Monday, June 13, 2016

The Sun Meditation

Breathe, and ground. 

Imagine it is a sunny, windy day and you decide to take a walk. The wind is kind of wild, coming in gusts and blowing your hair all around.

You see a bench up ahead, overlooking a meadow.

You sit and close your eyes, the wind sounding like the ocean as you feel  it passing through and around you.

It is warm on your wooden bench.  You are alone, and feeling very calm.

Lean your head back and let the sun enter your body.  It warms your forehead and face.  You can see the sun's light behind your eyes.

It seems this light can heal your body and all your energy bodies. 
Let the light heal your sixth chakra and your eyes, filling them with warmth all the way from the front to the back of your head.

Then the warmth beams on your throat and neck, healing and soothing your fifth chakra. Ahhhhhh.

The sun enters your chest and heart, the light expanding here into a soft radiance the goes out in all directions.  Be here awhile.  Breathe.

The sun beams into your solar plexus, strengthening your body here in your power chakra.

The sun lights up your belly, soaking into all internal organs here, saturating them with healing.  Take some time to feel this.

And finally your first chakra at the base of your spine, grounding you to Earth with the light of the sun, stabilizing you on your earth walk.

As you sit there, the sun heals all of your body and fills your energy up til it reaches  your seventh chakra.  The light of the sun beams directly into the top of your head.  The exchange of energy between you, the earth and the sun is strong, and joyful.

The sun's warmth melts away any imbalance.  The wind blows away any leftover debris you don't need.

You feel complete, warm and at peace.


At the horizon, you notice a sea of golden clouds.

Across the sea of light, your guide emerges.  Your guide reaches out and places a crown of light upon your head.  It lights up your whole being.

This crown of energy is personal to you.

It can provide healing on all levels, energy for your goals and other gifts only you can perceive.

Take some time, feel these gifts that are offered and be open to any messages you may receive-


And now your guide retreats- you bow in thanks.

Feeling the wind, the sun, the sound and glory of nature all around you,  say goodbye to the fields of cloud and sun, continuing on your journey healed and with an open heart on this day.

Namaste,  Lia

P.S.  I did go out for a walk and this is what happened. I meditated there on the bench. Then I went home and wrote the meditation,  typed it up and gave it to my class that night.  By that time, the slight sore throat I had was completely gone.

So, if you do this one as you sit in the sun, just make sure it is a cool day, not a heatwave! Blessings to you-