Monday, April 28, 2014


I was thinking the other day how critical we are about our bodies.  From adolescence on, we think we are too fat, too thin, not shaped right, etc.

Jeez, we need to give that thinking a break and start loving our bodies.  We are so lucky to be in them and experiencing sight, smell, hearing, joy of movement, breathing, sex- all of it.

So try this process-

In the middle of the night, or before sleep, begin with your toes and say- I love my toes, I love my heels, I love my feet, I love my ankles, etc.  All the way up, calves, shins, knees, thighs, hips- internal organs ( name them).

I often fall asleep during this but sometimes I make it all the way to my head. You can do this during the day if you are taking a break,too.

Louise Hay is probably the originator of loving your body like this- take a look at her books.

Your body will love the appreciation.  I go further and say, I love my bones, I love my muscles, I love my tendons, I love my blood, my skin- alll working so well together.

Women, in particular, are too hard on themselves.  Try loving your body as it is now.

And of course, exercise, experiment with your diet, go outside in the fresh air.

I take bits and pieces from exercise programs and fit in the ones I like- a little stretching, some light weight-lifting, other calisthenics- whatever feels good.  I memorize a new one, then keep adding until I have my own routine.  Always choose what is right for you and your body.  I never do anything that hurts or strains too much- too late for that.  Be patient and you will start to enjoy it, if you don't put too much pressure on yourself.  I modify exercises to fit my skill level.  And course, some form of aerobic exercise for your heart- walking is a good way to start and to fill in on those days you don't want an intense workout.

Try visualizing the weight on your scale to be the weight you want- a few pounds less or more.  Don't weigh yourself for awhile, then see what happens-  worked for me.

After you love every part of your body, breathe some earth energy up through the soles of your feet- if you are standing on the earth, this works even better.  Then bring some energy from above through your crown.  So, energy up your spine, then down the front of your body, circulating both energies.

To complete, take a look at your aura and fill it with llight, repairing any holes or tears, until it is healthy, elastic and shining- Let that Spirit shine through this wonderful, great bod that is yours.
Namaste- Lia

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flying to the Future

After I posted the last blog, I suddenly began blessing my past.  I thanked my parents, my grandparents, my brothers, everything and everyone I could think of. 

All this has shaped me and made me who I am. I now embrace the past for the gifts it has given me. 

I sat with this for awhile and then I realized how I had held on to the past for so long.  I decided to release it and quit wallowing!  I went into each chakra - "I release the past and I bless it."

I could see it go flying away, like a bird released from captivity Actually, there were lots of birds. 

"I release the past with love." "I release the past with every fiber of my being."

All the birds went flying away with such joy.

Then I brought new earth energy up through the soles of my feet and legs, by hopping and drawing the energy all the way up my body, chanting as I did it.

I opened my seventh chakra and brought new energy from above down through my body, chanting again, moving again.

Breathing all the while.

Ho! It is done. I am me.

Bente  Hansen describes the grid that exists around and through our body, and how to repair it. 

My guides told me I had to rip my grid, in a way, to release the structures of the past.

So now I had to repair that grid.  I went outside and repaired the grid, filled my aura with sunshine, healing and expanding it.

I went through this healing process over quite a few days. During this time, my mom came to me in a dream and held my hands. I meant to comfort her, but instead she comforted me.

So real, so sweet- she forgives me.  Thank you, Mom.

Now, I will fly, too.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Regrets and Forgiveness

I want to tell you about a process I discovered quite a few years ago.  I was sitting around, thinking about life and decided to meditate for a few minutes.

What came up were regrets that I had, stuff we all have, about how I acted toward people in situations, the kind of memory that makes you cringe- how could I have said that, done that, etc.

I decide to apologize to everyone. I started with the first one, said "I'm sorry," and really meant it. Then others started to pop up, one nested inside the other. I got it-

I went through every incidence that came up, said I was sorry and moved on. Brought the people from long ago up in my  mind, apologized and then ushered them out of my mind.

It took awhile.  When I was finished I felt freer. It was another clearing of my energy body-  all those regrets not stuck in there anymore.

So recently, I was dismayed when regret,sorrow and pain started surfacing again.

I realized I couldn't just shove these under the rug, either.

Now, I really get how decisions I made changed my life and others' lives.  This can make one feel really uncomfortable.

Just another sign of getting older, understanding this.

I was so unconscious! and yet, if you were conscious about the myriad effects you might cause, you wouldn't take any step to live your life!

Maybe life is designed this way. I'm just lucky other people have been forgiving, too. 

So, with the deeper regret, I did another process, which I will share with you now.

Breathe, center, and ground. Let everything drop away and become very still.

Imagine a bridge that exists, kind of on another plane.

Place your essence on one end of the bridge.  Ask for the essence of the other person to appear on the other end of the bridge.

Start to walk towards each other.  When you get to the middle, greet them, spend time with them, and express what you need to, either with words or energetically.

You may get a response and you will have communicated, at least.
Then, say goodbye and let them go, watching them walk away off the bridge.

You can do this with people who are not here anymore, people who are here but are at a distance, or people in your everyday life.

It is healing, I think and an acknowledgment that you may need to experience, as I did.  It can be very emotional.

Now, my guidance says, if you can just forgive yourself, you will be really free.  We'll see how that goes.

Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A story where healing techniques came in handy

I had a strange experience the other day.  I was crossing the parking lot with a cartfull of groceries.  Two cars were in my eventual pathway to my car.  I stopped- one turned.  The other sat waiting.  I motioned for him to go but he sat there for a long time. So I started, pushing my cart in a bit of a hurry to get out of his way.

Whoa- the cart hit a pothole, slammed  back hard into my shins- pain-  I was trying to control the cart, but my body had the wisdom to let go.

I threw my hands in the air and off the handles, the cart did a header and all my groceries fell to the ground.

I started picking them up- it was weird nothing was broken. Meanwhile this guy sat in his car and watched me pick everything up. Then when I was done, he  leaned out and said, " Can you handle this?"  I said, yeah, sure.

I went home, thinking wow- to offer no help!

Then I realized I was lucky- could have been much worse.

I felt shocked, rattled, so I lay down and started to heal my body.

I ran earth energy up my legs and whole body. Brought healing energy from above down into my body, circulating everything.

Strengthened my core and soothing, filling up my aura, which was somewhat shattered at that point.

I was teaching meditation that night, so I thought, I don't want to get into the  drama of this, I must forgive all in the situation now or I won't be able to meditate.   So I did.  Just blew it off.  We had a great night.

Now my legs are green and purple, with various other bruises appearing on my body.

I think healing my body and mind with these techniques really helped.  I also said to myself, as I was using the healing modalities-"No damage. No damage to my body. No damage to me."

I am sharing this story because it may resonate with you or you may need these techniques.  It also feels like there were lessons involved.  I will figure out more as time passes, I guess.

I felt like I got whacked.  Already, writing this, I get:

Be conscious of where you are.  Don't always defer to people.

Forgive- it will free you.  Baggage- let it go, or it could harm you.

So, I am aware of how lucky I am to have a wonderfully functioning body and mind, and friends to meditate with!

Namaste- Lia