Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Musings on a Tuesday

Is it just me, or is this aging thing a real trip?

I did not focus on my parents' aging process- mostly I lived across the country- but whoa, now I understand how I could have tried to help them more.

That's the way of it, though.  Until you are the age they were, you don't fully get it.  That's true of every age, I guess.

When you have children, you get to see the whole process, and also to view your own childhood through different eyes.

Consciousness is painful sometimes, with joy mixed in.

"It's the way it is set up."

Probably true.  Must just re-invent yourself with each new awakening, suck it up, be grateful and look forward, trying to be truly loving along the way.

Acknowledge, clear, re-invent and live forward!

( And for God(dess)'s sake, quite wallowing!  (My friend and I say this to each other when it's necessary,  here I am saying it to myself!)) Lol-

Many blessings and Happy Holidays- Lia