Tuesday, August 13, 2013


You might suppose, being a person who meditates, that I am calm in most situations.  Whoa- far from it-  while I am naturally quiet, slightly introverted and a dreamer, I could hardly call myself calm.

I think, honestly, I took to meditation for the imagery I received, the guidance and the way it helped me to manage my over-sensitivity.

Getting really quiet in my body and opening my mind to guidance has helped me function better than I would without it.

Practicing daily for brief amounts of time, even it is just grounding and letting energy flow through the chakras is a great help. Longer sessions with others multiplies the benefits.

The clarity spills over into the rest of your life and you become more creative, in  touch with deeper issues, and aligned with a sense that you are being guided, if you ask, by a power greater than yourself, or, if you prefer, guided by your Higher self.

The sensitivity becomes a positive instead of painful.  A gift instead of a burden.

So I hope the techniques given here help everyone because we are all dealing with our own forms of stress and joy every day.  What a trip! One that we are lucky to be on-