Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Having a less than perfect day?

Did you ever have a bad day?  Sure you have and so have I.

A day where everything goes slightly askew or totally wrong.

A day where all your spiritual progress toward becoming a more compassionate person feels like it got wiped out, and will be forever.

Ahhh- take a deep breath.  Then forgive yourself.

We can blame it on the planets, or the barometric pressure.  Or, it could be our own energy or someone else's.

We are imperfect and we make mistakes.

I still wake up in the middle of the night remembering something from long ago.  Nooo! I can't believe I said that, did that, reacted that way, etc.

So if your bad day was today, examine the day, what happened.  Think what you would do differently, or how you could have shifted the situation.

Then accept your behaviour and move on.

In our meditation group, after a long and deep night, we all came out of the meditation and shared what we received. Astoundingly, in each her own way, we all got the same message, "You are forgiven."

Wow! Thank you God and Goddess and other people for this.

It really was profound and covers alot of ground. Now we need to really internalize this great gift we have received.

Tomorrow is another day to become a better  person, Joan Didion said this, I think, and I try to keep it in mind.

I suppose this feels like a "first world problem" but it still matters to those around us and to our own journey, and so ultimately to the world.  Being human is sometimes not so easy.

I was with my then four year old one day and the question came up ( it is amazing what four-year-olds will say and think about)  "Why are we here?"

She said, "I'm here to be with you."

If we could embrace the consciousness of all ages and expressions of life, we would be perfect.

But I agree with my four-year-old-  I am here to be with you- to create Love and Beauty and try to understand each other.

So, I send love to each of you and wish you many very good days.

Namaste,   Lia

P.S. Next time, a new meditation.  Also, I am thinking about streaming alot more meditations on my website or putting them up on itunes or something. Working on how to make the meditations more available.  I sometimes want to scroll back and do my earlier meditation blogs but find it a bit of a hassle, that's why I am thinking of putting them in book form, with a table of contents, or just recording more and streaming them.  So, I'll keep you posted! Lol!