Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Expanding the Universe

Become still, letting go  of your day.  Begin to quiet yourself.  Breathe, watching your breath rise and fall, rise and fall.

Imagine that your energy is as wide as the universe.  Expand your aura out as far as you can to feel this.

Expand to feel the winds of creation,  outer space,  energy,
Llight, and Power surging and rippling through the universe. Be in that.


(and while you are doing this, observe the witness that is your consciousness. Notice your witnessing while you are in this storm of energy.)


Now,coming closer to Earth, feel the silver cord that connects you to Earth.  You are way out there, but the cord is still there.

Reel yourself in.  See your globe,  your continent, your country and your particular place on Earth.

Come home to your body, sitting here.  Breathe.  Just Be.
Begin to ride the rise and fall of your breath like a wave washing up on the shore.  Release yourself into that rhythm.


Feel your blood flowing through your body,  your lungs filling, your heart pumping, rising, falling, expanding, coming back.

Come inward to your heart.  Watch it pump the blood.  See it send the oxygenated blood out to every cell of your body-  red, alive, healthy.  Breathe, and get lost in that ocean.


And now come back to your heart as a witness to your expansion and contraction in your life-

to your joys and sorrows

your hopes and dreams

Witness your life, your emotions and know  your heart is connected to your consciousness- together you walk through this life.

And the beat goes on, and on and on and on


YOU are the winds of change, the surge of power and the witness to all of life.

Meeting other hearts, creating it all, giving thanks for it all

With guidance and the intention of love, you can create more love, love that expands through the limitless universe.


Slowly now, come back to your body, wiggling your toes, and fingers, taking a deep breath, thanking  our guides for our journey on this night.   Namaste,  Lia

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Chance to Llive Again

Just to let you know, I received a pacemaker the other day.  My heart was stopping for 7 seconds at at time, throughout the day.

I had a wonderful surgical team and staff at the hospital.  Goddess bless them for the work they do every day.

Consider this, also, that when a doctor says to you " Did your husband see you pass out?" and " Maybe you should take a look at what else is happening in your life", and sends you home, you could die.

Women, Stand up for yourselves, even if you feel foolish, and men too.

I had to persevere- my brothers at a distance encouraged me and so did my friends.

I have a second chance, now, to teach, to live, and be with my beautiful family.

I have been given lots of techniques from my guides to heal after surgery and am happily using them.

So, next time, new meditations and sending you love and courage to live your life.

Namaste,   Lia

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A F**k you attitude

Going through a series of medical tests lately.

I was analyzing what it could be, going on the internet to look things up, trying to logic it out.

Obviously, you need tests- it would be foolish not to check some things out.

But then, I thought, there is always somewhat of a psychological factor to symptoms and illness.  I will research myself by going inward.

Everything in my life is good.  I love my jobs, my relationships are wonderful, I am grateful to have a roof over my head and food to eat.

Then came the answer.  Fear. What??

Fear is underneath all problems.  Maybe just general fear you are not aware of. Or fear you develop from the health situation.

I decided I would do what I could to deal with this.  I got out my trusty Louise Hay's  " You can heal your life."

I looked in the back at the list of problems, causes, and new thought patterns to instill.  It came up with two great affirmations which I am  going to use throughout the next days and maybe long after that.  They are:

" I have the Power and the Strength and the Knowledge to handle   
   Everything in my Life." (and , I add, with Joy!)


"  It is my birthright to live life fully and freely."

So,  Fuck You, Fear!  Get outta here!

I can heal myself. ( With help, of course.)  I can do it.  So there you go. 

I hope this helps someone else out there.  Looking forward to posting new meditations again soon.  It is entirely possible I can meditate this away, or at least help the situation with attitude!


P.S.  I realize this sounds like the guy in Saturday Nite Live saying, "Gosh darnit, I'm worth it!  LOL!