Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What is this kind of meditation?

What is it that I do?  I suppose it is a combination of meditation, creative visualization, hypnotherapy,centering prayer and self-healing techniques.

It takes you into a place David Ulrich calls "depth consciousness."

Mainly I listen to my guides, staying open, listening and asking to be a channel for love.  In other words, asking how may I serve with the gifts I have been given,  then getting out of the way to let love come through in what I am recording or writing.

Always helping others to empower themselves in their own healing.

I work alot with the body and mind together.  We are lucky to be in this sacred vessel for awhile.  Not suppressing emotion, but moving emotion into a flow that is healthy-

In deep meditation, the body heals itself so much.  I take the same approach with the mind. See where it is going, follow it and open to its innate wisdom.

Consciousness is fascinating, especially your own!

Then letting all this go and becoming one with all energy, can be ecstatic.  Coming back from your meditation with more compassion for all beings.

Meditating with a group magnifies this energy, which we can then use to make the world a better place, sending healing where it is needed, receiving healing and understanding the depths of what we have been given.

Life is hard,  but it is also the greatest gift.