Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Void

Sometimes your creativity seems to come to a halt.  You feel you don't  have any ideas, or at least, nothing worth working on.  During these times it is important to realize you are in the void.

No reason to panic.  It is a resting phase, a dormancy.

Like plants that seem to die off in the winter, it is actually good for them to get a good frost.   They come back even healthier in the Spring.

So, relax, leave your mind blank.  Allow yourself to leave your materials alone.  You are free!  To achieve nothing!

Read, lie around, take naps. 

In the void, you are seeding yourself in ways you are not aware of.  You are paying attention to other things -  other people's work, nature, your own emotions- that you will use later.

If you want to, after awhile, cross- pollinate during this time.  Write, if you are a sculptor,  draw if you are a writer, with no care for the outcome. Just goof around.

One thing you can do, is this.  Visualize a huge golden sun of your own energy above your head.  Start to bring it into your body, beginning with the top of your head.  Slowly bring the golden light  all the way through to your feet, breaking off at your heart chakra to fan out to the ends of your fingertips, until you are like a huge star. 

Do this a few times a day with a clearing and healing intent- it feels good.

Soon, when you least expect it, your creativity will rebound, perhaps in a whole new way, leading you into a new phase.

It always does. The energy of the universe is limitless, as are your ideas and your imagination. 

Namaste,  Lia