Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Life and Grieving

I woke up the other day feeling really down.  Good reasons- sick friends, sick pet. But I  knew I had to pull myself up from that sinking feeling.

Walking out on the deck, listening to the wind, the warm sun on my face- these made me feel grateful and more sane.

Sometimes it is necessary to separate ourselves from our sorrow.

Go into it first, really feel it and sob like a baby, but then, later, ground yourself into your Self again.

You can't be an effective helper if you are coming apart.

You may have ( like me) experienced this to the point of getting symptoms yourself.  Your own health really suffering because you are empathetic, stressed and at a loss.

When this starts to happen, it's time to shift.

Physical work, exercise and breathing all help. My sister-in-law tells me beginning a yoga practice in a class saved her from despair many times.  Getting into the different reality of a movie or book works for some people.

So, our meditation for today-

Begin to calm yourself


Become more quiet.


If you are near a window( or else just imagine), begin to notice the sounds of the birds,

the wind flowing through the trees

in waves of motion and sound.

Align yourself with this wind.

Let it flow through you, pulling off the ragged energy.

Let these "dead leaves" be blown far behind you, wave after wave with the wind.

Breathe-  let them go.


Begin to feel more clear. Can you  hear the wind chimes now?

Feel the sunshine reaching you, warming your heart, your skin, your tired brain.

Standing there, like another tree-

warmth, light, wind,

calm, breathing, grounded.

No thoughts, just Being.

You are within your self

You are not your pain

Or anyone else's pain.

You are here- calm, breathing, grounded.


Opening now to the possibility of movement,
the possibility of joy moving through you,

healing you.

To Be here and alive,
loving yourself,
loving life,
loving your friends

from a place of wellness and hope

Gifted with one more day

to give and receive the blessings of life-

for however many days we have

on this beautiful earth-

Coming back from your meditation,

calm, aligned with your self

with a little more space,