Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Clearing Tension

Do you feel tense?  Think about it-  when we do, it means we are holding on to things we don't need.

After the tension-provoking incident is over, the tenseness becomes a habit and we oftentimes are unaware we are holding it in our bodies.

So today, lets work on releasing that tension.

Visualize your tension as a clamp or vise around the issues you are dealing with.

Begin with the area around your feet and legs. Release the tension and watch it go flying away.  Wiggle your legs and feet- better, yes?

Now go to your first chakra at the base of your spine,  unclamp the clamp, watch it dissolve and the tenseness fly away.

Second chakra, the same, third chakra, do the same.  Soften the belly area after releasing here.

Heart chakra, take a breath and release the clamp on the outbreath.
Uncramp your heart.

Go to the throat and release, continuing to the shoulder area and down the arms and hands. Turn your neck slowly from side to side.

Now focus on your jaw, which is like a vise and holds alot of our unconscious tension.

Relax the jaw, let your teeth unclench, soften your tongue and mouth, letting them be loose.  Breath through your nose.

Now the forehead- unfurrow your brow, let the area around your eyes smooth out- breathe.

The seventh chakra above your head has probably been blocked by all the tension throughout your body. Clear away any blocks to your Higher Self energy. Whew! That feels better.

Breathe, breathe, breathe!

Let the energy flow into your body from the crown. Let it be a  deeply healing  lavender energy.  Soothe all those places we just released from.  They feel a little beat up, don't they?

Let the purple- pink come in and completely heal your body and aura.  Take some time with this. Open to receiving this comfort in all your cells.


 When you are ready, change the purple-pink to a strong rose gold color.  Breathe, let it fill all areas of your body, becoming very vibrant, fortifying your mind and body as you step back into your world today.

Hope this helped- Namaste, Lia