Thursday, August 7, 2014

Basic Releasing and Relaxation Exercise

Take a deep breath and begin to slow down.  Breath again and start to let go of your day and all it took to get here tonight.

Lying there, as we are on the floor for this meditation, release anything you don't need through your spine and into the earth.  Let depression,  negativity, anxiety drain away from you.

Start at the base of your spine.  Go into each point on your vertebrae that you need to as you move up. Release, from the base of your spine.  Release from your lower back.  Breathe and release from you middle back, now the area between your shoulder blades.
Release your shoulders.  Release from the back of your neck.

Now, wiggle your jaw, relaxing your face.  Release the tension in your forehead and around  your eyes.

Now put your attention on your muscles.  Relax your calves, feel them sink into the floor.  Relax your thighs.  Relax the long muscles that support the length of your spine.

Relax your arms, your hands.  Let your body feel heavy as it rests here.  Heavy arms, heavy legs. So heavy, you feel you are the opposite of heavy-  you are floating, suspended in relaxation.

Floating free, releasing any parts of your personality that are holding you back in your goals.  No need to identify, just the intention to release.  Release addictions, behaviours you don't need anymore.  Watch them leave your aura, floating away from you.

Rest there awhile.

And now, open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and let light come pouring in.  Choose whatever color you like.  Let it fill your whole body, all your cells, starting at your toes, filling like a glass of milk.  It fills your legs, your lower body,  middle body, upper body, flowing down your arms and hands, gently filling all the way to the top of your head, the light spilling over now into your aura, healing any rips or tears.  The light filling you with health, energy and a feeling of being centered in your own body, your own self, with a sense of a new beginning for the rest of your week.

Namaste- Lia