Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Car Wash

Recently, I was exposed to a few people who had a particular belief system.  While belief systems exist and you can usually take them or leave them, sometimes when a particular group is together, it can be unpleasant.

If you are in a room and you start to feel sick to your stomach, consider there is a reason for this.  If you can, get out of there.  If you can't, get out as soon as possible and meanwhile become transparent.

When you get home, you might discover some of the energy of the group has sort of  stuck to you.  In this case, it's time to go to the car wash.

Ground, center and breath. 

Imagine powerful fire hoses washing you off on all sides.  Start with the front, sides, and then really get the back of your aura.  Keep turning around as many times as you need to.  The stream of water will knock that sticky gunk off and send it flying.

If you want, direct the water at the stuff that flies off , kind of like a skeet shooter and blast it apart into nothing, watching it fall to the ground to be neutralized.

The force of the water won't hurt you, just rid you of the yucky energy.

Emerge from the other side sparkling clean and radiant, connected once again to your true self.

The only belief system you need is your own, created by your own experience.  You are directly connected to Source and that is where  you will find your own information.  Be wary of cult-like behaviour-  it is sticky- so be sure to separate from it after exposure.  Blessings to you- Lia