Tuesday, May 28, 2013

On the Beach, a gift for you

Breathe and relax, releasing all the tension in your muscles.

Just letting go of all your concerns, becoming aware of your breath.

The rise and fall of your breath, like the waves on the ocean.

Breathing in, breathing out.  Begin to feel the rhythm of your breath, cleansing you.

On the outflow, release all you don't need.  See it all drifting away on the water, like little paper ships, sailing away from you over the waves,  becoming smaller and smaller,  now very far away in the distance and disappearing over the horizon.

Imagine you are walking along the shore.  It is morning.  The air is fresh, the light is clear.  You feel good.

Glancing down, you notice a shell on the beach and you pick it up.

It is a complex spiral shape with many chambers.

You sit on the sand and begin to meditate on the shell.  It is so inviting, the smooth pearl surface.  You feel drawn inward,

into the interior of the shell.

You start to follow the spiral path, around and around.

Going deeper and deeper. 

The light is glowing, golden and pink, as you go deeper inside.

Now, you feel as if everything around you has softened, you feel you are inside a rose, the petals rose-gold and pink.

A delicate fragrance drifts from your path as you continue to walk deeper into the rose.

You reach the very center and sit down.  You see the many petals of the rose, the many chambers of the shell, the path that led you here.  And now you are in the center.


You feel complete, protected and in touch with your own sweetness as well.

You are in the center of you,  the depth of you- where you are just you, who you were from the beginning, and before the beginning, aware of when you first came here and could feel the wonder and the joy.

Rest here awhile,  breathe and be still in the rose-gold light, in the essence that is you.


Is there a message for you in the quietness?  a feeling, a word or a touch from someone?

Open to receive this communication.


And now, breathe in again all the sweetness here.  Slowly start to walk back through the spiral, through the rose, through the shell.

The ground becoming a little more firm beneath your feet,  feeling the grains of sand between your toes, watching the waves on the ocean.

Stepping into the salty water,  you give the shell back to the sea.
You stretch your arms up to the sky and run down the beach, breathing in the fresh air,so happy to be alive.

Coming back now to this room emerging from your journey, relaxed and refreshed.  Namaste.