Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stress relief- Alive Stillness

Lately, it seems like there's so much to "do".  Details, running here and there, picking things up, then off to the next place.  Every day a new "to do" list.  Argh!  Help!

So today, we are going to slow down, pull in the reins on all this rushing chatter of mind and body, and become quiet enough to hear what's really going on.

Take a deep breath- close your eyes for a few seconds and start to turn inward-  let it all fall away...and fall away again.

Imagine you are in a forest, walking along alone. 

You feel the earth under your feet, the coolness of the air beneath the trees.  The sunlight comes down  now and then through the leaves, sprinkling your way with light.

Walking on, you begin to feel you are being led to a special place.

And then you find it, a tree that you  perhaps have known before.

It looks so inviting, you sit right down with your back against it.

Ah, the tree seems to welcome you- to rest, to become quieter, to breathe.  Breathe with the tree awhile.

Your limbs become heavier, your muscles relax. Your back against the tree grounds you.

Your heartbeat slows- thoughts seem of no consequence here.
You hear the little sounds of the forest- an occasional bird, a slight breeze, the crackle of a distant insect. You feel the warmth of the dappled light.

You are becoming very peaceful, very still.  You are merging with the tree. You have found the still point at your core, breathing with your tree.

Very still  now, very deep, you begin to feel the pulse of Mother Earth in the forest floor.  Your heartbeat aligns with Hers. 

Rest here in this alive stillness.

Take some time.


Now you feel so much better. The wind begins to stir a little, and so do you. The leaves are rustling up above where it is light.

You reach up, with your mind, and catch an idea from the glittering, moving consciousness.

Take this gift back with you, as you return to your life, remembering the still point you have reached, the feeling of Alive Stillness you became with your tree in the forest.

Standing up now, thank your tree, the forest, and Mother Earth for sharing their wisdom with you.

So, breathe, and move quietly back into the flow of your life.