Friday, June 15, 2012

III. The Story continues

I was meditating with a group of women. We were toning- no words just notes - it was beautiful.  We
had our eyes closed. I felt a presence on my right.  The only way to describe the feeling was bright, joyful, ecstatic.

I sneaked a peek. There was no one there that I could see with my physical eyes.  I closed my eyes again and felt/saw the angelic presence again which stayed with us until we ended our toning.

It was a surprise and a privilege to feel this participation in our group. 

This happened many years ago.  There have been other times, but not exactly like this.  Sometimes, when meditating, the presence might come in the form of a fragrance, a word coming to mind, or a touch on the shoulder.  Others have experienced similiar things at times in their own journey. It is always magical.

Before I lead a group meditation, I ask that our guides and angels of light please be present.  If we go deep, with healing intent, I believe there is an exchange of energy between us.  We receive Llight and we give Llight back. Somehow both sides helping the other. Creating a channel between the worlds

May Spirit bless and protect you on your journey.