Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Finding Fear

One day I was meditating, and as I was healing  my body I discovered fears I didn't know I had. Perhaps from articles on health in the paper or from the news.  I found I had fear of certain diseases lodged in my body.

I decided to root them  out as I went. I did not  want them just lingering there. So come with me and we'll do this exercise together.  Even if you've had health problems, you don't want to leave these fears there.

So, breathe and relax, letting go of everything else around you.
Start to calm your body.

Picture yourself on a beach that you love, all alone.  Lie down on the sand ( or on a towel). Close your eyes and listen to your breath.

Align your breath with the sound of the waves on the beach.

On the outbreath, start to release each fear you find in your body, starting with your feet.  As you find these fears, name them, for then they become conscious and you can release them.

Go into your knees, your upper legs, the base of your spine, your gut- any organs associated with the area you are in , go inside and find the fear, the name of the disease, and release.

Your lungs, your heart, your breasts, your throat.

Take your time with this- clear it all out. Breath and release.

Fear of certain cancers, fear of a heart attack, and when you get to your brain, please release fear of dementia!

You don't have to live in fear of your own body. 

Banish those fears- reclaim your body for yourself. If you want to say this out loud, go ahead- " I now banish fear of-  ! Get out!"

Now, let a wave from the beach come up to where you are lying.  Let it wash over your whole body, drenching you, cleansing you completely of these fears.

Jump in the ocean and swim, letting the saltwater neutralize any leftover residue you don't need.

You are free,  you are alive, you are well.

Come ashore and let the sun dry you- relax and trust in your own wellness.  Trust in life,  just for now.

This has been a valuable exercise for me,but  I claim no miracle cures by participating in this- and of course, follow the advice of your physician.  It just feels so good to be free of fear, for however long it lasts-  Namaste.