Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Beginning of MeditateWithFriends.com

Somehow the three of us met- It might have been walking the neighborhood with strollers, I don't really remember.

We decided we would meditate and so we did.  We met at 7:00 at night, after hurriedly throwing some dinner our family's way.  We met at 10:00 in the morning while the kids were in school.  We hiked up into the hills behind our houses, sat on a plateau and meditated while the sun set.

Anyway, we were having a great time while trying to create a calm space inside ourselves to help manage the rest of our busy lives.

Meanwhile, we were having other kooky spiritual adventures with other groups when we could.  Among them:

Receiving an aetherial sword, walking a labyrinth, planting crystals in a circle on a mountain top with good wishes for the Earth, meditating for 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon presided over by an archangel's energy.

We took our 7-year old daughters to a dance and tone gathering designed to open the chakras.  ( They loved it, particularly when one of the guys started speaking to them in dolphin.)

We even gave each other healings while my friend's son and daughter chased each other around the house.

We meditated together in silence, to drumming, to various tapes, Lyn Andrews and one we called reverb woman.  ( She was very good, really.)  We chanted.

Then one day my friend asked me to record a meditation she found in the book,"Ask Your Angels."
I had a small recorder, so I said yes.

When it came time to record, ( I was sitting on the floor of my living room with the recorder in front of me) I thought, " I don't want to record this, I want to record an idea I have."

I wrote out the script, went back to the living room and recorded "Flight."

I finished it and right then, clear as a bell, a voice said  "You Have Come Home."

I am not kidding, it was that clear.  I had not expected it, I had to hear it and right then I knew this was what I was supposed to be doing.