Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Breath is everything.  It is how the life force comes into the body.
I invite you to do a little spring cleaning using your breath.

Take a deep replenishing breath now.  Drink in the air and let it go on the exhale.  Take another breath and this time bring it all the way to your toes. Breathe again into the arches of your feet.  Breathe into your ankles, your lower legs, your knees, then thighs.  On each exhale, let go of any tension, or blocks in energy you are holding.

Breathe into your belly, and release.  Your solar plexus, your heart.  Breathe into the shoulders, lightening this heavy area,  Let the breath come bubbling and flowing into your body, activating the cells with movement, freedom and release.  Breath into your arms, wrists and hands.  Unclench your jaw, relax the area around the eyes and the forehead.

And finally, open the chakras at the bottom of your feet and pull earth energy up with the inhale through your whole body, bringing it up your legs, to the base of your spine, all the way up through the hip area, the waist, up between the shoulder blades, the neck and out the top of your head.  And again, quickly breathe light all the way up your spine until your energy spills out the top of your head in a shower of light.

As you see, your body and aura are made up of particles of light that flow along in lines of energy.  Some of these lines of energy also connect you to loved ones and others in your life.

Imagine you can see the cords and filaments that connect you.
Occasionally, these lines can become very dense, very constricting.

Take a look at the lines of light connecting you.  Pick one or two important people  in your life.  Can each of you move?  or are some of your cords so thickly wrapped around each other that you look like mummys?

Postulate that you will begin to loosen these bindings  a little. 

Can you breathe better now?  Loosen them a little more.  Can you see the people more clearly now that you have some distance?

Do you sense that they feel a sense of relief, too?

Continue to loosen these filaments so that they only connect, not bind.  Know that loosening these cords will not hurt those you love  or yourself.

Now take a deep breath.  Make the quality of light in your cords finer and of a higher light.  Perhaps change their color to something that feels healthier. 

Lighten their density and begin to make them more elastic, more like beautiful ribbons.  See them begin to undulate and move in the air.

Notice that your exchange of energy with these people can actually flow better and with  more joy if you give each other some space and flexibilty.

Let the wind begin to blow between yourself and the other people.  Widen the space between you until you have enough room to turn, to twirl, to do cartwheels.  Feel the freedom and joy as you move through space with the wind blowing all around you.

Extend the space further until it is like a cosmic dance floor.  You are connected through time and space to many people.  See the filaments connecting you, expanding like a web in a filagree of light.

Say hello to friends as you pass by.  Know that each of you has your own dance, your own pattern to create, sometimes coming together, sometimes moving apart, but always moving in the beauty of relatedness to each other, the Universe and God/Goddess.

Coming back now, breath the fresh Spring air into your beautiful body, your beautiful mind and be full of the Spirit that guides you.