Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was asked recently if I have had any transcendent experiences.

I said, yes, I have.  They usually occur when I am open, and relaxed.  They occur when I am out in nature, or partially in the dream state.  Or when I am meditating with a group.

We have all had peak experiences.  I remember as a child, we were all out on a windy day, running around with the wildness of it.  It was sunny- we laid in the grass and looked at the sky-  the universe was one with us, it seemed.

I think that energy is always there- we just have to perceive it. To live in a continual state of bliss- that doesn't happen for most people. To be able to feel it sometimes is a miracle I am most grateful for.  And to be able to occasionally help others get to that place for themselves is a deep privilege indeed.

The artist with her brush, the photographer with his vision, a writer deep in words,surgeons working in a team, musicians hitting that perfect note,  or children running wild in the grass-  we all can create magic from the best part of ourselves.  Grace is always there.  If we open and come into alignment with it by using our given and developed talents, we can channel it into our world, creating beauty hand in hand with God and Goddess.