Tuesday, July 17, 2012

About Meditation:

Delicious to sleep and dream.  Dream like a child, sleeping without worry, knowing you

are taken care of.  All is right with the world,  you are safe and you sleep deeply, turning over to

sink back into another dream.

Meditation can be like this, to go into a dream, surface slightly and go back for more revelations

of a deeper world.

It can also be almost impossible.  The mind jumping through all that happened during the day,

avoiding the descent.  Instead of being peaceful, you find yourself making a grocery list.

Your back is sore, your neck has a crimp, you knee twitches.Some days all you get with

perseverence seems like 5 minutes of nothing.

But still you feel better than not having sat.  Any contact with the void is calming , renewing

Other sittings are magic, like jewels pouring into your lap.

Most of the meditations I offer you are jewels.  I experienced  them spontaneously while meditating.

I then adapted and expanded them for others.

Everyone who journeys with these meditations will have a different experience.  This is as it

should be.  As you get in touch with your inner self, you will find treasure more precious than

any you could gain in  the outer world.  And that is part of the Mystery.  We are individuals

with unique gifts  to develop and share and we are also One.