Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Clearing your house

My house was in a funk. Stagnant energy from life events I wanted to move on from was everywhere.

I decided to clear it.  I began to clap loudly into every corner of every room, banishing or scaring out the dull energy.

Soon I was half-dancing as I was clapping throughout the rooms.
It felt good.

Afterward, a quietness descended, a peacefulness.

Then I went to each room playing a harp-like instrument, beautiful sound, really, enticing the good, creative energy back in. I even went outside and played to the birds- they seemed to like it.

It worked! 

My version of smudging, I guess, without the smoke.

I have also, when feeling I was beginning a new year ( which  could be anytime), opened all and I mean all the windows and doors, chasing old energy out and inviting vitality in.

Sometimes you have to work on your environment as well as your body and mind.  This exercise is kind of Wiccan, I guess, which I have never studied, but probably instinctively enters into any energy work. All is valid, maybe I will look into it.

So, this may be a frivolous post, but one that I needed and hopefully might  be useful to you.

May your day be a good one- Lia