Thursday, August 23, 2012

Letting go- a meditation for you

Begin to run your energy, bringing earth energy up your legs, into the lower chakras and then down your grounding cord (located at the base of your spine, connecting you to the earth). 

Letting  go of of little disturbances in your energy, flushing them out, easily, down  into the earth.

Open up your seventh chakra ( at the top of your head) and let some llight in.  Let it run down your spine, flushing out any blockages.

Now let it become a circuit,  running up your spine in the back, all the way to the top of your head and then down the front of your body, releasing all you need to into the ground and out your legs and feet.Do this for a few minutes.  It feels good!

Begin to really feel connected to the Earth.  Almost like you have huge feet and they cover alot of space on the ground.

They are your anchors, keeping your body on earth throughout the meditation.

So, take a look at your own energy for a minute.  With your eyes closed, look behind your eyes at your energy body.  What do you see?

A color, colors, a shape, movement.  You may see your own aura.

This is your energy body at this time.  It will vary, depending on your stage of development and events in your life. 

Know that you can check in with yourself by getting in touch with this energy body, looking at it, sensing it. even asking it questions about what you should do to keep it  healthy and strong, vibrant and centered.  It will help you to use your intuition in relation to the environment you find yourself in.

Practice looking at your own energy, develop an affection for it so you can give it love and care.  See what makes it glow or recede.

.  No matter how far you travel in meditation, your body is safe, here, grounded to earth, so you can alway come back.

Moving on, now, relax, feeling all your muscles drop down a notch.  Breathe, gradually letting your breath slow even further, almost like you are in a light sleep.

Let yourself begin to dissipate,  into the air,  into the sunlight

into the leaves in the sunlight,  the light in the leaves, moving, rippling, scattering in a gentle way,  through the sunshine, through the moving leaves

and it is ok, it is such a relief, to let go, to expand into the ripple of light

no longer having  to keep yourself solid, no longer battling,

you are movement,  you are the light

you are letting go into the light,

color, light , shadow

rest in the arms of the light

the love that is you is still intact

letting go into the shimmering love of all that is

freeing yourself, releasing all

becoming one with all

becoming one with the scent of the flowers, with the moisture in the air, with the gentle breeze,

you  are safe, you are floating molecules of light

and your consciousness is free to be this love that surrounds you..Rest here awhile.


And now, in the air, there is a change, a light rain begins to fall, through the sunlight,

you feel the gentle mist, then the gentle drops and you are falling, in gentle rain, back into your energy body.

you can see it now, welcome back, and you; are falling with the rain drops back into your physical body.  Easily, welcome back.

You; are new, you are refreshed, like a spring rain, you can smell the fragrance of the earth and sky meeting togetherr as the rain falls on the earth, and you are grounded again in earth and connected again to air, to resume your walk on earth at this time.

On this day we thank God and Goddess for this day of life. Namaste.