Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MeditateWithFriends.com: the story continues

II.    After I heard those words and that voice ( which I never heard again in that way) I started waking up in the middle of the night with  meditations flowing through me.  I had to get up and write them down or they would fade.

Then it dawned on me that I was living with two musicians-  they recorded in our home studio all the time.  Aha! we could record these meditations.  They recorded my voice and also got into putting music behind the words and some sound effects.  The result was beautiful, although now they seem almost symphonic- but hey, it was the late 80's so it was fitting.

The meditations all had a theme of a different animal, so I called them Totemic Meditations. I was teaching pre-school and had a young daughter  and so we made some for children with dolphins, unicorns and whales.  We were having alot of fun.

I decided to start a group for women.  I saw so  many new mothers stressed out and I knew this would help. I asked those I thought would be interested.  They were.  We met in a church, then at a community center and finally at my house.

The first group stayed together for about 7 years.  I would lay down to meditate after school, asking for guidance for that evening.  A meditation would come to me, I typed it up and gave it that night.
So often the meditation corresponded to issues one of the women was struggling with.  And of course we all could relate.  We learned so much from each other.

All of  us grew in strength and openness of heart. We took healing methods and techniques home  to use with our families.  We all felt truly blessed with the presence of the Goddess and our angels on our spiritual journey at that time.