Thursday, August 4, 2016

Feeling Normal

Wow- I just had an experience while swimming.  I could breathe the air, notice the blue of the sky, feel the softness of the water, and watch the sunlight sparkle. 

I am really in my body again and it feels good.

Hear the children play- what heaven, to be normal.

Took awhile-

Just to smell the fresh air, to move fast through the water- joy.

To really be alive, it seems, you must be fully present in your body.

Thank  Goddess, clarity is possible once  again.

At the place I swim, all these teenagers are running around in their bikinis and board shorts. They are in their bodies and having a good time doing it!

The mental thing- that's what gets us into trouble and pain-  screw that- I am going to feel like a kid again if I can.

Wishing you a beautiful day-

P.S. I promise, I am not going to run around in a bikini, though- it's been a one- piece for years!