Monday, December 22, 2014

Take a break

There is alot of anxiety and fear around lately. Try this one to help yourself feel better.

Imagine yourself tip to toe as a huge sponge.   You know how people say we are like sponges- especially those of us who are sensitive.  We do pick up on other people's energy and on the general mood of the world.

So, as a sponge, wring yourself out- lengthwise, sideways, all ways.
Do it again, and then again.  Do this until you feel empty of thought forms.  You might even cry or laugh it is such a relief.  Empty, empty, empty, get it all out of there.


Rest awhile.  Take a few deep breaths.  Start to feel your own body again, sitting there.  Empty,  Light,  Breathing.

Gently spin your chakras.


Feeling quiet, peaceful now, bring in a color of light from above, one you like. It can be anything.  Let the color come to you- don't try to resist or change what comes to you.

This color is the one you feel most comfortable in, the color that is most you.

Let the color come in, filling every cell with  healing.  Feel your body soak it up, like a needed nutrient.

Ah, that feels good, to be in your own healing color, in your own energy.


The color begins to glow brighter, then brighter, burning off any residue you don't need or want.

Now let your color merge with white light,  becoming radiant, powerful, confident.  Shining out in all directions from your aura.

May you be protected through the rest of your day and may your presence be a blessing to those you come in contact with. 

 Namaste, Lia

P.S. Go to "Winter Meditation" for a deeper experience honoring this holiday season-that would be December 17, 2013 blog

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gift yourself for the holidays

I almost forgot, if you want to get away from holiday stress, go to and download my newest meditations.  I think there are six or eight to choose from including The River, The Castle, and Mountain Lake ( one of my favorites).

For those of you using the blog, this is your chance to hear my voice, and experience  what we do in meditation class for a guided journey.

There is also a free meditation for college and/or high school students.

May your holidays be filled with love and magic- Lia

Low Blood Sugar

The other day I was walking.  I felt a little dizzy, but kept on.  I was on a path with no one, without my phone, when my knees buckled, and all of a sudden, I didn't know where I was or who I was.  I was passing out.

I had the feeling that if I passed out, I wouldn't wake up.  I also thought, suddenly, practically,  " No one is going to find you out here for a long while." 

 So I sucked it up, started breathing slowly and took baby steps all the way home.

I made it, then started shaking violently.  My husband finally said, "Why don't you drink one of those sports drinks?"

I did(2) and avoided going to the hospital.  The next morning I went to the doctor.  Diagnosis:  low blood sugar.

Now I have to work with this and find a balance, which I am doing.

What did this teach me?  To eat regularly, protein and whole grains, etc.  But mainly  "Take your phone" and take something sugary to eat along for emergencies. And my brother told me,  If you feel as if you are going to pass out, get down on the ground- prevents worse injury.  Thought I would pass that one along to you.

It's the first time I experienced not knowing who or where I was.  I feel like I have been conscious since before I was born.

Ironic that we all strive to be conscious when we already are.

We just have to realize it and wake up. I really got how good this life is-  had a moment looking around when it was very clear.

Then, in the middle of the night, I also received the insight,  THIS IS Heaven on Earth, right here, right now. 

We create struggles to learn, but  sometimes we really don't have to.

Since this experience I also have entertained the thought that this life is all there might be.  So hold on and live now.

How, then to explain my communication with guides and messages from people no longer here?

I do believe there is a large soup of cosmic consciousness made up of people living now and the consciousness of people who are no longer here, and that there probably are other dimension or planes of existence that don't follow our linear time.

I think we can tap into this consciousness and perhaps tap into our own DNA, memories from other times or dimensions.And, of course, we tap into our own subconscious, too.

Hey, more things on heaven and earth than we can know. But we will be in another form someday, very different from this one.

My mother came to me during this time and said "Your health crisis is over, honey." Actually she called me a nickname I hadn't remembered in years.  The tone of voice was just right, too.
Thanks, Mom.

And thank you, Universe, for this sort of like a near-death experience.  Hey, I only need one, though!

So, in sharing this, I'm thinking there might be some information you need here.  I have spoken to a few other women and men who feel they have had some similiar symptoms when jogging, etc.

So, here's to managing our health and hanging around for awhile!

Monday, December 1, 2014


When you are in a dispute with someone, you naturally think you are right.

It is easy to lose the ability to see the other's point of view.

I find, however, that righteous indignation and holding tightly to one's own view doesn't help the situation.  It just creates blockage, hard feelings, and makes me a victim. 

 It may help to think of disagreements as a flow back and forth, with facts and feelings changing all the time within the scenario.

Think fluid, movement, complex corners and motivations that cannot truly be known.

So, take a deep breath, ground and picture yourself flowing out of the situation.

It will change.  This is only a short time in your life- a week, a day, an hour, an instant-  you will be moving out of this.

All situations exist to teach us something, even if we don't really want to learn the lessons that might be there.

So, Bless the situation, put a gentle light between all the participants, and breathe into the calm that is always there.

   Namaste,  Lia