Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Healing

Greetings, it's been a long time. Hope everyone is doing well.

I have been in and out of a less than perfect state since the last post.

Recently, I was given this process to help me out and maybe it will help someone else, too.

So, Ground and center, taking a deep breath. Beginning with your feet chakras, unspool everything in those chakras.  Thoughts, actions, occurrences, anything from past or recent past that could be clogging up your energy.

It literally is like a spool of thread- pull all the thread off the spools and discard in a pile.

Now your knee chakras,  then your first chakra(base of your spine),
your second chakra in the belly,  your third chakra( solar plexus) and up to your heart chakra, chest area, throat, middle of forehead, and seventh chakra at the top of your head and above your head.

Don't forget your shoulder chakras,  elbows and hands.

Unspool everything until the chakra is empty, empty, empty, just the spool there with nothing wound around it.

If you like, take a look at all the gunk you unspooled in the huge pile over there.  Light it up, burning it all. 

See the cool fire burning all the way out of the earth's atmosphere and dissipating into space, to nothing.

Take a deep breath, and let clean, new air swirl into these energy centers in a further cleansing sweep.

Now go outside and lie down on the earth.

Start to bring earth energy into your feet, then knees, up to your first chakra, belly, solar plexus, heart area, throat and down your arms to your hands, then up into your head, ears, all the way to the top of your head.

Fill up all your chakras and everything in-between with lush, green, forest energy.  See the forest, violets growing under the towering trees filled with many leaves,the sunlight streaming through.

Smell the fragrance, the earth and new growth- potent, mysterious, and full of life. 

Open your body and your mind to life, to God's love.

And you are safe, safe on this Earth, in this body, in this mind, created by love.

You will live on into the near future.

You will trust the universe again. And love will find you, life will find you again, now.

Breathe, breathe in this gift, and feel a part of the earth beneath you.

Namaste, and healing to all-