Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick Confidence-Booster

Ground, breathe, and release any feelings you don't want.

Let them go, with your exhale, down your body, into your feet and then into the earth, away from you.

Open up the energy center at the top of your head and bring in light in a column.

Let it flow through the center of your body from above your head to below your feet in a solid light.

This is your core energy.  Make it wide, make it strong.

Make it radiant.

Let it expand to 2-3 feet around your body- no chinks.

Push it out further if you need to.

The light dispels doubt.  You come from a core of confidence.

Re-connect and bring in more light as often as you need to.


What also works for me is to release ego-driven aspirations. Kick those aside.  Open to the possibility of Higher Energy.

Become a conduit for the information that needs to come through, so Higher communication can flow-an exchange of energy whose real purpose is healing- on some level that we are not fully aware of, or in charge of,  but can facilitate by using the talents we have been given.