Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For Becky

I lost a best friend a few weeks ago.

Luckily, she had called me, then I called her, then she called me.  We said " I love you" and " I love you, too." The last time she called, I did not call her back - I was busy with a wedding.

The doctors told her she had three to four years left, which we talked about.  We both thought that was so, but then everything sped up.

We had grown apart over the years, but as children we were very close.  That spirit is the one I miss.  Playful, funny, goofy and tortured at times by her sensitivity- I understood that-

NOW of course I wish I could have looked beyond the differences in our later lives and connected sooner.

Bless this soul that passed out of this world. I hope the angels are welcoming her.  She had great friends and fun at times in her life.  We all have the pictures to prove it!  These are a comfort.

So, if you are thinking about looking up a good friend from your past to chat with, just do it.  You never know how long you have to talk in the here and now.

And have fun doing it- Becky would have wanted you to.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Depression - we don't want to be there!

If you are battling serious depression, you probably need to see a therapist,and perhaps a nutritionist, and maybe get on meds.

However, we all go into a mild depression from time to time and here are some ways that I have found to help me work my way out of it.

Get to a place that has natural light.  Spend lots of time outside.

Exercise, walk the dog, go to the gym, even if you don't feel like it.

Throw stuff away- de-clutter a bit.

Get into another reality- a good book, a movie, etc.

Talk to people when you are out doing errands.

Write down your plan for the day, or week, or year,- figure out what your goals are.

Plan a trip.

Take on a home improvement project.

Join a book group or take a class.

Volunteer to help someone else.

Do some kind of artwork.

Cry, laugh, breathe.

Treat yourself to a favorite food or shop for something for yourself.

Meditate, particularly using the clean-out techniques at the beginning of each meditation.  Then open to new energy to guide you forward.

Keep doing all of the above.

Good luck and I am sure you have additional techniques of your own-  we don't want to be there!  So, til next time- Lia

Friday, July 17, 2015


Sometimes when you read a book, it resonates so much,  it is as if you already know the information.

In some of these blogs, an energy is created where the words can transform you, even if it is just for a minute or so.

A work of art, being open and in nature,can also do this.

What is revealed is a truth you feel inside.

A truth about being human, or about what makes up the world, the  patterns or fabric of organization or randomness that exist.( I know, patterns of randomness is a contradiction but I wanted to say it!)

Hard to explain but delicious and profound when you feel truth at this level.

Sometimes when you are speaking with another person, the words just spill out of you as if you are transmitting them from another source.  Or the person is transmitting for you.

You step back and go Wow! where did that come from?

I think it comes from your highest self that is connecting to a power that is greater than your everyday self.

Try to be aware and recognize these moments of guidance.

These moments can also be in the form of very "conscious" dreams, or thoughts that come to you in the morning or right before you fall asleep.

We are so lucky to have these intuitions. They can affect our lives in a positive way if we just listen and are grateful.

Namaste -  Lia

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Charging Your Aura

You know, we are always charging up our phones, I think we need to charge up our auras, too.

Ground, breathe and center yourself.

Notice any jumpiness or uncomfortable feelings.  These could be
things hanging around in your aura ( the area extending out from your body for 2-3 feet ).

Spin off all this stuff, be it concepts, others' thoughts, your own old ideas, or potential imbalances that could cause health problems in the future.

Let your aura become like a small tornado and spin off anything you don't need.

Do this from your feet, spinning all the way up your torso to the top of your head.  Spin!

You don't have to know what is flying off, just intend for anything unhealthy or worn out to fly off.

Take some time.

When you feel  cleaner and lighter, slow the spinning down, re-ground, and breathe.

Breathe in earth energy, bringing it up through your feet and legs, and continuing up your spine to the top of your head.

Then, on the exhale, bring energy from above in through your crown and let it flow to your feet.

So, now you are circulating your energy- earth energy up the back, cosmic energy down the front, all mingling in a circuit of energy. Inhale, up the back, exhale, down the front, doesn't it feel good to be moving your own energy in this way?

Take some time to enjoy this movement, this current or flow that you are now aligned with.


Next, begin to fill in your aura with the most exquisite color from above, the color that makes you feel the best for this time in your life, or just for this day.

Let it fill in completely, every nook and cranny, smoothing and soothing your aura.Take some time.


When you are full, give your aura a charge of energy and watch it glow!

You are ready to face your day with health, openness and vitality!

Namaste- Lia