Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Toxic co-workers

There you are, going to work as usual, and suddenly your co-worker is behaving very differently, and I mean, in a way that is derogatory towards you and others.

Since this is a change, naturally you give him a chance to let it pass, hoping all will return to a better flow.

It doesn't.  So, what do you do?  First, I would ask him how things are in his personal life.  It may be that he needs to talk about it.

Most of the time people's behaviour is not really personal.  There are myriad things in their life they are thinking about.  An illness, a death, divorce, some big decisions about finances, or schooling for the kids. If the person is new to your workplace, give them a break. There is a learning curve to being in a new group.

If the atmosphere is still bad and affecting you badly, you can take action energetically. I would do this process at home.

Breathe, and breathe again. Start to spin your chakras. Go through each one and visualize any negative energy spinning off into the atmosphere. Literally shit hitting the fan.

First chakra, base of the spine; second, below the belly button; third, solar plexus; fourth, heart chakra; fifth, at the throat; sixth in the forehead; and seventh above your head.

Be thorough. Be brutal kicking this person's energy out. Be clear with yourself this is what you are doing.  Then slow the spinning down and begin to spin the other way, if you like, letting any hidden gunk fly off. Then spin clockwise again.

Gently spin your chakras and bring in light from above. You could use the rainbow chakra colors.  Place a healthy color in each chakra. Red at first, orange at second, yellow at third, green at the heart, turquoise at the throat, indigo at the forehead and purple/white at the crown.

Now, bring in white light from your crown and let it flood your whole body, all the chakras, and your aura.  Let it be purifying, scorchingly bright, to further clear any remnants of the energy you don't want or need.

Now, put up a reflective surface on the outside of your aura.  Like a mirror, foil, armor of some sort that will protect you and cause any negative energy thrown at you to bounce off and go back to the person directing it at you.

Be grounded, centered and do your job very well. Be neutral, be Switzerland, I always say.  Hopefully this uncomfortable time will pass, the circle will turn again and all will be well. So many things do.

However, if the situation still is not good, you may start looking to transfer your job to another area, somehow shift where you are.

The  other, most effective thing you can do to get rid of a toxic person  is to pray that their situation improves, that they get a better job or opportunity somewhere else.  This has worked for me in the past like a dream.

If you change jobs and find yourself in another toxic relationship with a co-worker-  stop-  guess what?  It's you! you might be the toxic one or something in you is pulling in these situations.  Get thee to a counselor!  Most workplaces have them.  Figure out what is askew with you, you are totally capable of doing so.

We are all mirrors to each other, remember, so always have compassion for yourself and others.  We all need to heal so we can live and work with joy and in good health. So, blessings to all, I hope this helps. Namaste- Lia

Saturday, January 18, 2014


It's been awhile. A new meditation will be up soon.  I have been busy putting something up on Kindle entitled, The Dreamvine.
This came to me all at one sitting years ago, sort of a zen fairy tale.  It has alot of personal meaning to me and now I will see if anyone else enjoys it, too. I suspect it may appeal to young adults particularly. I would love to see it semi-animated one day.  Anyway, it's 0.99! (It is rather short.)

This was a nice learning curve for me.  I may publish a book with most of the blogs in it someday, now that I got the hang of it.  Amazon has a great system for self-publishing.

So, til next time- Namaste, Lia