Monday, November 23, 2015

Global Healing Meditation

This is what we did the other night-

Begin to breathe, letting go of your day. Take a few deep breaths, clearing away tension.  Release.  In your own time, naturally let your breathing slow til you are breathing in a relaxed way.

To breathe is to be alive- to bring in life force energy.  Breathing reflects the breathing of the whole universe as it expands and contracts.  Breathing is "the breath of God."  Now, as you breathe, align your breath with the breath of God and Goddess, the breath of the universe.Take some time.

 Bring your attention to your heart.  Your heartbeat is the very sound of life.  Remember seeing your baby's heartbeat on the sonogram?  Then you knew you truly carried a new life.

Go deeply into your heartbeat and the rhythm of the universe.  Know you are alive.

Align your heart with the heartbeat of the Great Mother. Allow yourself to rest upon Her, feeling her heartbeat, for She holds you here.

Now, easily, gently, align your heartbeat with everyone else's in this room.  This entrainment has probably already occurred, just realize it.

Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head and begin to  fill with Light.  Meditating with Light is seeing and working with the light of Divine Energy.  Let the light heal the sore, beat-up places, the empty places, the places filled with doubt and sadness.  Let the Light enter your bloodstream, healing your cells and strengthening their functions.


Allow even more llight to come through your seventh chakra.  Visualize a large cup or chalice in the middle of the circle.  Channel light down to your heart chakra.  Now, send it into the cup in the center of the circle.  Fill the chalice with Llight to overflowing until it spills over the rim.

Let this healing Light flow over the brim to cover the whole Earth.

Let it be like a balm to all people, entering their hearts, quelling their fear. Fill it again and let it calm Mother Earth, for she is always affected by the emotions man.

And now the light in the center of the circle has become very beautiful.  The cup fades and in its place you sense a Presence.

It is the Presence of Peace.

Place what needs to be healed in this Holy Light. People of all countries,  relationships between countries, world leaders, the grieving, the land  itself, the animals. Place anyone you know who needs healing in the Light.  After a while, people and situations will show up, walking through the light.  Take some time to hold the energy, with help from above, for this to occur.


Do you feel other groups like this one coming together around the world?  See all these circles of peace and healing connected like a web of light all over the globe. Strengthen these lines of Light.

Feel the heartbeat of all the people in the world who want peace.  Align your heart with theirs.  Begin to send this feeling out as a beacon of llight and higher consciousness, and a hope that we can  provide a loving world for our children and grandchildren.

Begin to feel a sense of peace in your heart, a peace that permeates all your bodies, mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual.


It is time to close our circle now.  Thank all our helpers, seen and unseen who graced us with their energy tonight.

Namaste-  Lia