Thursday, March 19, 2015

Healing colds and viruses

Once in a awhile, we catch a virus or cold.  I have been working on curing mine.  Before you go to sleep, or while lying around, try this visualization-

Close your eyes and begin to breathe.  Notice the symptoms of your illness.  Now, go into your body and push the symptoms and the virus out of your body and into your aura.

Picture it leaving your body and going into the 2 or 3 feet around your body.   Do this with the front of your body, the sides, the back, above your head to below your feet.

This can be pretty instantaneous or take some time.  Next push the symptoms and virus out of your aura in the same way. Visualize the membrane of your aura and push the virus out of your aura with a pop!   Do this at the back of your body, sides, front and above your head and below your feet.  Do both processes a few times.

Now, bring in golden healing from above your head and begin to fill your body with it.  Let it fill your feet, your legs, your lower body.  Bring in more light and fill your lungs, picturing them clean and clear,  the area around your heart, your bronchial area, clean and clear.  Move on up and fill your throat, your glands, your nose  and sinuses with the golden, honey- colored light.  Let every cell absorb the light, every cell becoming full with perfect health.

Then let the light fill your aura with health and strengthen the membrane around you so it is impervious to any other imbalance out there.

You can do this numerous times.  You might fall asleep while doing it- that's good.

Of course, take your various remedies or doctor- prescribed antidotes, too.

If you have a fever, become one with the fever and visualize it burning out the imbalance.  But don't let it get too high.

So, this will hopefully speed up the process of getting well and returning to good health. 

Til next time,   Lia