Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cave of the Goddess

I have tried to create these blogs so they are easy to do at work, or anywhere.  Every once in awhile I like to take you deeper, going on a longer meditative journey as we do in our circle. So, fair warning- here we go.

Do you ever feel, at the end of the day, like you are stuck full of little pins and needles of other people's energy?  We are going to go through the chakras and release all of these.

So, breathe and release, starting with your feet and legs, pulling out all these darts of energy. Moving up to your first chakra at the base of your spine, breathe, and on the outflow, blow away these points of energy.  Go to your belly and release.  Be sure to get to the front and sides of your chakras, too.  Solar plexus, heart chakra and throat chakra, release.  Pull out other people's thoughts, ideas, words thrown at you.   Sixth chakra at your forehead, release. 

Yawn, stretch your shoulders, arms and hands, blow it all away until you are free of all these mostly unintentional hurts, all these attentions directed towards you, all these judgments. Relax your face, your eyes, your jaw. Breathe, releasing on the outflow, until you are clean and clear in your own energy.  Take a deep cleansing breath and fill with your own light.  Ahhhh, breath flowing easily now, like clear water running through you. Relax..

And now, you hear a bird calling, a clear, sweet voice, calling to you.  Follow the sound along a stream. Rising up, the bird is flying ahead of you, urging you on.  You climb higher.  You can hear the bird, the water flowing in the stream.  You feel the sunlight on your skin, you see the light, green and gold.

Climbing further, you see a waterfall now, coming down in a sheet of water, over the rocks and moss.

You climb to the side and step behind the waterfall.

It is dimmer here.  Looking back to where you came from, you can see the world through the sheet of water, but removed from you.

It is not your concern now, you can let go of your world- it will wait for your return.

You turn and follow the passage deeper into the hill.

It is a long journey. The path curves around and around, going deeper into the mountain.

It is not too dark; the walls seem to be changing to a soft gold and red material like sandstone. On you trek and finally you come to a widening of the passage.

There is a room with the sunlight coming from above, high in the rock.  And there is a lady, who greets you.  She offers you a place to rest and hands you a gourd hollowed out for drinking.

You see the golden, shimmering liquid and you drink.

It flows into your body, healing all your cells,

flowing into each molecule, healing, calming, soothing,

and magically, you feel you can release any pattern that doesn't serve you,

any old habits you would like to let go of,  patterns of behaviour, relationship patterns, unease, anything-

you release from your body and aura.

Feel the old patterns being lifted out of your body-

any imbalance is lifted out and taken away to be dissipated into nothing, the structure collapsing into itself, like brittle toothpicks in your hands, turned to dust.

Do this again, and again, until you feel clear- 

 In their place you set a new grid of energy- into your body and mind- flexible, flowing, full of light and health-

all flowing easily, creatively, powerfully. Sit with this feeling for awhile.


And now your guide takes you to a ledge.  You sit together, looking out over a landscape of energy.

You see the flow of energy moving, like muscles, below you- shifting, changing color.

You see the sky above with stars in an orange and rose-colored sky-

Earth and sky communicating.

You see that all is energy

and that you can learn from this energy, work with it, perceive it-


you are full of gratitude for this insight.

Standing up now, you embrace your guide,thanking her. She leads you to the passageway, where you journey once again, turning this way and that, til you hear the sound of the waterfall.

Slipping through the veil, you come back

to this green earth, following the stream now, back to this life.
Becoming grounded in your body, gently slipping back into your regular waking consciousness and into this room.

Namaste,  Lia