Tuesday, June 4, 2013


I was at preschool the other day (my main job) and a little boy's
eyes  were tearing up.  This went on for awhile- he couldn't really articulate what was wrong.

I finally pulled him over away from the others and just patted his back and held him in my lap. 

He really did cry then, not loud, but real sobs and said"My dad."

Turns out he missed his Dad, who had dropped him off that morning.  I told him it was OK, he would see his
Dad after school, and that we would keep him safe until then.

It wound down and soon he was playing and smiling with his friend. ( Who, in between all this, had wordlessly come up and kissed his cheek and walked away.)

Sometimes you  just need to cry. When I was growing up, my Mom would cry at movies or sad occurrences in the news and the family,(mostly guys) would say " Ohh, Mom!"

I wish I had stood up for her.  I realize now that crying and feeling is a gift and, while we can't go around blubbering all the time,  we should let our tears flow, if possible.  It is a real reaction and mostly appropriate at the time.

I remember my Mom was reading a book in the living room and started to cry.  I asked her why and she just said " the book is so sad,- what happened"-  the book was "Exodus."

When I try to suppress tears I get a huge headache.  So whether they are tears of relief, tears of joy, or tears of sadness, give yourself a break and cry a little, at least in private.  It is very cleansing and in the flow of what is happening on a gut level.

Many blessings to you-  Lia