation.  End with a healing circle if you wish and/or, for those who want to share, discuss what happened for you.

I would recommend writing down  your experience  when  you get home.  You may want to look back and keeping a journal is a great way to do this.

Alot of deepening can happen in a few weeks and meditating in a small  group  magnifies the energy.  You can also choose to do the series by yourself.

This kind of meditation is really like "mind yoga" - you become familiar with your own energy and then can work with it to enrich your life.

So, happy journeying - see you next blog with more techniques you can use right now- 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was asked recently if I have had any transcendent experiences.

I said, yes, I have.  They usually occur when I am open, and relaxed.  They occur when I am out in nature, or partially in the dream state.  Or when I am meditating with a group.

We have all had peak experiences.  I remember as a child, we were all out on a windy day, running around with the wildness of it.  It was sunny- we laid in the grass and looked at the sky-  the universe was one with us, it seemed.

I think that energy is always there- we just have to perceive it. To live in a continual state of bliss- that doesn't happen for most people. To be able to feel it sometimes is a miracle I am most grateful for.  And to be able to occasionally help others get to that place for themselves is a deep privilege indeed.

The artist with her brush, the photographer with his vision, a writer deep in words,surgeons working in a team, musicians hitting that perfect note,  or children running wild in the grass-  we all can create magic from the best part of ourselves.  Grace is always there.  If we open and come into alignment with it by using our given and developed talents, we can channel it into our world, creating beauty hand in hand with God and Goddess.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Releasing Doubt

A friend of mine once did me a great favor when she said to me," Don't ever doubt yourself."- meaning when I am doing this kind of work.  I am still working on her advice.

But of course, we all doubt ourselves, at times. Have you ever had a person close to you express doubt in your abilities just as you are about to start a new venture or try something new?

It is hard for people to see the authentic self revealed and to realize you do not always fit into the compartment they have you in.

So today, let's release those sticky doubts and get on with creating our lives.

Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and let light pour in, grounding you and taking you deeper.  Breathe.

If there is any energy blocking this light, pull it out like an old weed and toss it aside.

Breathe into your sixth chakra at the forehead and release old concepts that are telling you what you can't do.

Breathe again into your throat, releasing any restriction you may have felt that prevents you from speaking what you truly believe.

Breathe into your heart, releasing fear and opening to more light.

Breathe into your third chakra at the solar plexus, releasing any voices or opinions of others leftover from your childhood that you don't need.

Move to your second chakra. Release doubt about the decisions you made in the past - all that happened was on your path.

Focus on your first chakra.  Let go of any uncertainty here.  You are meant to be on earth now.  Open this chakra to the life energy of Mother Earth.  Push any residual doubt out your hands and feet.

And now let golden llight come flowing in to each chakra, replacing the space that held doubt with certainty and clear awareness.

Relax into the certainty that you do know what you are doing, that you can trust your own  judgement

Let peace flow through your whole energy system, running through all your bodies, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

At your core, God's soul and yours are one. Be certain you can create the life you want, that is for the highest good.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Breath is everything.  It is how the life force comes into the body.
I invite you to do a little spring cleaning using your breath.

Take a deep replenishing breath now.  Drink in the air and let it go on the exhale.  Take another breath and this time bring it all the way to your toes. Breathe again into the arches of your feet.  Breathe into your ankles, your lower legs, your knees, then thighs.  On each exhale, let go of any tension, or blocks in energy you are holding.

Breathe into your belly, and release.  Your solar plexus, your heart.  Breathe into the shoulders, lightening this heavy area,  Let the breath come bubbling and flowing into your body, activating the cells with movement, freedom and release.  Breath into your arms, wrists and hands.  Unclench your jaw, relax the area around the eyes and the forehead.

And finally, open the chakras at the bottom of your feet and pull earth energy up with the inhale through your whole body, bringing it up your legs, to the base of your spine, all the way up through the hip area, the waist, up between the shoulder blades, the neck and out the top of your head.  And again, quickly breathe light all the way up your spine until your energy spills out the top of your head in a shower of light.

As you see, your body and aura are made up of particles of light that flow along in lines of energy.  Some of these lines of energy also connect you to loved ones and others in your life.

Imagine you can see the cords and filaments that connect you.
Occasionally, these lines can become very dense, very constricting.

Take a look at the lines of light connecting you.  Pick one or two important people  in your life.  Can each of you move?  or are some of your cords so thickly wrapped around each other that you look like mummys?

Postulate that you will begin to loosen these bindings  a little. 

Can you breathe better now?  Loosen them a little more.  Can you see the people more clearly now that you have some distance?

Do you sense that they feel a sense of relief, too?

Continue to loosen these filaments so that they only connect, not bind.  Know that loosening these cords will not hurt those you love  or yourself.

Now take a deep breath.  Make the quality of light in your cords finer and of a higher light.  Perhaps change their color to something that feels healthier. 

Lighten their density and begin to make them more elastic, more like beautiful ribbons.  See them begin to undulate and move in the air.

Notice that your exchange of energy with these people can actually flow better and with  more joy if you give each other some space and flexibilty.

Let the wind begin to blow between yourself and the other people.  Widen the space between you until you have enough room to turn, to twirl, to do cartwheels.  Feel the freedom and joy as you move through space with the wind blowing all around you.

Extend the space further until it is like a cosmic dance floor.  You are connected through time and space to many people.  See the filaments connecting you, expanding like a web in a filagree of light.

Say hello to friends as you pass by.  Know that each of you has your own dance, your own pattern to create, sometimes coming together, sometimes moving apart, but always moving in the beauty of relatedness to each other, the Universe and God/Goddess.

Coming back now, breath the fresh Spring air into your beautiful body, your beautiful mind and be full of the Spirit that guides you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Expanded Heart Chakra

Lately, I have felt my heart kind of cramping up.  Often,  as we get older, we do start to close up and are not as open as we were when we were younger.

I started to exercise my heart in this way-

Begin to breathe from your heart- take a few deep breaths.  Then let your breathing settle into a nice rhythm, taking in oxygen through your heart and letting it go naturally- freshening the heart area til it flows easily-

As you do this, picture a light emanating from your heart expanding and contracting with your breathing.

As you continue to breathe, expand the light.

Let it encompass, from your heart, up to your throat and down to your solar plexus-

Then expand on the next breaths up to your forehead and down to your belly.

Let the light include all sides of your body, in a spherical or oval shape.

As you do this, any "slings and arrows" will fall out of your aura- the light will push them out.

Now expand on the inhale to the top of your head and down to the base of your spine.

Breath again and expand the light from your knees to above your head, then from below your feet to above our head.

Notice any colors or the texture of your aura now.

As you feel this expanded heart chakra, you may , if you are inclined, join your heart's light to the heart of any religious figure you feel an affinity for-

Rest here-

Does this Being have a message for you?

You may get a word, a feeling, or a whole treatise, you never know

Listen- and rest-

When you are complete, thank this Being for His/Her presence-

Now breathe your aura in slightly,  feeling your feet and hands, the top of your head.  Then let the light settle once again naturally into your heart, breathing easily, relaxed and ready to continue with your day.

In using the expanded heart energy, I find myself sending energy and love to those in my past.  Maybe they can feel it and it can help heal.  And of course to those in my present day life.

If I am outside, I send it to a bird, a tree, the wind- it is surprising how often you get some kind of a response. Blessings to you-