Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chakra Meditation

Breathe, and ground.  Today we will work with the chakras, or energy centers in a way you might not have before.

Open your seventh chakra at the top of your head. Begin to bring in a vibrant red color.  Let it come down and wash throughout your body.  Really feel what red is all about.  Let whatever cells of your body need red  absorb that color.

Red is the color of life and survival, health and joy.  It is love of life and it is washing through your body from your head, down your shoulders through your heart, down to your waist and hips and all the way to below your feet.

Now let the red color center in your first chakra at the base of your spine.  This is where your vibrant red lives, in this chakra.

As you bring in these colors, remember to bring them into your whole body, the front, back and sides- your aura extends all around you.

Now picture a brilliant orange color.  Let it enter your body through the top of your head and slowly wash down and permeate your body.  Let what cells need this orange energy grab it and create perfect health for themselves.

Imagine yourself eating a perfect, sweet juicy orange on a warm beach in the tropics, slowly strolling along by yourself.  This is the color of orange.  Let your skin take on a healthy glow as your body absorbs this orange energy.

Now let the orange settle in your second chakra, about two inches below your navel.  Let all organs associated with this area glow with health.

Next we come to the color yellow.  Let the yellow drift down and enter your aura and your body.  Let the cells in your body that need yellow absorb whatever color yellow they need, from lemon yellow to tawny yellow to sunshine yellow.  Feel your cells drink in the yellow energy.

Now let the golden energy settle in your third chakra at your solar plexus.

Coming to the heart chakra.  Visualize a sturdy rose with vibrant green leaves and stem. Let the green come into your body and go where it is needed.  Let the rose color come in like a fragrance and flow where it is needed.  Your heart is always growing in its ability to be compassionate and to understand others and to understand and be compassionate with yourself.

Now let a turquoise color come into your body from above.  It is the color of a tropical ocean.  Clear and clean and fresh. Let this color be absorbed, settling in your throat chakra and extending down your arms to your fingertips.

From above your seventh chakra comes a deep violet color.  Let this color slowly flow into your body.  Let the violet clean out any dark areas as it flows all the way through to the bottom of your feet and down into the earth.  Any impurities are released into the earth to be neutralized.

Let the violet color linger and calm you on a deep level.  Bathe in this very healing color, then let it settle into your sixth chakra in your forehead, heightening your intuition and knowingness.

And finally, bring in golden-white energy from your seventh chakra.  Let this color dance through your body and aura, lightening, sparkling, creating a moving field of light, as if you are a three- dimensional rainbow of light.

Coming back to your heart chakra.  Think of a time  when your heart was broken.  Feel how tender and sore that place can be.

Visualize your heart with a delicate shell around it, like the smallest bird egg.  See that shell being broken in two.

Now, from under that shell, see emerging, a new heart.

It is glowing with power.  It is a flame emerging from within the broken pieces of shell.

Attune to this new heart, made of brilliant light.

The remnants of the old heart fall away.

Place your hands in the prayer position above your heart.  Held within your palms is your heart.  Open your palms now and let your new heart of power and light emerge like a flame.

Your palms open and the flame of your heart expands until our arms are wide open and the flames of your heart have become your wings, huge wings that that you spread into your aura.

Feel the power of your heart of wings.

Now , at the base of your spine, feel the golden kundalini energy rising up each chakra-  your aura is illuminated, radiating light throughout your bodies and aura.

It is not possible for negative energy to enter right now.  You are radiating light that is naturally protective - nothing can touch this radiance that is not pure.

The kingdom of God is within  your heart.  The Goddess breathes with you.  You can accomplish miracles with your love and openness.

If there is someone would like to send healing to, visualize them being held gently in your arms, and send them the sweetest love.

And another, and another, continuing as long as you like.

Then hold the world in your arms and send healing to all life.

Take some time to complete, thanking the help we have received for this meditation.

Breathe and come back.  Thank you for your journey today.
God bless us everyone.- Namaste.