Friday, August 30, 2013

Letting go of the kids

To continue the theme of letting our children go, sometimes you have to go farther and believe in them.

We need to step back and literally pull our energy back from them so they can feel, think, and experience without our hovering attention.

How can they spread their wings if you are crushing those wings?

I know this is hard, but it is healthier.  You don't know all they will achieve. 

And guess what? Hopefully they will be on this planet without us someday, happy, healthy, living their lives.

So, offer advice, help them, but don't send the them the message that they are not safe without you.

Give them a chance to trust other people, make friends and find their own way to cope, to struggle and to shine-

Many blessings to us all -  it's a tricky job! and a privilege.

Of course, consult with learning specialists, counselors and  teachers - they are there to help if your child needs it.