Monday, December 22, 2014

Take a break

There is alot of anxiety and fear around lately. Try this one to help yourself feel better.

Imagine yourself tip to toe as a huge sponge.   You know how people say we are like sponges- especially those of us who are sensitive.  We do pick up on other people's energy and on the general mood of the world.

So, as a sponge, wring yourself out- lengthwise, sideways, all ways.
Do it again, and then again.  Do this until you feel empty of thought forms.  You might even cry or laugh it is such a relief.  Empty, empty, empty, get it all out of there.


Rest awhile.  Take a few deep breaths.  Start to feel your own body again, sitting there.  Empty,  Light,  Breathing.

Gently spin your chakras.


Feeling quiet, peaceful now, bring in a color of light from above, one you like. It can be anything.  Let the color come to you- don't try to resist or change what comes to you.

This color is the one you feel most comfortable in, the color that is most you.

Let the color come in, filling every cell with  healing.  Feel your body soak it up, like a needed nutrient.

Ah, that feels good, to be in your own healing color, in your own energy.


The color begins to glow brighter, then brighter, burning off any residue you don't need or want.

Now let your color merge with white light,  becoming radiant, powerful, confident.  Shining out in all directions from your aura.

May you be protected through the rest of your day and may your presence be a blessing to those you come in contact with. 

 Namaste, Lia

P.S. Go to "Winter Meditation" for a deeper experience honoring this holiday season-that would be December 17, 2013 blog

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift yourself for the holidays

I almost forgot, if you want to get away from holiday stress, go to and download my newest meditations.  I think there are six or eight to choose from including The River, The Castle, and Mountain Lake ( one of my favorites).

For those of you using the blog, this is your chance to hear my voice, and experience  what we do in meditation class for a guided journey.

There is also a free meditation for college and/or high school students.

May your holidays be filled with love and magic- Lia

Low Blood Sugar

The other day I was walking.  I felt a little dizzy, but kept on.  I was on a path with no one, without my phone, when my knees buckled, and all of a sudden, I didn't know where I was or who I was.  I was passing out.

I had the feeling that if I passed out, I wouldn't wake up.  I also thought, suddenly, practically,  " No one is going to find you out here for a long while." 

 So I sucked it up, started breathing slowly and took baby steps all the way home.

I made it, then started shaking violently.  My husband finally said, "Why don't you drink one of those sports drinks?"

I did(2) and avoided going to the hospital.  The next morning I went to the doctor.  Diagnosis:  low blood sugar.

Now I have to work with this and find a balance, which I am doing.

What did this teach me?  To eat regularly, protein and whole grains, etc.  But mainly  "Take your phone" and take something sugary to eat along for emergencies. And my brother told me,  If you feel as if you are going to pass out, get down on the ground- prevents worse injury.  Thought I would pass that one along to you.

It's the first time I experienced not knowing who or where I was.  I feel like I have been conscious since before I was born.

Ironic that we all strive to be conscious when we already are.

We just have to realize it and wake up. I really got how good this life is-  had a moment looking around when it was very clear.

Then, in the middle of the night, I also received the insight,  THIS IS Heaven on Earth, right here, right now. 

We create struggles to learn, but  sometimes we really don't have to.

Since this experience I also have entertained the thought that this life is all there might be.  So hold on and live now.

How, then to explain my communication with guides and messages from people no longer here?

I do believe there is a large soup of cosmic consciousness made up of people living now and the consciousness of people who are no longer here, and that there probably are other dimension or planes of existence that don't follow our linear time.

I think we can tap into this consciousness and perhaps tap into our own DNA, memories from other times or dimensions.And, of course, we tap into our own subconscious, too.

Hey, more things on heaven and earth than we can know. But we will be in another form someday, very different from this one.

My mother came to me during this time and said "Your health crisis is over, honey." Actually she called me a nickname I hadn't remembered in years.  The tone of voice was just right, too.
Thanks, Mom.

And thank you, Universe, for this sort of like a near-death experience.  Hey, I only need one, though!

So, in sharing this, I'm thinking there might be some information you need here.  I have spoken to a few other women and men who feel they have had some similiar symptoms when jogging, etc.

So, here's to managing our health and hanging around for awhile!

Monday, December 1, 2014


When you are in a dispute with someone, you naturally think you are right.

It is easy to lose the ability to see the other's point of view.

I find, however, that righteous indignation and holding tightly to one's own view doesn't help the situation.  It just creates blockage, hard feelings, and makes me a victim. 

 It may help to think of disagreements as a flow back and forth, with facts and feelings changing all the time within the scenario.

Think fluid, movement, complex corners and motivations that cannot truly be known.

So, take a deep breath, ground and picture yourself flowing out of the situation.

It will change.  This is only a short time in your life- a week, a day, an hour, an instant-  you will be moving out of this.

All situations exist to teach us something, even if we don't really want to learn the lessons that might be there.

So, Bless the situation, put a gentle light between all the participants, and breathe into the calm that is always there.

   Namaste,  Lia

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Find a place you will not be disturbed for while. Make yourself comfortable.

Ground and center yourself. Let fear and tension go with the outbreath.  Bring in fresh energy on the inbreath.  Continue this for awhile.

Visualize a large flower, rather like a sunflower.  See it go through its life cycle once in your mind. Growing, blooming, then decaying.

Now see the flower at full bloom. Slowly the outside layer of petals begins to shrivel, then falls off.  Then the next layer does the same, then the next, layer upon layer.  Watch the spent blooms release.

To quote a children's book I once read,  "Everything changes, nothing stays the same."  And this is the order, the way things are.  Sometimes it is a relief, a clearing, to let go.

Keep breathing, releasing the many things, people and attitudes you have had to let go of in your life, on your path of growth.


Breathe.  Finally there is nothing left on the old stalk but the seeds.

Cup your hands. Shake a few seeds into your palms.

Place these seeds in your aura for awhile, perhaps in your heart chakra.  Let them rest, become more potent. Think about them.

When it is time ( you will know ) reach for them and plant them, these seeds of hope.

Plant hopes for the world, hopes for your own life, hope for the future.  Make the soil ( the field of energy ) rich with love and joy and wonder each time you plant a seed.

May your seeds, sprout, grow and flower, magically bringing healing where it is most needed in this world.  Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Circulating Energy

There are many traditions that recommend different ways to circulate your energy.  All are valid and good for you.  You can find plenty of books with tips or specific ways to approach this.

The other day, after working out, I went to a room at the gym where there were just two people doing their stretching, etc.  I lifted a few light weights, did some stretching myself and then found a yoga cube thing and placed it against the wall.  I sat upon it with my crossed legs falling down to the floor and got comfortable.  Then I started goofing around, circulating my energy. It was a good time to do this, since the exercise had already loosened me up. So here it is, for you to follow along with. You may close your eyes or, if you prefer, keep them slightly open. 

Starting with your feet, bring energy up your legs.  Really open up this channel.  When you reach the base of your spine, flush the energy down an imaginary cord that goes from the base of your spine into the earth.

Just keep doing this for awhile. Now, focus on the base of your spine and run energy up your spine to the top of your head and down the front of your body until it again reaches the base of your spine. Keep this channel going for awhile. I use my breath as a pump when doing this- when bringing energy up, inhale, when sending energy down, exhale.

You may find your sinuses draining, your mind clearing or other physical experiences.  Thoughts may come and go, don't resist.  Sometimes the answer to a problem may come.  No effort, on any of this.  It's your energy, just fool around with it. 

You can do this for two minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, whatever you feel like.

Now open up the area above your head so more energy can come in.  Let it flow down your body all the way to below  your feet.  Then take the energy from below your feet and raise it up to above your head.  In other words. circulate your whole aura now. Ironically, you probably are feeling energized even though you are sitting there quietly.

Visualize all the colors of the rainbow circulating in your aura.  It is as if you are a big prism of light, flowing, sparkling with energy.  By now you should be feeling pretty good.  Add some feelings of love or gratitude to the mix.

When you are through, just slow the circulating down to a low hum. Stand up, centering yourself and grounding yourself through your feet into the earth again.

Do this a few times a week, maybe tag it on to the end of a workout, and see what happens. Namaste- Lia

Friday, October 17, 2014

Having trouble staying asleep? Try this - I call it the spigot brain drain!

If you wake up and cannot fall back asleep, this may help.

First, realizing you are " tossing and turning," get up, walk around and shake out your body a little.

Then return to bed and stretch.  Lie in the position you would after completing a yoga session.  Flat on your back, legs somewhat apart, feet relaxed.  Your arms also should be a little out from your body and relaxed, with hands turned up or down, whichever you prefer.

 Notice the parts of your body that touch the surface you are lying on.  Start with your heels and imagine that there is a spigot you can use to empty the last of your tension.  Let it drain into the surface beneath you and then away from you into the earth.

 Do the same with your calves, the area behind your knees.  Now your thighs, your gluteous maximus.Breathe. 

 Empty your lower back, your ribcage.  Empty and relax your heart chakra and area between your shoulder blades.  Drain the tension in your shoulders, your upper arms,  the area around your elbows, and lower arms.

Empty the tension in your neck and relax your jaw completely.  Relax the area around your eyes and your cheeks.Breathe.

Now going back to your wrists, empty each finger of tension if they are touching the surface.  If they are pointing upwards, imagine you have a beautiful soft crystal in each hand, making the middle of your hands heavy.

Relax your brain, draining out the runaround thoughts.  Let your head sink into your pillow.

Now you are very relaxed in your body.  Start to divert your brain by doing some kind of counting.  Your breaths should be even, as in breathing in two counts, breathing out two counts.  Then you can go up in numbers, but without lengthening the breaths in reality, just keep it comfortable.  So, breath in 3, breath out 3,  breathe in 4, breathe out 4.  Go up to whatever number you want and then start over.  You could go up to 8, 10, 100, whatever.

At this point your mind should start to let go and dream, while you lose count.

Hope this helps- Namaste,  Lia

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gifts from the Universe

When the universe gives you a gift, accept it.

If you are meditating, working on yourself, and using visualization for good outcomes, sometimes the universe gives you exactly what you asked for, or better yet, what you need.

First, notice that you have received it.

Too often we are forging ahead with this and that agenda, and we don't even notice when something turns out perfectly for us.

Stop, and acknowlege what happened.  Whether it is visualizing a parking place or getting that important interview, this is true magic.

Open up! Celebrate! Thank all the powers that be.  And remember what an astounding place the world can be.

When your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies are  in alignment, easily, just happening because you practice and have faith, miracles can happen.

Blessed be and may many blessings come your way in your lifetime.

Open your mind to the possibility that you can be "in the zone."

The universe, I think, likes this as much as you do.  So have fun with it.

Namaste,  Lia

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The River of Time

It is summer.  You are walking in a forest.  The trees are very tall- the light filters through in long beams across your path.

The forest floor is thickly carpeted, your steps making barely a sound as you walk, breathing in the pungent smells of the forest.

You see a glimmer of water up ahead and know you are almost at the river.  When you reach it, you wade into the water.

It is a shock-so cold- but it feels good.  You decide to make for a large flat rock in the center of the river. 

Lie down on the rock- it feels wonderful- so grounding.

Start to relax on the warm rock.  The sun enters all your chakras, easily clearing them of anything you don't need.

Your muscles become looser and more relaxed as you melt into the rock.  You are feeling very drowsy.

Watching the water now, you begin to see events and people from your past go drifting by.  You may be tempted to catch them or hold them in your mind, but instead you let them pass, just noticing them, many years, many people. Breathe and let them go.


Now you see the future coming by.  Once again, you watch the possiblities going by,  not attached, letting them go on into that future, not holding onto them right now.


You are warm and content on your rock in the river, listening to the sound of the water.  Gurgling, rushing, meadering at it moves around various parts of  your rock.  The sun glitters on the moving water-

and now you are glittering on the surface of the water, moving with ease, no tension, moving with the flow, no regrets, travelling with joy, being carried onward and onward to a place you know and to a place you don't know.  You are safe, just journeying, journeying, trusting in the journey of your life.

Earth, air, fire, water, dissolving into Spirit- dissolving back to earth once again.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Serious sludge

If you feel you have serious sludge holding you back from accomplishing what you want to in your life, then serious measures can be taken.

When your aura is barely moving and you can't think straight, it's time.

I must stress that this is creative visualization at its most fanciful perhaps, but it can work.

We will use an imaginary object.  You can go on a search for your ethereal object by taking a journey in your mind to a favorite place or power spot.  By using your intention, you will find it.

It could be a magic wand, a wizard's staff, or like mine, a sword.

I often forget about it,but when I really need it, I remember I have a sword and I know how to  use  it.

When you find yourself with sludge, you can cleanse it.

I do this standing, moving my arms as if I am holding the sword.
You can do it this way, or do it in your meditative state.

I start cutting away all the cords around my body.  Cords from the past,  the long ago past and the recent past.

Don't worry, if you really need them, they will come back, but it is such a relief to be free of them, even for one day.

Move all around your aura,  front, sides and back. Watch them drop away.

Then ( this is just my way) I place the sword in each chakra and watch the sludge drain out.  Sixth chakra- forehead, fifth chakra-throat, fourth- heart, third- solar plexus, second- belly and first- base of spine.  I then brush off any leftover residue down my arms and legs and whisk away energy that is blocking my eyesight.

Taking my sword, I open up the energy a few feet above my head, reclaiming the pathway to my Source.

Let the light come pouring in, soothing you, clarifying you, filling every cell with healing, wholeness and a sense of your true self.
Take some time with this.


Ahhhhh, that feels good.  Remember, the light is always there. We just have to put ourselves in a state to receive it once again.

Your vision will be clearer. You will be centered and grounded, ready to move forward with your life again.

So, even though this exercise may sound a little out there, I find it very effective at certain times.

Namaste- Lia

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Basic Releasing and Relaxation Exercise

Take a deep breath and begin to slow down.  Breath again and start to let go of your day and all it took to get here tonight.

Lying there, as we are on the floor for this meditation, release anything you don't need through your spine and into the earth.  Let depression,  negativity, anxiety drain away from you.

Start at the base of your spine.  Go into each point on your vertebrae that you need to as you move up. Release, from the base of your spine.  Release from your lower back.  Breathe and release from you middle back, now the area between your shoulder blades.
Release your shoulders.  Release from the back of your neck.

Now, wiggle your jaw, relaxing your face.  Release the tension in your forehead and around  your eyes.

Now put your attention on your muscles.  Relax your calves, feel them sink into the floor.  Relax your thighs.  Relax the long muscles that support the length of your spine.

Relax your arms, your hands.  Let your body feel heavy as it rests here.  Heavy arms, heavy legs. So heavy, you feel you are the opposite of heavy-  you are floating, suspended in relaxation.

Floating free, releasing any parts of your personality that are holding you back in your goals.  No need to identify, just the intention to release.  Release addictions, behaviours you don't need anymore.  Watch them leave your aura, floating away from you.

Rest there awhile.

And now, open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and let light come pouring in.  Choose whatever color you like.  Let it fill your whole body, all your cells, starting at your toes, filling like a glass of milk.  It fills your legs, your lower body,  middle body, upper body, flowing down your arms and hands, gently filling all the way to the top of your head, the light spilling over now into your aura, healing any rips or tears.  The light filling you with health, energy and a feeling of being centered in your own body, your own self, with a sense of a new beginning for the rest of your week.

Namaste- Lia

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Candle Meditation

I always wanted to write a candle meditation, so here it is- we did this last night-

Begin to breathe, letting all the racing, all the running, everything that happened in your day, drop away.

Breath becoming slower, quieter.
Become aware of one small candle flame burning.  All is quiet, all is dark, just the flame burning softly- you can hear it-

The flame is golden, happy, contented to be a light in the darkness.

The darkness is not hostile, it just is.  The flame is not afraid.  It is safe, and sure of its burning, casting a perfect circle of light around itself.

It shimmers and dances, lifted a little by the breeze-

As you become aware that you are the flame, you also become aware that there are other flames, spreading out in all directions- a matrix of flames, above, below, around, through all.

Now there is another light in the distance- it seems to be coming closer, or you are coming closer to it.

The light is huge, the circle it casts is immense--and now it envelopes you- over you , under you, surrounding you-

You are inside the light, the Light of Ages, the Light of All That Is.

And in the light you feel loved, very loved.  You are absorbed into the golden light.  And you are safe, very safe-  loved and safe in this encompassing love and light.

Be there--expand into the Light-  Let Go-open your heart to the light.


And now you feel yourself coming back a bit.  You feel you are radiating light from a point inside the larger light. Your rays of light expand in all directions-


And now the immense light releases you-

And you are completely healed.

Your life is healed.

Your body is healed.

Your heart is healed- one with All- God and Goddess.

Coming back further now, into the candle flame burning in this room.

All is calm, all is bright, on this night and all through the ages you  have lived.

You are Spirit, filled with Light.

I honor your Spirit on this night-  Namaste.


Today, I really know what the phrase "suffering the loss of" means.  We had to put our beloved pet down to end his suffering.  Now we are suffering.

We have lost people, but losing a pet is one of the hardest things, somehow.  I see him, or rather don't see him, in every corner of the house and yard.  He's not there to greet us in the morning or when we come home.

I wish I could have a re-do, but I am negotiating with myself to accept he is gone and that we did the right thing.  It is our responsibility as pet owners to help them at the end, I think.  But it is not easy and I don't wish it on anyone.

We were so lucky to experience this love with our pet together as a family for so many years.

Maybe somehow this will make me a better person.

I will try, and I bless him for this chance to turn sorrow into Beauty-

May he be romping with some really fun and  loving Pet Angels-

Blessings to all- Lia

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

After Bliss

One evening after meditation class, I was in a bit of an altered state.  We had gone deep for about an hour.  I sat with it awhile, writing about it.

Then I got up to make dinner.  Later, I thought, "What did you do that for?"

My new mantra, "Dinner can wait when you're in an altered state."

Humans are weird.  When gifted with a feeling like that, don't get up and move on- try and stay with it, feel it, BE it, for awhile, anyway.

This is also what I did after merging with the Unified Field- after about 5 minutes or less I got up and went into the house.-WHAT!?

I left it- such a profound sense of being  part of everything- Oh, my Goddess, may I be given another chance to experience this again- thank you.

 If you are meditating regularly, working on your issues to move toward healing, reading decent books, and taking care of your body, experiences like this can happen.

If you have ever felt " in the zone" doing something you love, perhaps you felt that your highest self was present and in alignment with something larger or other than your everyday self...

You may even feel that something is guiding your life, or that you can open to that guidance more.

It is in our nature, I guess, to move on, but I  plan to practice staying a little longer next time.

I am so grateful for this time and the processes I have been shown to give to other people.  Thank you, thank you, thank you-

Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Unified Field

I hesitated to share this, because it was so personal- but of course, others have had similiar experiences, or maybe everyone has, if they think about it, especially in childhood. Also, it is not easy to convey in words.

We were outside.

It was a quiet day, a Sunday, I think.

You know how some days are like that.   There is a pause in the busyness of the world.  A quiet that is deeper.

My body was quiet, too.  Maybe more quiet than it has ever been, sitting there.

We were sitting on the deck, not speaking.

The wind was coming up through the trees- purple, delicate silver-green, all lit with the sun.  The earth was vibrant with Spring.

The moving trees began speaking to me, in waves, like the ocean.

Time dissipated, changed into timelessness.

My body- mind gracefully fell away, opened up.

My molecules danced apart, expanding, entering all around me.

I became part of the unified field.

Bliss, but beyond bliss.

Thank You.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ready for the summer

Did two of my own blogposts today- "Clearing Sluggish Energy" 2-18-14 and "Clearing  Your House" 11-12-13.

They worked!  Ready for the summer ( except for the construction).
Went swimming and got into two books.

"Things a Little Bird Told Me"  by Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter is inspiring- a great read-  he is hilarious.

"My Wish List"  by Gregoire Delacourt translated from the French, is a thought-provoking, poignant short book. Both great summer reading.

Another thing on my agenda is getting rid of things in the house we don't need. The last time I went through this process I caught myself  simply moving things from one spot to another.

Whoa!  Stop! Throw that stuff out or give it away- that's the only way to create more space in your life (physically and mentally).

I'll let you know how it goes this time.

More meditations coming soon. - Lia

P.S. Just finished "The Memory of Love"  by Linda Olsson- what a beautiful book - challenging in a good way-I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Car Wash

Recently, I was exposed to a few people who had a particular belief system.  While belief systems exist and you can usually take them or leave them, sometimes when a particular group is together, it can be unpleasant.

If you are in a room and you start to feel sick to your stomach, consider there is a reason for this.  If you can, get out of there.  If you can't, get out as soon as possible and meanwhile become transparent.

When you get home, you might discover some of the energy of the group has sort of  stuck to you.  In this case, it's time to go to the car wash.

Ground, center and breath. 

Imagine powerful fire hoses washing you off on all sides.  Start with the front, sides, and then really get the back of your aura.  Keep turning around as many times as you need to.  The stream of water will knock that sticky gunk off and send it flying.

If you want, direct the water at the stuff that flies off , kind of like a skeet shooter and blast it apart into nothing, watching it fall to the ground to be neutralized.

The force of the water won't hurt you, just rid you of the yucky energy.

Emerge from the other side sparkling clean and radiant, connected once again to your true self.

The only belief system you need is your own, created by your own experience.  You are directly connected to Source and that is where  you will find your own information.  Be wary of cult-like behaviour-  it is sticky- so be sure to separate from it after exposure.  Blessings to you- Lia

Monday, April 28, 2014


I was thinking the other day how critical we are about our bodies.  From adolescence on, we think we are too fat, too thin, not shaped right, etc.

Jeez, we need to give that thinking a break and start loving our bodies.  We are so lucky to be in them and experiencing sight, smell, hearing, joy of movement, breathing, sex- all of it.

So try this process-

In the middle of the night, or before sleep, begin with your toes and say- I love my toes, I love my heels, I love my feet, I love my ankles, etc.  All the way up, calves, shins, knees, thighs, hips- internal organs ( name them).

I often fall asleep during this but sometimes I make it all the way to my head. You can do this during the day if you are taking a break,too.

Louise Hay is probably the originator of loving your body like this- take a look at her books.

Your body will love the appreciation.  I go further and say, I love my bones, I love my muscles, I love my tendons, I love my blood, my skin- alll working so well together.

Women, in particular, are too hard on themselves.  Try loving your body as it is now.

And of course, exercise, experiment with your diet, go outside in the fresh air.

I take bits and pieces from exercise programs and fit in the ones I like- a little stretching, some light weight-lifting, other calisthenics- whatever feels good.  I memorize a new one, then keep adding until I have my own routine.  Always choose what is right for you and your body.  I never do anything that hurts or strains too much- too late for that.  Be patient and you will start to enjoy it, if you don't put too much pressure on yourself.  I modify exercises to fit my skill level.  And course, some form of aerobic exercise for your heart- walking is a good way to start and to fill in on those days you don't want an intense workout.

Try visualizing the weight on your scale to be the weight you want- a few pounds less or more.  Don't weigh yourself for awhile, then see what happens-  worked for me.

After you love every part of your body, breathe some earth energy up through the soles of your feet- if you are standing on the earth, this works even better.  Then bring some energy from above through your crown.  So, energy up your spine, then down the front of your body, circulating both energies.

To complete, take a look at your aura and fill it with llight, repairing any holes or tears, until it is healthy, elastic and shining- Let that Spirit shine through this wonderful, great bod that is yours.
Namaste- Lia

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Flying to the Future

After I posted the last blog, I suddenly began blessing my past.  I thanked my parents, my grandparents, my brothers, everything and everyone I could think of. 

All this has shaped me and made me who I am. I now embrace the past for the gifts it has given me. 

I sat with this for awhile and then I realized how I had held on to the past for so long.  I decided to release it and quit wallowing!  I went into each chakra - "I release the past and I bless it."

I could see it go flying away, like a bird released from captivity Actually, there were lots of birds. 

"I release the past with love." "I release the past with every fiber of my being."

All the birds went flying away with such joy.

Then I brought new earth energy up through the soles of my feet and legs, by hopping and drawing the energy all the way up my body, chanting as I did it.

I opened my seventh chakra and brought new energy from above down through my body, chanting again, moving again.

Breathing all the while.

Ho! It is done. I am me.

Bente  Hansen describes the grid that exists around and through our body, and how to repair it. 

My guides told me I had to rip my grid, in a way, to release the structures of the past.

So now I had to repair that grid.  I went outside and repaired the grid, filled my aura with sunshine, healing and expanding it.

I went through this healing process over quite a few days. During this time, my mom came to me in a dream and held my hands. I meant to comfort her, but instead she comforted me.

So real, so sweet- she forgives me.  Thank you, Mom.

Now, I will fly, too.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Regrets and Forgiveness

I want to tell you about a process I discovered quite a few years ago.  I was sitting around, thinking about life and decided to meditate for a few minutes.

What came up were regrets that I had, stuff we all have, about how I acted toward people in situations, the kind of memory that makes you cringe- how could I have said that, done that, etc.

I decide to apologize to everyone. I started with the first one, said "I'm sorry," and really meant it. Then others started to pop up, one nested inside the other. I got it-

I went through every incidence that came up, said I was sorry and moved on. Brought the people from long ago up in my  mind, apologized and then ushered them out of my mind.

It took awhile.  When I was finished I felt freer. It was another clearing of my energy body-  all those regrets not stuck in there anymore.

So recently, I was dismayed when regret,sorrow and pain started surfacing again.

I realized I couldn't just shove these under the rug, either.

Now, I really get how decisions I made changed my life and others' lives.  This can make one feel really uncomfortable.

Just another sign of getting older, understanding this.

I was so unconscious! and yet, if you were conscious about the myriad effects you might cause, you wouldn't take any step to live your life!

Maybe life is designed this way. I'm just lucky other people have been forgiving, too. 

So, with the deeper regret, I did another process, which I will share with you now.

Breathe, center, and ground. Let everything drop away and become very still.

Imagine a bridge that exists, kind of on another plane.

Place your essence on one end of the bridge.  Ask for the essence of the other person to appear on the other end of the bridge.

Start to walk towards each other.  When you get to the middle, greet them, spend time with them, and express what you need to, either with words or energetically.

You may get a response and you will have communicated, at least.
Then, say goodbye and let them go, watching them walk away off the bridge.

You can do this with people who are not here anymore, people who are here but are at a distance, or people in your everyday life.

It is healing, I think and an acknowledgment that you may need to experience, as I did.  It can be very emotional.

Now, my guidance says, if you can just forgive yourself, you will be really free.  We'll see how that goes.

Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A story where healing techniques came in handy

I had a strange experience the other day.  I was crossing the parking lot with a cartfull of groceries.  Two cars were in my eventual pathway to my car.  I stopped- one turned.  The other sat waiting.  I motioned for him to go but he sat there for a long time. So I started, pushing my cart in a bit of a hurry to get out of his way.

Whoa- the cart hit a pothole, slammed  back hard into my shins- pain-  I was trying to control the cart, but my body had the wisdom to let go.

I threw my hands in the air and off the handles, the cart did a header and all my groceries fell to the ground.

I started picking them up- it was weird nothing was broken. Meanwhile this guy sat in his car and watched me pick everything up. Then when I was done, he  leaned out and said, " Can you handle this?"  I said, yeah, sure.

I went home, thinking wow- to offer no help!

Then I realized I was lucky- could have been much worse.

I felt shocked, rattled, so I lay down and started to heal my body.

I ran earth energy up my legs and whole body. Brought healing energy from above down into my body, circulating everything.

Strengthened my core and soothing, filling up my aura, which was somewhat shattered at that point.

I was teaching meditation that night, so I thought, I don't want to get into the  drama of this, I must forgive all in the situation now or I won't be able to meditate.   So I did.  Just blew it off.  We had a great night.

Now my legs are green and purple, with various other bruises appearing on my body.

I think healing my body and mind with these techniques really helped.  I also said to myself, as I was using the healing modalities-"No damage. No damage to my body. No damage to me."

I am sharing this story because it may resonate with you or you may need these techniques.  It also feels like there were lessons involved.  I will figure out more as time passes, I guess.

I felt like I got whacked.  Already, writing this, I get:

Be conscious of where you are.  Don't always defer to people.

Forgive- it will free you.  Baggage- let it go, or it could harm you.

So, I am aware of how lucky I am to have a wonderfully functioning body and mind, and friends to meditate with!

Namaste- Lia

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meditation and Prayer

Meditation itself is non-denominational. What a mouthful that word is.  Many people are afraid they will adopt ideas from a religion if they start doing yoga and meditating.

The kind of meditation I offer I think of as working with the energy of life.  Meditation  can be a pleasure, a good habit, an adventure, a refuge.  Also a time for self-examination and forgiveness. And a calming of the mind.

All this is just being conscious of your body, mind and Spirit.  This is the gift we've been given- why not develop it?

Becoming still, letting go, and purifying your energy is like prayer, though, for me. Opening to receive what my deeper self might have to tell me. Knowing that deeper self is part of the pattern of energy that underlies all of the universe.

After quietening, purifying, opening, and receiving, Sending.  Sending healing to those who need it.  There is a devotional aspect to this part, asking the universe for help, trusting the energy will be felt.

Becoming more compassionate with yourself and others is the result-not such a bad thing for the world.

Once when I was meditating the message came, "You are the prayer."  We are all the prayer, all the time, in how we live our lives.

That said, I am not against any religion- it's all truth of a kind, if you are discriminating and take what feels right for you.
If you do feel inclined towards a certain religious figure in your meditation, go for it.  These beings have given us some pretty good tips on how to live and they bless us with their examples.

Contemplation, clearing your energy, rest, repose, prayer- seems natural to me.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Clearing Sluggish Energy

Feeling sluggish?  It's time to clear your chakras.  You can do this sitting in your chair at work ( although some people may question your sanity if they see you) or standing up.

Ground and rub your hands together to generate some energy.

Then take your hands and sweep away the energy from above your head.  Move to your forehead, and sweep- any way you want, using one hand, both hands or alternating.  Keep your hands about 6 to 8 inches above the area you are working on. It may feel like you are pulling unwanted blocks out of your energy field-  Go ahead, throw them away!

Now, your throat area- clearing the energy here. Breathe, and sweep the heart area.  At some point, you may want to rub your hands together again to charge them up.

Go to your solar plexus, then the belly area, then the base of your spine.  Sweep your hands down the outside and inside of your legs, letting all stuck energy go into the earth.

Go back to the shoulders and sweep down your arms, flicking the energy off into the atmosphere.

Now, are you  more alert?

Next begin to tap your chakras. I like to start at the forehead, tapping with my middle finger- like, hey, anybody in there?

Do this in a rhythm that feels good to you- I think I do sets of 8- until the chakra feels more awake.

 Tap your throat, heart, solar plexus, belly, base of the spine.  Sweep the energy down to your feet again.

Then, back up to the top of your head, tapping with all your fingers.  You can work your way down your spine if you can reach, or just sweep from the top of your head down the back of your body to your feet in one motion a couple of times.

To finish, stand up and place hands in the prayer position in front of your heart chakra.

Take a deep breath and, still facing forward, lunge to the right and open your arms to the sides.

On the exhale come back to center, prayer position.

Then inhale and step to the left, opening your arms again. Exhale, back to center.

These are sort of like heart jumping jacks. It opens your heart and energy to the rest of your day.  Do as many as you feel comfortable with.

You should now be fresh, awake and oxygenated-  all the tired and stuck energy gone- ahh..refreshed and clear.

Blessings to you on this day -  Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just Grateful

I was thinking the other day about I much I love the Earth.

I remember planting a garden as a child, digging into the black earth, placing the purple flowers in the holes I dug, and patting the earth around them, feeling so proud.

I remember lying in a snowdrift in my snowsuit watching the sun  sparkle on the snow itself, cold but happy.

I remember walking in the fall, the air windy and crisp, with a boyfriend- the first one I "liked" and feeling high as a kite, then lying in the brilliant leaves, watching the clouds together.

Now it is raining, the rain we all need so much- it sounds like heaven- flowing, cleansing, movement!-  hopeful the green will rise again.

Goddess, we are lucky to be alive!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toxic co-workers

There you are, going to work as usual, and suddenly your co-worker is behaving very differently, and I mean, in a way that is derogatory towards you and others.

Since this is a change, naturally you give him a chance to let it pass, hoping all will return to a better flow.

It doesn't.  So, what do you do?  First, I would ask him how things are in his personal life.  It may be that he needs to talk about it.

Most of the time people's behaviour is not really personal.  There are myriad things in their life they are thinking about.  An illness, a death, divorce, some big decisions about finances, or schooling for the kids. If the person is new to your workplace, give them a break. There is a learning curve to being in a new group.

If the atmosphere is still bad and affecting you badly, you can take action energetically. I would do this process at home.

Breathe, and breathe again. Start to spin your chakras. Go through each one and visualize any negative energy spinning off into the atmosphere. Literally shit hitting the fan.

First chakra, base of the spine; second, below the belly button; third, solar plexus; fourth, heart chakra; fifth, at the throat; sixth in the forehead; and seventh above your head.

Be thorough. Be brutal kicking this person's energy out. Be clear with yourself this is what you are doing.  Then slow the spinning down and begin to spin the other way, if you like, letting any hidden gunk fly off. Then spin clockwise again.

Gently spin your chakras and bring in light from above. You could use the rainbow chakra colors.  Place a healthy color in each chakra. Red at first, orange at second, yellow at third, green at the heart, turquoise at the throat, indigo at the forehead and purple/white at the crown.

Now, bring in white light from your crown and let it flood your whole body, all the chakras, and your aura.  Let it be purifying, scorchingly bright, to further clear any remnants of the energy you don't want or need.

Now, put up a reflective surface on the outside of your aura.  Like a mirror, foil, armor of some sort that will protect you and cause any negative energy thrown at you to bounce off and go back to the person directing it at you.

Be grounded, centered and do your job very well. Be neutral, be Switzerland, I always say.  Hopefully this uncomfortable time will pass, the circle will turn again and all will be well. So many things do.

However, if the situation still is not good, you may start looking to transfer your job to another area, somehow shift where you are.

The  other, most effective thing you can do to get rid of a toxic person  is to pray that their situation improves, that they get a better job or opportunity somewhere else.  This has worked for me in the past like a dream.

If you change jobs and find yourself in another toxic relationship with a co-worker-  stop-  guess what?  It's you! you might be the toxic one or something in you is pulling in these situations.  Get thee to a counselor!  Most workplaces have them.  Figure out what is askew with you, you are totally capable of doing so.

We are all mirrors to each other, remember, so always have compassion for yourself and others.  We all need to heal so we can live and work with joy and in good health. So, blessings to all, I hope this helps. Namaste- Lia

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It's been awhile. A new meditation will be up soon.  I have been busy putting something up on Kindle entitled, The Dreamvine.
This came to me all at one sitting years ago, sort of a zen fairy tale.  It has alot of personal meaning to me and now I will see if anyone else enjoys it, too. I suspect it may appeal to young adults particularly. I would love to see it semi-animated one day.  Anyway, it's 0.99! (It is rather short.)

This was a nice learning curve for me.  I may publish a book with most of the blogs in it someday, now that I got the hang of it.  Amazon has a great system for self-publishing.

So, til next time- Namaste, Lia