Monday, July 22, 2013

Lighten Up!

Sometimes circumstances and daily life leave us feeling down.  It happens to everyone. After a while we need help if we are depressed over a period of time.  In this case, therapy is your best bet.

It is a place where you can discover your issues, take stock of what your emotions truly are, and review your options for action.

It is wonderful to talk to someone who is outside the situation and who can offer you tools to help yourself.

So, yes, I am a fan of therapy and therapists ( it is important to choose one you have a good rapport with.)  Twice in my life I used therapy to help get me over rough spots.  Thank goodness for that option, plus, it is fascinating to learn more about yourself.

That said, I have a way for you to work with your energy that could help you on those regular down-type days.

So, take a breath, ground into the earth and center yourself in your body.

As you become quieter, take a look at your aura- it is probably darker than usual or feels heavier.

We are going to work with the violet flame again (see earlier post) in a more extensive way.

First, open your seventh chakra at the top of your head.  Unblock the energy that connects you to your  Source. Push away the blocks and let the energy flow down your spine to your feet and into the earth.

This will feel a bit sluggish at this point, but opening the channel is a start.

Now, focus on your 6th chakra, the forehead area. Place the cool violet flame here.  It may be a dark purple with lumps in  it.  Let the purifying flame burn off the darkness and blocks until it becomes a light lavender.

Take some time, just let the flame of energy do its work.

When you feel more clear, take an oxygenizing breath into this chakra.

Move to your throat area. Place the flame here, let it move down your arms and into your shoulders.  When it feels less tight and less murky, breathe the lighter violet color into these areas.

Place a large violet flame in your heart.  See where it is heavy.  Let the flame transmute the heaviness into moving light.

Next, the solar plexus. See the blocks, let them be consumed by the violet flame, then breath deeply into your gut , making a sound if you want, as the blocks are moved out.

Second chakra, in the lower belly.  Breathe quite a few times as you do this exercise here, flushing out toxins, replacing with soothing lavender light.

Base of spine- Let the flame burn away whatever is keeping you from being grounded.  Let a feeling of ease and calm return.

Now,take a deep breath.  Bring in moving light from above your head, moving it down your spine, into all your energy centers.  All systems moving now, feeling lighter, healthier and more open.

Negative energy is less likely to stick to a moving system, so think movement, light( as in hue) and lighter( as in heaviness).

Now, look outside, notice the brilliant colors and light in a beautiful spot and align your energy with that-  Nature always helps us if we become aware of Her.

So, do this exercise when you feel a bit down- Literally lighten up and see if you can dance your way out of it! ( Exercise helps, too)

Namaste- Lia