Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Find a place you will not be disturbed for while. Make yourself comfortable.

Ground and center yourself. Let fear and tension go with the outbreath.  Bring in fresh energy on the inbreath.  Continue this for awhile.

Visualize a large flower, rather like a sunflower.  See it go through its life cycle once in your mind. Growing, blooming, then decaying.

Now see the flower at full bloom. Slowly the outside layer of petals begins to shrivel, then falls off.  Then the next layer does the same, then the next, layer upon layer.  Watch the spent blooms release.

To quote a children's book I once read,  "Everything changes, nothing stays the same."  And this is the order, the way things are.  Sometimes it is a relief, a clearing, to let go.

Keep breathing, releasing the many things, people and attitudes you have had to let go of in your life, on your path of growth.


Breathe.  Finally there is nothing left on the old stalk but the seeds.

Cup your hands. Shake a few seeds into your palms.

Place these seeds in your aura for awhile, perhaps in your heart chakra.  Let them rest, become more potent. Think about them.

When it is time ( you will know ) reach for them and plant them, these seeds of hope.

Plant hopes for the world, hopes for your own life, hope for the future.  Make the soil ( the field of energy ) rich with love and joy and wonder each time you plant a seed.

May your seeds, sprout, grow and flower, magically bringing healing where it is most needed in this world.  Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Circulating Energy

There are many traditions that recommend different ways to circulate your energy.  All are valid and good for you.  You can find plenty of books with tips or specific ways to approach this.

The other day, after working out, I went to a room at the gym where there were just two people doing their stretching, etc.  I lifted a few light weights, did some stretching myself and then found a yoga cube thing and placed it against the wall.  I sat upon it with my crossed legs falling down to the floor and got comfortable.  Then I started goofing around, circulating my energy. It was a good time to do this, since the exercise had already loosened me up. So here it is, for you to follow along with. You may close your eyes or, if you prefer, keep them slightly open. 

Starting with your feet, bring energy up your legs.  Really open up this channel.  When you reach the base of your spine, flush the energy down an imaginary cord that goes from the base of your spine into the earth.

Just keep doing this for awhile. Now, focus on the base of your spine and run energy up your spine to the top of your head and down the front of your body until it again reaches the base of your spine. Keep this channel going for awhile. I use my breath as a pump when doing this- when bringing energy up, inhale, when sending energy down, exhale.

You may find your sinuses draining, your mind clearing or other physical experiences.  Thoughts may come and go, don't resist.  Sometimes the answer to a problem may come.  No effort, on any of this.  It's your energy, just fool around with it. 

You can do this for two minutes, ten minutes, half an hour, whatever you feel like.

Now open up the area above your head so more energy can come in.  Let it flow down your body all the way to below  your feet.  Then take the energy from below your feet and raise it up to above your head.  In other words. circulate your whole aura now. Ironically, you probably are feeling energized even though you are sitting there quietly.

Visualize all the colors of the rainbow circulating in your aura.  It is as if you are a big prism of light, flowing, sparkling with energy.  By now you should be feeling pretty good.  Add some feelings of love or gratitude to the mix.

When you are through, just slow the circulating down to a low hum. Stand up, centering yourself and grounding yourself through your feet into the earth again.

Do this a few times a week, maybe tag it on to the end of a workout, and see what happens. Namaste- Lia