Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Summer Meditation

Summer is a time of wholeness.  It seems that life is long and  everything will unfold as it should.  All is in bloom and we are open to the magic of life.  So, I invite you to come with me on a summer meditation.

It is afternoon, heading on towards evening.  You decide to walk up into the hills.   You see a path, and climb  until you reach a natural circular plateau.  It looks over rolling hills, one folding into another, towards the West.  The wind comes up, caressing you on every side.

The sky is big around you as you stand on your sacred spot.  You are reminded of a Native American song.

Now I walk in Beauty
Beauty is before me.
Beauty is behind me
Above and Below me.

Mother Earth is warm beneath you.  All the heat from the day is radiating from Her.  You sit on the ground and begin to breathe.Take some time.

The sun is beginning to sink in the sky.  Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and bring in the golden energy of the Sun.
Let it flow like honey, healing and soothing every sore place, filling every empty place.

Let it flow in and fill your feet, your lower legs, your thighs.  Let it fill the base of your spine, your belly, your solar plexus.

Let the mellow light fill your heart chakra, your upper chest, shoulders, arms and hands.  Let the light fill your throat, your ears, your eyes and forehead.  You are glowing with healthy energy. Now it spills over and covers your skin, from your face, down your shoulders,to your lower body, and all the way to your feet.

You have become very quiet.  You can hear the wind blowing through the tall grasses.  The birds are calling each other home.

The sky turns pink, then a deep blue.

The light continues to fade. The sky darkens.  Stars become visible, and then more, until a whole canopy of stars seem to rotate overhead.

You feel how small you are.  How small the Earth is- just another star in a whole universe of stars.

And yet. You feel very much yourself.  You feel  your Self-
a Higher Self than you operate from in everyday life.  You feel
a part of the Universe.


And then everything shifts.  The stars seem to be at your feet now.

Below you lies a plain of stars, stretching in all directions,  It is wondrous, magnificent.  And across that plain comes a figure, walking towards you.

You feel very joyful. You feel you know this Being. And you do.
You have felt this presence before.  Maybe it was at a time of great need, or a time of opening to Spirit.

Her/ His presence is very real.  You may feel a certain vibration, or hear music, or smell a fragrance.  She comes and greets you.  You embrace.

Sit together, feel Her vibration and be open.  On this summer night, of all summer nights, the Universe has something to say to you.

As you sit with your guide, you become aware of part of your purpose in this lifetime. Open, and let this knowledge fully enter your consciousness.

Ask your guide how you can further your purpose at this time, ask how you may serve your Highest purpose.

Take some time to relax in this blissful state of communication with your guide, for she/he knows you very well and loves you.You may have another question, or your guide may want to convey other information to you.


And now it is time to say goodbye.  Again you embrace, thanking your guide.  You watch her walk away across the plain of stars.

 The scene shifts.  The stars are back up in the sky.  It is time to walk home.  As you carefully find your way down the hillside, you feel your feet on the Earth, taking a deep breath of the fragrant air, and you are back in your body, feeling awake and complete, with full recall of your summer journey.

May Spirit bless and protect you- Namaste- Lia