Tuesday, October 16, 2012


There are many people I would like to quote, but blogging I think, needs to be original.  That said, I would still like to recommend some others' works that have inspired me.

It matters what you read and watch.  Notice your dreams after watching a violent show.  Not as pleasant as going to sleep after reading a spiritual book.  To receive those "big" dreams you need to have a relaxed, clear mind that is already heading toward insight.

So I recommend:

                                         The Widening Stream: Seven Stages of Creativiy     by David Ulrich
                                         The New World of Self-Healing                                 by Bente Hansen
                                         Spiritual Growth                                                         by Sanaya Roman
                                         A Brief History of Everything                                    by Ken Wilber
                                         CDs                                                                             by Bohdipaksa

A couple of these authors talk about their guides in a very personal way.  Don't let that prevent you from getting to the real book, because the information is good.  I probably couldn't have an  intelligent discussion of Ken Wilber's book, but I read it fast and I "got" it.  I often do that with books.  I know I need or already know the information.  It seems like I can just put my hand on it and download it.  But, of course , I can't. So I may re-read and certainly intend to read other books the authors have written.

There have been many, many more over the years, but these are a few of the best. Anything that hits you in the head at a bookstore is probably something you should read, too.

So, have fun learning and becoming inspired!