Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Musings on a Tuesday

Is it just me, or is this aging thing a real trip?

I did not focus on my parents' aging process- mostly I lived across the country- but whoa, now I understand how I could have tried to help them more.

That's the way of it, though.  Until you are the age they were, you don't fully get it.  That's true of every age, I guess.

When you have children, you get to see the whole process, and also to view your own childhood through different eyes.

Consciousness is painful sometimes, with joy mixed in.

"It's the way it is set up."

Probably true.  Must just re-invent yourself with each new awakening, suck it up, be grateful and look forward, trying to be truly loving along the way.

Acknowledge, clear, re-invent and live forward!

( And for God(dess)'s sake, quite wallowing!  (My friend and I say this to each other when it's necessary,  here I am saying it to myself!)) Lol-

Many blessings and Happy Holidays- Lia

Monday, November 23, 2015

Global Healing Meditation

This is what we did the other night-

Begin to breathe, letting go of your day. Take a few deep breaths, clearing away tension.  Release.  In your own time, naturally let your breathing slow til you are breathing in a relaxed way.

To breathe is to be alive- to bring in life force energy.  Breathing reflects the breathing of the whole universe as it expands and contracts.  Breathing is "the breath of God."  Now, as you breathe, align your breath with the breath of God and Goddess, the breath of the universe.Take some time.

 Bring your attention to your heart.  Your heartbeat is the very sound of life.  Remember seeing your baby's heartbeat on the sonogram?  Then you knew you truly carried a new life.

Go deeply into your heartbeat and the rhythm of the universe.  Know you are alive.

Align your heart with the heartbeat of the Great Mother. Allow yourself to rest upon Her, feeling her heartbeat, for She holds you here.

Now, easily, gently, align your heartbeat with everyone else's in this room.  This entrainment has probably already occurred, just realize it.

Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and begin to  fill with Light.  Meditating with Light is seeing and working with the light of Divine Energy.  Let the light heal the sore, beat-up places, the empty places, the places filled with doubt and sadness.  Let the Light enter your bloodstream, healing your cells and strengthening their functions.


Allow even more llight to come through your seventh chakra.  Visualize a large cup or chalice in the middle of the circle.  Channel light down to your heart chakra.  Now, send it into the cup in the center of the circle.  Fill the chalice with Llight to overflowing until it spills over the rim.

Let this healing Light flow over the brim to cover the whole Earth.

Let it be like a balm to all people, entering their hearts, quelling their fear. Fill it again and let it calm Mother Earth, for she is always affected by the emotions man.

And now the light in the center of the circle has become very beautiful.  The cup fades and in its place you sense a Presence.

It is the Presence of Peace.

Place what needs to be healed in this Holy Light. People of all countries,  relationships between countries, world leaders, the grieving, the land  itself, the animals. Place anyone you know who needs healing in the Light.  After a while, people and situations will show up, walking through the light.  Take some time to hold the energy, with help from above, for this to occur.


Do you feel other groups like this one coming together around the world?  See all these circles of peace and healing connected like a web of light all over the globe. Strengthen these lines of Light.

Feel the heartbeat of all the people in the world who want peace.  Align your heart with theirs.  Begin to send this feeling out as a beacon of llight and higher consciousness, and a hope that we can  provide a loving world for our children and grandchildren.

Begin to feel a sense of peace in your heart, a peace that permeates all your bodies, mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual.


It is time to close our circle now.  Thank all our helpers, seen and unseen who graced us with their energy tonight.

Namaste-  Lia

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Farewell for a while and other thoughts

The last meditation I wrote for the blog is one I am doing everyday (releasing the past, and the future, blessing them both, and resting in the present). Everyone talks of being in the now but I need a process to get there.

This one is just working for me at this time, and causing positive changes in my body and my life.

If you scroll through these meditations, and find one that speaks to  you, do it for a week, or a month.  Then move on to another one or to something else.  Everyone has their own timing on these things, since everyone is at a different stage.

But above all, listen to yourself about what feels right for you.

We were talking about this in class the other day.

I was telling them to beware of teachers or groups who begin to tell them how to dress, what to eat, who can be their friends and what career to have.

Then, clever students that they are, said " But you are telling us what to do right now."  LOL.

I said, yes, you are right, ignore what I say, too!

If you want a teacher, find one.  If you want a group, join one.  If it is on your path, it will probably teach you something.  There are stages in a group that I have noticed.  Infatuation, excitement, creativity, then disenchantment,leading to eventual dissolving of the group.  It is like a band-  beautiful music for a while, but they always break up.  But the experience can be worth it.

I am just saying- Believe no one.  Believe everyone.  The Truth is Out There.( silly x-files reference).  But not really, it is within you. And in your relationship to God, to the world, to your family and to yourself.  You are your own authority and everyone has a direct path to their own truth.

I hope these processes continue to be helpful to people- to relax, to help them find a little peace within themselves, to see beauty in the world.

So I will not post  quite as often for awhile.  I need to record some of the newer meditations, maybe look for a way to publish them in book form.

Blessings going out to you all,  Lia


I have to say, alot of methods and forms of study are great, but if you are ever feeling really wobbly, go to a licensed therapist and consider what they have to say, then integrate it into your other practices.  Namaste~

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Meditation for Autumn

For this one, lie down on the floor in savasana pose, as if you are at the end of a yoga session and are relaxing.

Breathe, and start to release the recent past, and, as you go, the further past.

Feel where your body is making contact with the floor.  Breathe into your heels, and release.  Breathe into your calves, and release.
The back of your knees, your thighs, and release.  Now breathe into your shoulders and release.  Your upper arms, elbows, lower arms, hands and release.

Go back to the base of your spine, breathe and release.  Your lower back, middle back, between your shoulder blades. Work your way all the way up your spine and release from every vertebrae.  Now your neck, your jaw and your head.

You may see people or situations come up as you do this, just watch them appear in your mind, bless them and let them go.

Take a deep breath and completely release your past.  Now breathe and release your future, also blessing it.

You are now resting between your past and your future.

Breathe,and float there awhile. Just neutral, relaxed.
Floating but supported, no agenda.

Be here awhile.


 Visualize your light body hovering above you.  See it as  your perfect body- all cells functioning perfectly- all systems working well.

Gently bring your light body into your body lying on the floor.

Let it float in.  See how it fits your body, filling all the way to your toes and fingertips,  all the way along your spine, filling all organs, muscles, every space.

Open to health, vitality, perfect function.  Be here awhile.


Let the light bring you the new energy of autumn- crisp, light, spicy.

Energy that is yours to use, to create the future you want, bringing joy into the making of it.


Now, wiggle your fingers and toes, take a deep breath, and as you stand up, stretch and open your arms to receive this blessing from the universe.   Namaste- Lia

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Clearing Tension

Do you feel tense?  Think about it-  when we do, it means we are holding on to things we don't need.

After the tension-provoking incident is over, the tenseness becomes a habit and we oftentimes are unaware we are holding it in our bodies.

So today, lets work on releasing that tension.

Visualize your tension as a clamp or vise around the issues you are dealing with.

Begin with the area around your feet and legs. Release the tension and watch it go flying away.  Wiggle your legs and feet- better, yes?

Now go to your first chakra at the base of your spine,  unclamp the clamp, watch it dissolve and the tenseness fly away.

Second chakra, the same, third chakra, do the same.  Soften the belly area after releasing here.

Heart chakra, take a breath and release the clamp on the outbreath.
Uncramp your heart.

Go to the throat and release, continuing to the shoulder area and down the arms and hands. Turn your neck slowly from side to side.

Now focus on your jaw, which is like a vise and holds alot of our unconscious tension.

Relax the jaw, let your teeth unclench, soften your tongue and mouth, letting them be loose.  Breath through your nose.

Now the forehead- unfurrow your brow, let the area around your eyes smooth out- breathe.

The seventh chakra above your head has probably been blocked by all the tension throughout your body. Clear away any blocks to your Higher Self energy. Whew! That feels better.

Breathe, breathe, breathe!

Let the energy flow into your body from the crown. Let it be a  deeply healing  lavender energy.  Soothe all those places we just released from.  They feel a little beat up, don't they?

Let the purple- pink come in and completely heal your body and aura.  Take some time with this. Open to receiving this comfort in all your cells.


 When you are ready, change the purple-pink to a strong rose gold color.  Breathe, let it fill all areas of your body, becoming very vibrant, fortifying your mind and body as you step back into your world today.

Hope this helped- Namaste, Lia

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

For Becky

I lost a best friend a few weeks ago.

Luckily, she had called me, then I called her, then she called me.  We said " I love you" and " I love you, too." The last time she called, I did not call her back - I was busy with a wedding.

The doctors told her she had three to four years left, which we talked about.  We both thought that was so, but then everything sped up.

We had grown apart over the years, but as children we were very close.  That spirit is the one I miss.  Playful, funny, goofy and tortured at times by her sensitivity- I understood that-

NOW of course I wish I could have looked beyond the differences in our later lives and connected sooner.

Bless this soul that passed out of this world. I hope the angels are welcoming her.  She had great friends and fun at times in her life.  We all have the pictures to prove it!  These are a comfort.

So, if you are thinking about looking up a good friend from your past to chat with, just do it.  You never know how long you have to talk in the here and now.

And have fun doing it- Becky would have wanted you to.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Depression - we don't want to be there!

If you are battling serious depression, you probably need to see a therapist,and perhaps a nutritionist, and maybe get on meds.

However, we all go into a mild depression from time to time and here are some ways that I have found to help me work my way out of it.

Get to a place that has natural light.  Spend lots of time outside.

Exercise, walk the dog, go to the gym, even if you don't feel like it.

Throw stuff away- de-clutter a bit.

Get into another reality- a good book, a movie, etc.

Talk to people when you are out doing errands.

Write down your plan for the day, or week, or year,- figure out what your goals are.

Plan a trip.

Take on a home improvement project.

Join a book group or take a class.

Volunteer to help someone else.

Do some kind of artwork.

Cry, laugh, breathe.

Treat yourself to a favorite food or shop for something for yourself.

Meditate, particularly using the clean-out techniques at the beginning of each meditation.  Then open to new energy to guide you forward.

Keep doing all of the above.

Good luck and I am sure you have additional techniques of your own-  we don't want to be there!  So, til next time- Lia

Friday, July 17, 2015


Sometimes when you read a book, it resonates so much,  it is as if you already know the information.

In some of these blogs, an energy is created where the words can transform you, even if it is just for a minute or so.

A work of art, being open and in nature,can also do this.

What is revealed is a truth you feel inside.

A truth about being human, or about what makes up the world, the  patterns or fabric of organization or randomness that exist.( I know, patterns of randomness is a contradiction but I wanted to say it!)

Hard to explain but delicious and profound when you feel truth at this level.

Sometimes when you are speaking with another person, the words just spill out of you as if you are transmitting them from another source.  Or the person is transmitting for you.

You step back and go Wow! where did that come from?

I think it comes from your highest self that is connecting to a power that is greater than your everyday self.

Try to be aware and recognize these moments of guidance.

These moments can also be in the form of very "conscious" dreams, or thoughts that come to you in the morning or right before you fall asleep.

We are so lucky to have these intuitions. They can affect our lives in a positive way if we just listen and are grateful.

Namaste -  Lia

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Charging Your Aura

You know, we are always charging up our phones, I think we need to charge up our auras, too.

Ground, breathe and center yourself.

Notice any jumpiness or uncomfortable feelings.  These could be
things hanging around in your aura ( the area extending out from your body for 2-3 feet ).

Spin off all this stuff, be it concepts, others' thoughts, your own old ideas, or potential imbalances that could cause health problems in the future.

Let your aura become like a small tornado and spin off anything you don't need.

Do this from your feet, spinning all the way up your torso to the top of your head.  Spin!

You don't have to know what is flying off, just intend for anything unhealthy or worn out to fly off.

Take some time.

When you feel  cleaner and lighter, slow the spinning down, re-ground, and breathe.

Breathe in earth energy, bringing it up through your feet and legs, and continuing up your spine to the top of your head.

Then, on the exhale, bring energy from above in through your crown and let it flow to your feet.

So, now you are circulating your energy- earth energy up the back, cosmic energy down the front, all mingling in a circuit of energy. Inhale, up the back, exhale, down the front, doesn't it feel good to be moving your own energy in this way?

Take some time to enjoy this movement, this current or flow that you are now aligned with.


Next, begin to fill in your aura with the most exquisite color from above, the color that makes you feel the best for this time in your life, or just for this day.

Let it fill in completely, every nook and cranny, smoothing and soothing your aura.Take some time.


When you are full, give your aura a charge of energy and watch it glow!

You are ready to face your day with health, openness and vitality!

Namaste- Lia

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Rain Relaxation

Breathe, and let go of your day.  Begin to let go of any anxiety you

may be feeling.  This may not be evident at first, but as you look

further, you can feel it as a tension, a kind of fight or flight

response deep inside your body, your muscles, tendons, ligaments

and your mind.  It is as if you are bracing yourself for what is

going to happen next, but not in a good way.

So, breathe again and begin to hear a gentle rain falling. Let the

sound of the rain loosen your muscles and the tension deep inside

your body, the droplets massaging away the anxiety, relaxing

your response to your life right now.

Let your mind hear only the patter of the rain carrying all tension

away from you- washing, cleansing, purifying your aura, your

body, and your core energy.


All negativity is washed down to the earth like silt, to flow

away from you,  far, far away.

Let go further and dissolve yourself into the rain-

just become the rain falling from the sky.

Let your molecules spread into the rain and between the

rain-  take some time with this    ***

And now the sunlight shines through the raindrops, creating

a prism of light in each drop, bringing your body back

together now,  brightening your aura and all your bodies-

emotional, mental, spiritual and physical- the shimmering

light coming from above, sparkling with new ideas and

new hope, creating a fresh outlook for you.

Open to this re-formation of your self.


The rain is slowing now.  The sun is shining behind the clouds

in streaming glories of light.  Let the golden light enter your

seventh chakra and fill your body, from your feet, all

the way up every chakra, to your heart, streaming down your

arms to your hands, filling all the way to the top of your head, til

your are radiating with

your own energy.

Breathe again, breathe into your brain, your heart, your

lungs and your whole body, and step into the rest of your day

refreshed and relaxed.

Namaste- Lia

A note:  We took about an hour to do this and used a cd called "Rainshowers"  the second selection.  It also had rained the day before and we were so grateful for that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Announcing two new meditations to stream on my website, http://www.meditatewithfriends.com.
"Seasons of the Earth" and "Rebirth" were written from a place of hope and innocence.

In all of the meditations, you go into "no-time" but I give you the actual time for your convenience.  "Seasons" is 13:20 and "Rebirth" is 11:47.

These early meditations can take you very deep if you let them.  I leave some pauses for you to get your own guidance, as always, so stay with it, they are not too long.  If you need more time you can pause them.

So, find a place with few distractions, get yourself very comfortable, breathe and fully enter the meditation.

Enjoy-  Lia

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Expanding the Universe

Become still, letting go  of your day.  Begin to quiet yourself.  Breathe, watching your breath rise and fall, rise and fall.

Imagine that your energy is as wide as the universe.  Expand your aura out as far as you can to feel this.

Expand to feel the winds of creation,  outer space,  energy,
Llight, and Power surging and rippling through the universe. Be in that.


(and while you are doing this, observe the witness that is your consciousness. Notice your witnessing while you are in this storm of energy.)


Now,coming closer to Earth, feel the silver cord that connects you to Earth.  You are way out there, but the cord is still there.

Reel yourself in.  See your globe,  your continent, your country and your particular place on Earth.

Come home to your body, sitting here.  Breathe.  Just Be.
Begin to ride the rise and fall of your breath like a wave washing up on the shore.  Release yourself into that rhythm.


Feel your blood flowing through your body,  your lungs filling, your heart pumping, rising, falling, expanding, coming back.

Come inward to your heart.  Watch it pump the blood.  See it send the oxygenated blood out to every cell of your body-  red, alive, healthy.  Breathe, and get lost in that ocean.


And now come back to your heart as a witness to your expansion and contraction in your life-

to your joys and sorrows

your hopes and dreams

Witness your life, your emotions and know  your heart is connected to your consciousness- together you walk through this life.

And the beat goes on, and on and on and on


YOU are the winds of change, the surge of power and the witness to all of life.

Meeting other hearts, creating it all, giving thanks for it all

With guidance and the intention of love, you can create more love, love that expands through the limitless universe.


Slowly now, come back to your body, wiggling your toes, and fingers, taking a deep breath, thanking  our guides for our journey on this night.   Namaste,  Lia

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Chance to Llive Again

Just to let you know, I received a pacemaker the other day.  My heart was stopping for 7 seconds at at time, throughout the day.

I had a wonderful surgical team and staff at the hospital.  Goddess bless them for the work they do every day.

Consider this, also, that when a doctor says to you " Did your husband see you pass out?" and " Maybe you should take a look at what else is happening in your life", and sends you home, you could die.

Women, Stand up for yourselves, even if you feel foolish, and men too.

I had to persevere- my brothers at a distance encouraged me and so did my friends.

I have a second chance, now, to teach, to live, and be with my beautiful family.

I have been given lots of techniques from my guides to heal after surgery and am happily using them.

So, next time, new meditations and sending you love and courage to live your life.

Namaste,   Lia

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A F**k you attitude

Going through a series of medical tests lately.

I was analyzing what it could be, going on the internet to look things up, trying to logic it out.

Obviously, you need tests- it would be foolish not to check some things out.

But then, I thought, there is always somewhat of a psychological factor to symptoms and illness.  I will research myself by going inward.

Everything in my life is good.  I love my jobs, my relationships are wonderful, I am grateful to have a roof over my head and food to eat.

Then came the answer.  Fear. What??

Fear is underneath all problems.  Maybe just general fear you are not aware of. Or fear you develop from the health situation.

I decided I would do what I could to deal with this.  I got out my trusty Louise Hay's  " You can heal your life."

I looked in the back at the list of problems, causes, and new thought patterns to instill.  It came up with two great affirmations which I am  going to use throughout the next days and maybe long after that.  They are:

" I have the Power and the Strength and the Knowledge to handle   
   Everything in my Life." (and , I add, with Joy!)


"  It is my birthright to live life fully and freely."

So,  Fuck You, Fear!  Get outta here!

I can heal myself. ( With help, of course.)  I can do it.  So there you go. 

I hope this helps someone else out there.  Looking forward to posting new meditations again soon.  It is entirely possible I can meditate this away, or at least help the situation with attitude!


P.S.  I realize this sounds like the guy in Saturday Nite Live saying, "Gosh darnit, I'm worth it!  LOL!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Time and memory

Been thinking so much about time and consciousness lately.

I have all these memories of my parents, childhood, being a young parent.

Memories are specific.  You let most of them fall away.  Only the ones that are somehow meaningful to you rise to the surface.

They are sensory, like a candy you roll around in your mouth, tasting each subtle flavor, making it last.

Others cause pain and regret,  "coming back to haunt you."

But I realize, when I am gone, these will be gone, too.

These incidents in consciousness that I think have a huge solidity, a life of their own, will simply no longer be.  There will be no one to return to them.

The only way to pass them on is to tell someone who more or less cares and might then share them with someone else and even then, it is only an approximation.

Or to write, paint, sculpt, write a song about what that moment in time was for you.

Several months before he died, a friend of mine described lying in a hotel room in Hawaii, quite a few floors up, the tradewinds blowing over him through both of the windows.

He said it was so beautiful, that he was so peaceful.

I put myself in his place for a moment and knew, by his tone of voice, that he was experiencing bliss and no-time, wonder and joy, the sweetness of existence.

I think of this often.  It comforts me, and I share a little of his existence again, the sweet part, and I am so glad he felt this way and shared it with me.

I have no conclusion to this piece, just the ephemeral nature of life and memory-

sweet, painful, grateful and sad all at once.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Healing colds and viruses

Once in a awhile, we catch a virus or cold.  I have been working on curing mine.  Before you go to sleep, or while lying around, try this visualization-

Close your eyes and begin to breathe.  Notice the symptoms of your illness.  Now, go into your body and push the symptoms and the virus out of your body and into your aura.

Picture it leaving your body and going into the 2 or 3 feet around your body.   Do this with the front of your body, the sides, the back, above your head to below your feet.

This can be pretty instantaneous or take some time.  Next push the symptoms and virus out of your aura in the same way. Visualize the membrane of your aura and push the virus out of your aura with a pop!   Do this at the back of your body, sides, front and above your head and below your feet.  Do both processes a few times.

Now, bring in golden healing from above your head and begin to fill your body with it.  Let it fill your feet, your legs, your lower body.  Bring in more light and fill your lungs, picturing them clean and clear,  the area around your heart, your bronchial area, clean and clear.  Move on up and fill your throat, your glands, your nose  and sinuses with the golden, honey- colored light.  Let every cell absorb the light, every cell becoming full with perfect health.

Then let the light fill your aura with health and strengthen the membrane around you so it is impervious to any other imbalance out there.

You can do this numerous times.  You might fall asleep while doing it- that's good.

Of course, take your various remedies or doctor- prescribed antidotes, too.

If you have a fever, become one with the fever and visualize it burning out the imbalance.  But don't let it get too high.

So, this will hopefully speed up the process of getting well and returning to good health. 

Til next time,   Lia  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Free Meditations to Stream

I am pleased to announce there are two meditations up on my website, http://www.meditatewithfriends.com.  They are free to stream.

The first one, Journey to Healing, is 25 minutes of deep body healing, co-written by yoga instructor Paul Vasquez.

The second one, The Temple, is 18 minutes, allowing you to release fear, further enhancing your healing.

Feel free to comment on them!  Wishing you peace- Lia

Streaming now, I will figure out the download Monday-

Oops! Cannot get the download feature on the hosting site.  The college student meditation is available for download on the products page.  I had to hire an expert to get that on, so for now, the streaming is it- 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cave of the Goddess

I have tried to create these blogs so they are easy to do at work, or anywhere.  Every once in awhile I like to take you deeper, going on a longer meditative journey as we do in our circle. So, fair warning- here we go.

Do you ever feel, at the end of the day, like you are stuck full of little pins and needles of other people's energy?  We are going to go through the chakras and release all of these.

So, breathe and release, starting with your feet and legs, pulling out all these darts of energy. Moving up to your first chakra at the base of your spine, breathe, and on the outflow, blow away these points of energy.  Go to your belly and release.  Be sure to get to the front and sides of your chakras, too.  Solar plexus, heart chakra and throat chakra, release.  Pull out other people's thoughts, ideas, words thrown at you.   Sixth chakra at your forehead, release. 

Yawn, stretch your shoulders, arms and hands, blow it all away until you are free of all these mostly unintentional hurts, all these attentions directed towards you, all these judgments. Relax your face, your eyes, your jaw. Breathe, releasing on the outflow, until you are clean and clear in your own energy.  Take a deep cleansing breath and fill with your own light.  Ahhhh, breath flowing easily now, like clear water running through you. Relax..

And now, you hear a bird calling, a clear, sweet voice, calling to you.  Follow the sound along a stream. Rising up, the bird is flying ahead of you, urging you on.  You climb higher.  You can hear the bird, the water flowing in the stream.  You feel the sunlight on your skin, you see the light, green and gold.

Climbing further, you see a waterfall now, coming down in a sheet of water, over the rocks and moss.

You climb to the side and step behind the waterfall.

It is dimmer here.  Looking back to where you came from, you can see the world through the sheet of water, but removed from you.

It is not your concern now, you can let go of your world- it will wait for your return.

You turn and follow the passage deeper into the hill.

It is a long journey. The path curves around and around, going deeper into the mountain.

It is not too dark; the walls seem to be changing to a soft gold and red material like sandstone. On you trek and finally you come to a widening of the passage.

There is a room with the sunlight coming from above, high in the rock.  And there is a lady, who greets you.  She offers you a place to rest and hands you a gourd hollowed out for drinking.

You see the golden, shimmering liquid and you drink.

It flows into your body, healing all your cells,

flowing into each molecule, healing, calming, soothing,

and magically, you feel you can release any pattern that doesn't serve you,

any old habits you would like to let go of,  patterns of behaviour, relationship patterns, unease, anything-

you release from your body and aura.

Feel the old patterns being lifted out of your body-

any imbalance is lifted out and taken away to be dissipated into nothing, the structure collapsing into itself, like brittle toothpicks in your hands, turned to dust.

Do this again, and again, until you feel clear- 

 In their place you set a new grid of energy- into your body and mind- flexible, flowing, full of light and health-

all flowing easily, creatively, powerfully. Sit with this feeling for awhile.


And now your guide takes you to a ledge.  You sit together, looking out over a landscape of energy.

You see the flow of energy moving, like muscles, below you- shifting, changing color.

You see the sky above with stars in an orange and rose-colored sky-

Earth and sky communicating.

You see that all is energy

and that you can learn from this energy, work with it, perceive it-


you are full of gratitude for this insight.

Standing up now, you embrace your guide,thanking her. She leads you to the passageway, where you journey once again, turning this way and that, til you hear the sound of the waterfall.

Slipping through the veil, you come back

to this green earth, following the stream now, back to this life.
Becoming grounded in your body, gently slipping back into your regular waking consciousness and into this room.

Namaste,  Lia

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Void

Sometimes your creativity seems to come to a halt.  You feel you don't  have any ideas, or at least, nothing worth working on.  During these times it is important to realize you are in the void.

No reason to panic.  It is a resting phase, a dormancy.

Like plants that seem to die off in the winter, it is actually good for them to get a good frost.   They come back even healthier in the Spring.

So, relax, leave your mind blank.  Allow yourself to leave your materials alone.  You are free!  To achieve nothing!

Read, lie around, take naps. 

In the void, you are seeding yourself in ways you are not aware of.  You are paying attention to other things -  other people's work, nature, your own emotions- that you will use later.

If you want to, after awhile, cross- pollinate during this time.  Write, if you are a sculptor,  draw if you are a writer, with no care for the outcome. Just goof around.

One thing you can do, is this.  Visualize a huge golden sun of your own energy above your head.  Start to bring it into your body, beginning with the top of your head.  Slowly bring the golden light  all the way through to your feet, breaking off at your heart chakra to fan out to the ends of your fingertips, until you are like a huge star. 

Do this a few times a day with a clearing and healing intent- it feels good.

Soon, when you least expect it, your creativity will rebound, perhaps in a whole new way, leading you into a new phase.

It always does. The energy of the universe is limitless, as are your ideas and your imagination. 

Namaste,  Lia